Antique handmade trays are true pieces of artwork. All handcrafted made of papier – mache with hand painted and gold gilt designs. Antique craftsmanship is incomparable to newer designs. Place them on your large kitchen island, coffee table or dining room table or hang them on your walls. Some antique trays are made of wood with inlay of mother-of-pearl. Another suitable antique is the antique basket made of woven rattan, wicker, vines, wood and metal. First used for gathering produce and eggs on farms in the French and English countrysides.

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19th Century English Mother-of-Pearl Inlaid Tray


Dimensions 24.5 H x 20 W x 1 D (in)

English 19th Century Mapplebeck & Lowe Floral-Painted Papiér-Mâché Tray

$1,800.00 $750.00

Dimensions 22.5 H x 31.5 W x 1.5 D (in)

English 19th Century Papiér-Mâché Gilt and Painted Tray


Dimensions 24 H x 30.5 W x 1 D (in)

English 19th Century Papier-Mâché Serving Dish

$595.00 $475.00

Dimensions 6.25 H x 10.88 W x 10.88 D (in)

English Early 20th Century Metal Harvest Trug


Dimensions 11.375 H x 17.25 W x 13 D (in)

English Early 20th Century Painted Metal Harvest Trug


Dimensions 10.875 H x 18 W x 13 D (in)

English Early 20th Century Woven Basket


Dimensions 17.5 H x 21.5 W x 8.5 D (in)

French Vintage Decorative Brass Vide Poche

$395.00 $295.00

Dimensions 2.5 H x 18.25 W x 13.75 D (in)

French Vintage Woven Basket


Dimensions 17.75 H x 21.5 W x 15.75 D (in)

Italian Reproduction Metal Urn Basket

$250.00 $150.00

Dimensions 11.13 H x 15.5 W x 8.75 D (in)