Frequently Asked Questions

What is an antique?

At least a 100 years old. Antiques become antiques with age. European antiques are of fine quality dating back  hundreds of years of skilled craftsmanship at a level that is not costly in today's world. We take pride in providing you with a large selection of fine quality antiques that have boldly remained beautiful over the years due to their pristine craftsmanship.

How do we get our inventory?

We personally select and buy all of our antiques in Europe. Filling 20 – 40 foot containers that are carefully and tightly packed to ship to the United States. If there is a certain piece of European furniture you are searching for, we will consider your needs on our next buying trip. We do not purchase from individuals in the United States, all buying is done in Europe.

How to care for your antiques?

We carefully examine each antique item before shipping or delivering. Each piece is restored to its best antique condition, before reaching your door.Our trained professionals French wax and clean all antique wood furniture with Pate Dugay, a French wax, sold here for $30.00 per 500ml can.

To wax: Use a natural bristle paint brush or grade #0000 steel wool. Apply thin coat of wax to furniture. When dry, buff off wax with lint free rag. Repeat this process until you achieve a glossy finish.

Lighting questions?

All of our European lighting is US wired and cleaned by ABAT JOUR LLC in Baton Rouge.

What is the Custom Tab?

We have a new custom furniture line. Specializing in dining tables, painted bibliotheques and buffets and we are open to your custom furniture needs. View our line on our custom tab today!