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  • 19th Century Marble Water Basin


    9.5"H x 18.38"W x 15"D

    Dimensions: 9-½”H x 18-⅜”W x 15D

    This is a European water basin with very thick walls. It is made of white marble with gray veins. This basin could easily be used as a basin for your bathroom, adding antique style and an appreciation for solid materials.

  • Vintage Man’s Head with Birdbath


    26.88"H x "W x 12.88"D

    Dimensions: 26-⅞”H 12-⅞” Diameter

    This is a vintage cast playful bird bath or feeder. It features a man’s head and neck with a birdbath sitting on top like a hat. A whimsical item that would be fun in a garden or patio area.

  • Pair of French Metal Urns on Pedestals


    42.5"H x 13.63"W x 13.63"D

    Dimensions: 42-½”H x 13-⅝”W x 13-⅝”D

    A pair of urn-form planters rest upon a pair of pedestals to complete this duo of garden antiques.  Made in France in the 1900’s, the planters are cast iron and each has a drain to accommodate watering.  A classic shaped urn with foliage around the upper half. Two heads support each of the pair of handles. The urn sits on a square base. The urn itself is 23-¼”H. The pedestal that supports the urn is square and has a wreath motif on each side. The pedestal is 19-¼”H. Placed in a courtyard, a garden,  a conservatory or greenhouse, this pair is ready to house and display your topiaries, flowers or shrubbery with an heir of antiquity.

  • Pair of French Painted Metal Garden Chairs


    39.63"H x 19.75"W x 20.75"D

    Dimensions: 39-⅝”H x 19-¾”W x 20-¾”D

    This pair of French painted red antique iron garden chairs has a playful design. They have an arched back of vertical slats and seat with artfully scrolled arms. The legs cross and are connected by stretchers. They would make a whimsical addition to a garden, patio or porch. The seat height is 15-½”.

  • Collection of 5 Terracotta Pineapple Finials


    24.13"H x 13.25"W x 12"D

    Dimensions: 24 ⅛” H x 13 ¼” W x 12” D 

    This is a set of five vintage pineapple motif finials all newly made of hollow terracotta, the tops lift off their base for easy transport. They would look great in your garden or even inside. Sold as a set.

  • French 19th Century Painted Plant Stand


    29.25"H x "W x 18"D

    Dimensions: 29-¼”H x 18” Diameter

    This lovely carved and painted plant stand was made in France during the 19th century. Its wonderfully carved details include lamb’s tongue details that surround the apron, acanthus foliage about the cabriole legs’ knees, running coin motifs that travel down said legs to their carved hoof feet, and fluted joinery die that join them to the apron. The basin is lined with a zinc pan that will protect the wooden frame from watering drips. A painted cane stretcher / undertier shelf provides both stability and functionality for this beautifully painted antique. It is finished in a cream and blue/green paint that has patinated wonderfully over the decades.

  • French Vintage Metal Garden Table


    27.5"H x "W x 31.5"D

    Dimensions: 27-½”H x 31-½” Diameter

    This vintage pedestal base metal garden table is from France. It has been recently sandblasted and powder coated for weather protection.

  • French Vintage Metal Garden Table


    28"H x "W x 39.25"D

    Dimensions: 28”H x 39-¼” Diameter

    This is a French vintage metal garden table. It has been recently sandblasted and powder coated for weather protection. The colorful table would liven up any garden.

  • Vintage French Cast Terracotta Pedestal


    30.75"H x 23"W x 23"D

    Dimensions: 30-¾”H x 23”W x 23”D

    Beautifully weathered French cast terracotta column or pedestal. It has an earthy patina, with moss on the square columnar pedestal and will add character to any garden or landscape.  

  • French 19th Century Cast Iron Cross


    47.75"H x 24.88"W x 2.63"D

    Dimensions: 47-¾”H x 24-⅞”W x 2-⅝”D

    This is a French 19th century cast iron cross with a crucifix. It uses flowers as its decorative motif. These crosses were often used at a grave site or in a field of crops.

  • French Vintage Painted Armillary


    27.5"H x 19"W x 15.75"D

    Dimensions: 27-1/2”H x 19”W x 15-3/4”D

    A great vintage iron armillary.  The armillary has a black painted finish with an accent of brass.  This piece is intended for ornamental use.

  • English 19th Century Iron & Wood Garden Bench


    29.88"H x 88.38"W x 29.75"D

    Dimensions: 29-⅞”H x 88-⅜”W x 29-¾”D

    A fantastic painted iron and wooden garden bench.  The styled base is forged iron, worked into scroll forms that are supporting the antique wooden bench.  Seat: 14”H.

  • French 19th Century Terracotta Olive Jar


    21.75"H x "W x 17"D

    Dimensions: 21-¾”H x 17”Diameter

    This large, antique earthenware olive jar was created in France, c. 1880, to preserve and carry olives.  Round in shape and made of terracotta, the pot has been partially glazed in a yellow color.  Overall, this jar is in excellent condition with rich aged patinated finish and a drainage hole.  

  • Early 20th Century French Tole Grape Harvest Trug


    12"H x 18.5"W x 14.5"D

    Dimensions: 12”H x 18-½”W x 14-½”D

    This wonderful, French painted-metal harvest trug comes from early 20th century Burgundy. This basket retains most of the original dark green paint with an accent of lighter green on the top side of it’s handle.  Used to bring in the bounty of the vineyard, this harvest trug is a sturdy metal basket that is carried while gathering fruit.  

  • French 19th Century Glass Melon Cloche


    11.5"H x "W x 17.88"D

    Dimensions: 11-½”H x 17-⅞”D

    Large, blown-glass melon garden cloche.  Formed as a single piece of clear glass with a solid knob handle.  This one has a unique and irregular form, with flaws and imperfections that add to its organic characteristics.  The solid glass knob has been partially lobbed off, and is in keeping with the thought that knobs were routinely broken-off from 19th cloches to allow an even diffusion of heat and light through the glass.

  • French 19th Century Glass Melon Cloche


    10.88"H x "W x 17.88"D

    Dimensions: 10-⅞”H x 17-⅞”D

    Large, blown-glass melon garden cloche.  Formed as a single piece of clear glass with a solid knob handle.  This one has a unique and irregular form, with flaws and imperfections that add to its organic characteristics.  The solid glass knob has been partially lobbed off, and is in keeping with the thought that knobs were routinely broken-off from 19th cloches to allow an even diffusion of heat and light through the glass.

  • Italian Early 20th Century Marble Pedestal with Armillary


    90.25"H x 26.75"W x 21.25"D

    Dimensions: 90-¼”H x 26-¾”W x 21-¼”D

    A marvelous 20th century iron armillary, resting atop an Italian marble column-form pedestal.  The armillary has been sandblasted and powder coated in black.  This piece is intended for ornamental use.

  • French Antique Cast Concrete Table Base


    30"H x "W x 64.88"D

    Dimensions: 30″ H x 64 7/8″ D

    A stunning 19th Century French Cast Concrete base.  Its patina is fantastic and the finish has tons of detail.  The new, round marble top makes for a low maintenance table.  


  • Pair of French 19th Century Cast Stone Fruitage Finials


    14.75"H x 12.5"W x 12.5"D

    Dimensions: 14 3/4″ H x 12 1/2″ W x 12 1/2″ D

    A cornucopia of fruit – cast in stone and piled high – create each of these decorative French finials. Peaches, plums and other stone fruit can be found mixed in with the harvest. Decades of weather have afforded the pair an outstanding patina that they wear proudly. Their friendly form is cheerful and pleasant with an innate beauty that will be admired by all. These decorative outdoor implements are just the thing that will make your garden sing!

  • Pair of French Early 20th Century Painted Cast Iron Planters


    10.5"H x 24"W x 10"D

    Dimensions: 10 1/2″ H x 24″ W x 10″ D

    Two incredible French cast iron planters that have been painted, circa 1920. The rectilinear planters are perched atop decorative scrolled feet, done with great influence from Louis XV. Front and center lie cartouches that encircle clusters of grapes. Cross hatchings embellish the planters, as well as acanthus leaf and floral filigree flair. Both were once painted white, though weather and time have taken most of it away.  Both planters have functional drains. A truly stunning pair that will elevate your outdoor (or indoor) style!

  • Pair of French Early 20th Century Barbotine Planters


    8.63"H x 8.38"W x 8.75"D

    Dimensions: 8-5/8″H x 8-3/8″W x 8-3/4″D

    A friendly pair of brightly-colored barbotine planters, made in France at the beginning of the 20th century. The pair are each fashioned like a boarded crate, with a swallow perched in front of reeds, pussy willows, and other green foliage. The glazes used are vivid, in bright cobalt blue, greens and a red-finished interior. They are lifted by styled branch feet.

  • Set of Three Octagonal Reconstituted Stone Planters


    10"H x 13.25"W x 13.25"D

    Dimensions: 10″H x 13-1/4″W x 13-1/4″D

    A set of three octagonally-shaped planters, made of beautifully patinated reconstituted stone. Each face of the planter has a floral design with varying degrees of weathering, leaving no two the same. The planters all have holes for drainage. The pots are available for individual purchase for $395.00 each.

  • Set of 4 Reproduction Painted Garden Chairs


    33"H x 21"W x 18.25"D

    Dimensions: 33″H x 21″W x 18-1/2″D

    This amazing set of painted iron garden chairs was made by Fireside Antiques. The chairs have a Mid-Century design that we absolutely love. This set has been painted a lovely red/coral color and finished with a marine varnish. This will protect the metal chairs from the elements.
    Seat height: 17-1/2″

  • French Cut-Limestone Wall Fountain


    54.5"H x 55"W x 31.5"D

    Dimensions: 54-1/2″H x 55″W x 31-1/2″D

    20th Century French Limestone Fountain, c. Late 1900’s.  This elegant and large wall fountain from the South of France has been hand-carved in local limestone. The top is arched and the back plate has a decorative hand carved round motif surrounding the iron S-Scroll spout. 

  • Decorative English Terra Cotta Star Bricks


    8.25"H x 8.25"W x "D

    Dimensions: 8-1/4″H x 8-1/4″W

    A wonderful set of three terra cotta bricks with a star pattern, c. 1850’s

  • SALELimited

    French Vintage Iron and Marble Console Table


    34.5"H x 40.75"W x 13.875"D

    Dimensions: 34-1/2″H x 40-3/4″W x 13-7/8″D

    A Louis XV style lean-to console table connects to the wall for support. The original shaped marble sits on top. We love the flirty exaggerated front legs. 1900 – 1930’s.

  • French Double Garden Trellis


    43.25"H x 47.875"W x 23.375"D

    Dimensions: 43-1/4″H x 47-5/8″W x 23-3/8″D

    Train your vegetables or creeping vines to grow on this incredible antique iron garden trellis. Once used in beautifully manicured French parterres, these trellises will give your outdoor space an element of sophistication while providing a vital gardening function. Three decorative spherical iron finials cap the entire piece.

  • Decorative English Terra Cotta Bricks


    9.5"H x 9.25"W x 5"D

    Dimensions: 9-1/2″H x 9-1/4″W x 5″D

    Use these decorative terra cotta bricks to add an element of antiquity to your garden or outdoor space. Their versatility enables these antique bricks to serve a number of purposes. This set’s design has a central flower encircled by decorative scrollwork that continues onto the next brick when placed next to one another.
    – 12 available.

  • Plaque of Greek Warriors in Battle


    45"H x 36.75"W x 2.75"D

    Dimensions: 45″H x 36-3/4″W x 2-3/4″D

    Large French hand-carved depiction of man on horseback in battle, c. 1900’s.  Carved from plaster with a protective coat.

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