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Our partnership with Ann Connelly Fine Art came very naturally.  We share the same passion for travel and sourcing beautiful furniture and art, so it is no surprise that our ethos in business aligns as well: collect authentic.  We both work diligently to guide our clients through the vast (and often daunting) worlds of art and antiques. In this work, we embrace the evolution of art, style and design.

While we believe that each antique at Fireside Antiques is a work of art in itself, we also see the need for a contemporary balance to our otherwise traditional imports.

“Scouring the markets and hand selecting every piece while staying true to passions” are the fundamentals by which Ann Connelly built her business, which was first established as curating European antique drawings in styles of the masters. Today, she has established herself as a renown gallerist, a consultant and a community builder.  Ann Connelly Fine Art has become a source for our own contemporary art, which we feel is the perfect juxtaposition and backdrop to our antique furniture.

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The pure craftsmanship in antiques is what draws Ann to our world here at Fireside.  “The artisans have passed away, but their art lives,” Ann explains.  “While I curate art that tells more of our story today, we cannot fully understand our modern world without knowing and appreciating history.”

Our own mantra, “Antiques in the Modern World”, embraces this evolution of art, style and design.  That is why our story as Fine European Antique Importers cannot be told without the occasional piece of art deco lighting or French vintage furniture and, especially, local contemporary art.  Ann’s artists have a global perspective that they bring to our local community.  And we are grateful to have the opportunity to showcase their work alongside our centuries-old furniture steeped in history.

Special collections from Ann Connelly Fine Art rotate through our showroom, as we are always curating art to compliment our antiques.  There is no better way to experience this style than a trip to our showroom.  If a visit to our showroom is not possible, we are available at [email protected] to answer any questions or send pictures of our current inventory. We look forward to working with you to create an authentic collection of antiques and art for your own home or a client’s space.

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