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A Modern Look at Old Paris Porcelain

OPPNo buying trip to Europe is complete without bringing a beautiful, simple set of Old Paris Porcelain back to our shop.  While it does remain a favorite dishware for serving dinner, dessert, coffee or tea, our Old Paris Porcelain at home frequently doubles as an impromptu vase, ring dish, or collecting space for small items. What could possibly be a more chic place to place your keys than an antique, hand-painted porcelain saucer?  We encourage you to think outside the box for many uses of a porcelain set that you inherited or fell in love with at an antique shop.

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Old Paris Porcelain is very broadly defined as porcelain made by artisans in and around Paris from the late 18th century to the 1870’s.  It was first beloved by Marie Antoinette (particularly the “cornflower” painted patterns) and utilized by only the wealthiest of French aristocrats.  But the French Revolution forced makers of luxury items to regain financial stability by producing lower-priced goods made available to a wider public.  

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It is this style of Old Paris Porcelain that we at Fireside Antiques truly love.  Simple “biscuit white” pottery, hand-painted with a band of color and sometimes delicate gold trim.  

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We are quite likely to serve a simple breakfast on Old Paris Porcelain because of its casual and approachable style.  It is fit for modern living and ideal for mixing with other pieces in your home.

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We always have pieces of Old Paris Porcelain in stock at Fireside Antiques, but our favorite sets are pictured below.  Monograms are commonly used in designs, and we are happy to keep our eye out for a specific initial that you may desire.  Please inquire with our team at Fireside Antiques if you have any questions about our porcelain inventory or if you are looking for a specific piece!  We are always available at [email protected] or 225-752-9565.

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