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The winter months, when we all tend to spend a bit more time indoors, are a great time to turn our thoughts to our interiors.  Creating a joyous environment for our families and loved ones is our passion, and we believe your home should always reflect the people with whom you share it.

Antiques can and should be incorporated into life with a family.  Quality antiques have proven just how “livable” they are by standing up to centuries of use. Many interior designers begin their first meetings with a new client by discussing the valued pieces meant to serve as building blocks to your interior.  A few key antique pieces can serve as building blocks for your individualized home aesthetic.  Let’s take a look at some of our favorite designers who create warm and thoughtful spaces for family life surrounded by gorgeous antiques.

Family Life
Pierce and Ward 3

Pierce and Ward create eclectic and comfortable interiors that are dripping with art, antiques and various collections. Each photo published of their work makes us want to move right in. Their designs are fit for families to live and grow around each element of the interior.  As Architectural Digest said of their work:

“There’s an effortless, lived-in quality to Pierce & Ward projects, which one can imagine their high-profile clientele find a sense of comfort in.”  

We certainly find that sense of comfort in their work, and it is reflective of the joy that interiors are supposed to bring to the families living within them.

We particularly love their prioritization of high design and use of fabulous antiques in children’s spaces! The photos below show that no sacrifice is made to furnishings in rooms that are intended for family life. A well-made antique can uphold the wear and tear of playful children and adults alike.

Pierce Ward Family Spaces

Reath Design’s approach to work is self-described as a firm:

 “founded to create immersive interiors that tell the story of their inhabitants and improve our experience of place.”

We love this ethos, which is quite apparent in their published work featuring bold color and timeless furniture for use by real families in everyday life. They prioritize the prominent use of personal items with sentimental value, and their designs are meant to truly improve everyday life.  Their use of an antique game table is from a “playroom for kids that are transitioning out of toys but still need surfaces for legos and puzzles.” (@reathdesign)  This practical approach results in a happy homeowner who truly loves the home!

Reath Design

Every photo we see of an interior by Jessica Helgerson Design, we immediately envision the most warm and inviting dinner party!  The living spaces designed by Helgerson and team invoke a sense of welcome that would make any guest feel at ease.  Warm antiques such as antique lighting and antique dining tables create a space that feels loved, used and welcoming to guests.  We encourage you not to stress about the mess that comes with entertaining with antiques: every imperfection on the surface of our antique pieces reminds us of the great fun that was had with family and friends at a particular gathering.

Screen Shot 2020 02 21 at 2.04.44 PM
Meredith Ellis

Meredith Ellis is a Texas-born-and-raised designer who loves antiques, textile and color. (Us too!) She spent years in New York, where

“she fostered her appreciation for history and began to understand the importance and prominence of antiques”

as she states on her website. But her return to Texas with a growing family is what truly set the tone for her design approach that we see today:  a mix of Southern charm, practical functionality and beautiful antiques!

Ellis creates cozy spaces with antique dining tables and antique seating that would encourage any friend to curl up with a cup of coffee.  We can tell that her selection of antiques is done with high-functioning spaces in mind.  At Fireside Antiques, we can help you select antiques for this very purpose!


The most livable homes are those that welcome a family pet into each and every space! At Fireside Antiques we believe that quality antiques and pets can live together, and we are proud of our clients and friends who factor pets into their work.  Rebecca Vizard of B. Viz Design’s fabulous antique textile pillows makes the most beautiful dog collars out of her antique fortuny fabrics.  And did you know that B. Viz Design will happily repair any damage to one of her pillows that was caused by your furry loved one?

We love the peek into the home of designer Mary McDonald via Elle Decor.  Her four pugs live a wonderful life surrounded by beautiful antiques, and she admits to spoiling them with luxurious lounging spots throughout the home.

The same can be said for artist and designer William McClure, who’s two dogs and parrot have free range to the comforts and luxuries of his beautiful and antique-filled interiors.

“So many people worry about nicks and cracks and scratches on stuff, but for me that’s the beauty of it.  Characteristics are what we want our antiques to have.  Little nicks and stories, that’s what make something good.”

We couldn’t agree more with these words by Mr. McClure, as told to in a recent article.  Antiques are meant to be used and loved, and any bumps along the way simply add to their story.


Consider a quality antique settee, an antique dining table or an antique occasional table for the spaces in your home that see regular use from children, guests and even pets.  Our inventory at Fireside Antiques has been carefully selected to ensure generations of use for your family.  The quality design of our antique tables, antique seating, culinary antiques and more have upheld centuries of use and will continue to function around your family’s everyday life.  Enhance your everyday home life with a fine European antique from Fireside Antiques.

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