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  • Burgundian 19th Century Wooden Wine Press Screw


    63"H x 11.38"W x 11.38"D

    Dimensions: 63”H x 11-⅜”W x 11-⅜”D

    This wonderfully aged 19th century grape press screw – from a winery in Burgundy, France – has been converted into a pedestal with an octagonal top and base added later. The shaft would have driven a large stone wheel downward, crushing and squeezing grapes, forcing out their juice as the stone rotates across them. The production of wine is tantamount to French culture, and these larger-than-life screws make producing it en masse a possibility. This antique press, with a deep, rich staining and patina from the grapes could be incorporated into an architectural project or repurposed as a stunning floor lamp!

  • Vintage French Collection of Corkscrews


    4.88"H x 3.5"W x .88"D

    Dimensions: 4-⅞”H x 3-½”W x ⅞”D

    Add charm to your bar or wine cellar with one or all of these vintage corkscrews.  Each is unique and could elevate your collection.  The dimensions vary on these unique pieces, listed dimensions are for reference and are not exact for each corkscrew. Prices vary $50 – $150.

    Types of Corkscrews in Collection: Rack and Pinion, Direct Pull, Flynut, Concertina Action, Folding Bow, Eyebrow, Three Finger Lever, Single Finger, Two Prong Cork Puller with Sheath.

    Handle Types: Wood (Stained, natural and ebonized) Bone, Various Metals

  • Vintage French Small Grapevine Corkscrews


    5.38"H x 7"W x 2.13"D

    Dimensions: 5-⅜”H x 7”W x 2-⅛”D

    Add French charm to your bar or wine cellar with one or all of these grapevine corkscrews, handmade in the vineyards of France.  It is one-of-a-kind and could not possibly be more appropriate.  A spectacular twisted and knotted wood handled corkscrew, used by professional sommeliers and wine enthusiasts alike in bistros and homes all over France.  The dimensions vary on these unique pieces, listed dimensions are for reference and are not exact for each corkscrew.  We have 45 corkscrews in stock. $30/ea.

  • English Early 20th Century Metal Harvest Trug


    11.375"H x 17.25"W x 13"D

    Dimensions: 11-3/8″H x 17-1/4″W x 13″D

    This wonderful English metal harvest or garden trug comes from the early part of the 20th century. Used to bring in the bounty of the garden, the harvest trug is a sturdy metal basket that is carried while gathering fruit, vegetables, or flowers. These durable baskets can still be used for their original purpose, or placed in the house as an interesting antique decorative object.

  • French 19th Century Hand-Blown Glass Decanter


    11.875"H x 5.375"W x 5.375"D

    Dimensions: 11-7/8″ – 12″H x 4″ – 5-3/8″Diameter

    French 19th Century Hand-Blown Glass Decanter, c. 1880’s.

  • French 19th Century Hand-Blown Glass Decanters


    13.125"H x 4.875"W x 4.875"D

    Dimensions: 13-1/8″H x 4-7/8″ – 4-3/4″W

    French hand-blown glass decanters, from France, c. 1880’s.  Available for individual purchase at $175.00 each.

  • 19th Century French Painted Wine Corker


    26.5"H x 13"W x 9"D

    Dimensions: 26-1/2″H x 13″W x 9″D

    This unique apparatus has a lot to do with the history and shaping of French history and culture: the wine bottle corker. This green painted wine corker, made around 1890, was used in a winery in Bordeaux. Wine production is intrinsic to French culture and is taken very seriously. Many aspects of French winemaking have remained unchanged for centuries. Great pride is taken in the wines produced in each growing region. Once a vineyard’s grapes have been harvested, pressed, and aged, the resulting wine will be bottled and finally sealed with a cork, using an iron wine corker just like this one.

  • SALELimited

    Luce de Vino Chandelier


    48"H x 30"W x 30"D

    Dimensions: 48″H x 30″W

    Luce de Vino reproduction chandelier, based on antique French bottle dryers. The fixture shown holds 80 bottles and can be purchased with or without bottles. They can always be changed out as you enjoy your vino!

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