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Buying Antiques Online with Our Antique Market Website

Buying antiques online provides endless resources to designers and collectors. At Fireside Antiques our website allows you to browse thousands of fine European antiques at the click of a button. It is important to know who you are buying from and to trust the authenticity and care behind each and every antique. Over half of our business is conducted online because our customers are able to shop confidently and easily through our website. Spend a moment browsing our website, and you will feel as though you are shopping in a online French antique market.

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Buying antiques online is easy with many detailed photographs of all vintage and antique furniture on our website.

Every antique at Fireside Antiques is carefully photographed in great detail so that you can truly understand the beauty of each piece. We restore all of our antiques in a thorough cleaning and detailing process. Then each antique is photographed from all angles with all detail disclosed. These photographs tell the story of each antique and make shopping for antiques online so easy!

Our website hosts thousands of photos of inventory, creating a virtual antique warehouse with antique mirrors, antique commodes, antique accessories and more. Every single day, “new” antiques are added to our website with many online buying options. Over half of our business is conducted with clients beyond our region. Fireside Antiques serves customers from New York to Los Angeles and everywhere in between. Our customers are able to confidently buy antiques online because of our detailed listings of our inventory.

Our managing owner, Laura, who is also a licensed interior designer, photographs all of our antiques. She looks at each piece with the perspective of a designer, and she showcases the details that any of our designer and collector clients would need to see.

We ship our antiques across the globe, and many of our clients live across the United States. We provide quick and efficient shipping for our antiques to any location. With over thirty years in the antiques business, we have much experience and many happy customers. (Just see our Google reviews!)

Once you find the perfect antique on our website, you securely purchase the antique online. You will need to contact our store at [email protected] or (225) 752-9565 for a shipping quote. We use several different shipping couriers to ensure that we always secure the very best shipping quotes for our online antique buyers.

Buying antiques and vintage furniture online will fit your modern lifestyle.

Our antiques are curated to fit into the lifestyle of the modern world. We believe that antiques are meant to be used and loved. Antiques have a place in the modern world, and Fireside Antiques is the online resource for antiques for modern interiors.

Shopping for antiques is easy and fun at Fireside Antiques. We always aim to educate our customers in the beauty and easy of antiques, and we encourage our customers to buy pieces that they truly love. That is why so many people across the country turn to Fireside Antiques to buy antiques online. Our website is easy to navigate and feels exactly like an online French flea market experience!

Our antiques are acquired in Europe from trusted resources. Every antique in our online warehouse meets the highest standards and undergoes an extensive restoration process.

Our online antique store features antique farm tables, antique mirrors, antique bookcases, and more including French antiques, English antiques, Swedish antiques and Dutch antiques. You will love our online offerings of European antiques, French vintage furniture and accessories, and contemporary lighting.

We specialize in fine, European antiques, and we have one of the largest inventory of antique mirrors in the entire country. Our passion also lies with Vintage French Furniture. We have a great selection to shop online for vintage lighting, vintage chairs, vintage dining tables and vintage art. Our vintage selections include Midcentury Modern styles and classic styles of furniture that interior designers love. Browse our online showroom, and you are sure to discover an interesting and inspiring vintage furniture addition for your modern world.

As you navigate our website, we are always available to help and answer any questions! Please reach us at (225) 752-9565 or [email protected] with any needs you may have.

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Shopping for antiques online is easy! Follow our tips for navigating the Fireside Antiques website just as you would stroll a French marketplace with your list and tape measure in hand.

  • Check the New Arrivals page daily to be the first to see new inventory. Antiques are added to our website daily with detailed photos.
  • Use the Search function! Our inventory consists of thousands of antiques, spanning a variety of styles and origin. If you are shopping for a very specific antiques, chances are we will have an antique in that style.
  • Use our filters on the left-hand side of our website. You can narrow results to fit your budget and to find an antique in a specific category.
  • Shop by category on our website main menu. We have carefully curated lists of antiques in very specific categories online. You will enjoy browsing a mix of antique, vintage and even some reproduction antique styles. Our most popular categories include antique mirrors, antique storage pieces and antique lighting.
  • Follow our Instagram account for inspiration and our favorite ways to incorporate antiques into your modern lifestyle.
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Every home should have at least one piece of furniture that shares a sense of history. In our global world, it has never been easier to find the perfect antique for your home. Shopping for antiques online is an essential step in your design process. At Fireside Antiques, we hope you enjoy browsing our ever-changing listings of antiques as much as we enjoy sourcing them for you!

Our website and Instagram are here to serve as online antique inspiration for you. We are your top resource for quality antiques and vintage furniture, and we are happy to help you find the perfect antique for your collected interior.

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