Fireside Antiques offers hundreds of options in antique coffee tables. Our European antique coffee tables includes steel, brass, glass, oak, and more. Our antique tables options hail from the 18th century, 19th century, and 20th century, and we also carry a broad selection.

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English 19th Century Religious Grill Steel Coffee Table


Dimensions 20 H x 39.75 W x 29.25 D (in)

English Early 19th Century Thick Oak Bench


Dimensions 23 H x 79 W x 18.75 D (in)

English Early 20th Century Brass & Glass Coffee Table


Dimensions 16 H x 41.5 W x 18 D (in)

English Early 20th Century Coffee Table


Dimensions 20.25 H x 59 W x 27.625 D (in)

French 18th Century Oak Table with Drawer


Dimensions 27.375 H x 46.75 W x 31.375 D (in)

French 19th Century Chestnut Coffee Table


Dimensions 20.5 H x 51.5 W x 29 D (in)

French 19th Century Chestnut Coffee Table


Dimensions 20.5 H x 46 W x 25.375 D (in)

French 19th Century Louis XVI-Style Coffee Table


Dimensions 15.38 H x 37.13 W x 15.75 D (in)

French 19th Century Oval Inlay Coffee Table


Dimensions 22.38 H x 39.38 W x 26.13 D (in)

French 19th Century Provincial Oak Low Table


Dimensions 21.5 H x 47.25 W x 32 D (in)

French 19th Century Walnut Workbench Coffee Table


Dimensions 21.25 H x 38.5 W x 17 D (in)

French Early 20th-Century Painted Coffee Table


Dimensions 17.25 H x 37.5 W x 37.5 D (in)

French Louis XVI Style Mahogany Low Table


Dimensions 20.88 H x 31.5 W x 16 D (in)

French Vintage Marble and Brass Coffee | Cocktail Table


Dimensions 17.25 H x 36.13 W x 18.13 D (in)

Iberian Vintage Marble and Iron Cocktail Table


Dimensions 22.75 H x 49.875 W x 26.25 D (in)