Fireside Antiques offers a large selection of antique candlesticks from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries including a Dutch 18th century giltwood candelabra, an antique French giltwood floor candelabra, an antique Italian giltwood candelabra, antique Gothic Revival gilt-bronze altar candlesticks, antique French brass altar candlesticks, antique French brass and crystal girandoles, antique French gilt brass and milk glass candelabra, antique French brass candlestick lamps, and antique French tall giltwood altar torchères.

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Dutch Early 18th Century Giltwood Candelabra


Dimensions 21.25 H x 27.5 W x 5 D (in)

Italian 19th Century Carved Gold Gilt 5-Light Candelabra


Dimensions 27.375 H x 22.375 W x 7 D (in)

Pair of French 19th Century Brass Altar Candelabras


Dimensions 22.75 H x 12 W x 7 D (in)

Pair of French 19th Century Gilt-Brass and Milk Glass Candelabra


Dimensions 19.5 H x 13.25 W x 7.25 D (in)

Pair of French Brass and Crystal 2-Light Candelabra Girandoles


Dimensions 14.25 H x 11.25 W x 3.5 D (in)

Pair of Italian 19th Century Gold Gilt Candelabra


Dimensions 11.75 H x 26 W x 3.625 D (in)