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  • Adjustable Antiqued Brass Desk Lamp


    28"H x 8"W x 16"D

    Dimensions: 18-¼”-28-¾”H x 8”W x 13-¼”-16-½”D

    This new fixture will add the perfect amount of modern functionality to any desk or table. They have the ability to have their height adjusted anywhere from 18-¼”to 28-¾”H or 13-¼”to 16-½”D. Fitted with a round linen shade to contrast the sharp design of the lamp body.

  • Antiqued Brass Table Lamp


    23"H x "W x 11"D

    Dimensions: 23”H x 11-¾”D

    This lamp is finished in hand-rubbed antique brass with a natural paper shade for a perfectly balanced look. This sleek table lamp would be the perfect accent in any living space. TWO IN STOCK.

  • Classic Ring Chandelier


    28"H x "W x 33"D

    Dimensions: 28”H x 33-¼”Diameter

    A handsome six-light chandelier in hand-rubbed antique brass finish. Attached to a large brass ring, the lights are affixed with natural paper shade that add a touch of simple refinement to any space. A brass chain and small canopy mount to the ceiling without drawing too much attention.

  • Wood Column Floor Lamp


    55.63"H x 18.25"W x 13.75"D

    Dimensions: 55-⅝”H x 18-¼”W x 13-¾”D

    This dark wood floor lamp is carved in the style of a fluted column and fitted with a rectangular linen shade. Asian-inspired brass detail sits atop the shade. See detailed images.

  • Pierced Leaf Chandelier in Burnished Brass


    33"H x "W x 41"D

    Dimensions: 33-¼”H x 41-¾”Diameter

    Six broad, tropical leaves comprise the arms of this newly-made brass floraform chandelier. These cupped, wide metal leaves have been pierced with tiny holes which allow the light produced by the fixture to be cast in a playful manner fitting its whimsical, dreamlike design. Each leafy frond tapers to an arched brass stem, which all gather around a central corkscrew column to create a modern bouquet of brilliant brass foliage. The fixture has a brass chain and canopy in matching finish.

  • Pair of French Vintage Lanterns


    40.5"H x 14.63"W x 38.5"D

    Dimensions: 40-½”H x 14-⅝”W x 38-½”D  

    This pair of French vintage lanterns have been cleaned, powder coated and now have a weatherproof flat black finish. They are each suspended by their original decorative bracket. These lanterns have been rewired for US electrical using UL certified parts and are ready for install.

  • Adjustable “Fireside Club” Lamp


    28.25"H x "W x 8.75"D

    Dimensions: 28-¼”H-21-½”H  8-¾” Diameter

    Adjustable “Fireside Club” lamp in ‘antique nickel’ finish. This lamp is very versatile and can be used in many different spaces. The height adjusts from 28-¼”H to 21-½”H. A favorite of the staff at Fireside. ONE IN STOCK.

  • Vintage Brass Twelve Light Chandelier


    20.25"H x "W x 31"D

    Dimensions: 20-¼”H 31” Diameter

    This vintage brass twelve light chandelier is whimsical and interesting. It has been completely restored and has all new wiring for US electrical using UL certified parts.

  • Pair of French 19th Century Louis XV-Style Brass & Mirror Sconces


    14.25"H x 10"W x 4"D

    Dimensions: 14-¼”H x 10”W x 4”D

    Pair of French 19th century Louis XV-style brass and mirror sconces. The hand beveled oval mirrors are surrounded by cherubs.  The sconces have two arms each with candle covers for the light bulbs to fit in. They have been cleaned and rewired for US electrical using UL certified parts.

  • Amber Glass Table Lamp


    28.75"H x "W x 16"D

    Dimensions: 28-¾”H x 16” Diameter

    This is an interesting amber glass table lamp with off white linen drum shades.  TWO IN STOCK.

  • Matte Black Ceramic Table Lamp


    31.25"H x "W x 17"D

    Dimensions: 31-¼”H x 17”Diameter

    A large ceramic table lamp, finished in matte black and topped with a round, off-white linen drum shade. TWO IN STOCK.

  • Ceramic Table Lamp


    23.75"H x 15"W x 11"D

    Dimensions: 23-¾”H x 15W x 11D

    A medium ceramic table lamp, finished in natural bisque and new white, topped with an oval off-white linen shade. TWO IN STOCK.

  • Vintage Flexible Metal Desk Lamp


    34.25"H x 5.38"W x 2.88"D

    Dimensions: 34-1/4”H x 5-3/8”W x 2-7/8”D

    This vintage desk lamp attaches to your tabletop with a self cranking clamp, and it is very sturdy. Recently wired for the US. The flexible, metal, gooseneck neck of this lamp is adjustable as seen in the detailed images.

  • Hand-Worked Metal Chandelier


    20.75"H x "W x 26"D

    Dimensions: 20-¾”H x 26”Diameter

    This newly made pendant-style chandelier brings rich, rustic earth tones to your space.  The angular, bell-shaped shade with welded seams features an industrial textured finish.  Inside the shade is a four-light fixture that when lit, the finish is brought to life.  72” Chain

  • Reproduction Aged Iron Chandelier


    36.5"H x "W x 37.75"D

    Dimensions: 36-½”H x 37-¾”Diameter

    This round chandelier brings traditional elegance to contemporary indoor settings.  Its classic, whimsical design is reminiscent of antique lighting and features a series of scrolled metal arms that extend out, supporting a series of candelabra lamps with linen shades.

  • Green Ceramic Table Lamp


    30.5"H x "W x 21"D

    Dimensions: 30-½”H x 21”Diameter

    A wonderful ceramic lamp – finished in a volcanic verdi drip glaze – and topped with a round, off-white linen drum shade. TWO IN STOCK.

  • Classical Column Table Lamp


    32.5"H x "W x 14"D

    Dimensions: 32-½”H x 14”Diameter

    Classic, reproduction column-form lamp in Sheffield Silver with square base and traditionally-styled cylindrical column body extending up into the natural linen shades. Currently available for reorder, please inquire for pricing and lead time.  

  • French 20th Century Candle Sconce


    27.13"H x 41.5"W x 6.25"D

    Dimensions: 27-⅛”H x 41-½”W x 6-¼”D

    This beautiful French 20th Century sconce features a brass scroll design with crystal accents.  The sconce has floral and foliate details with each leaf and flower having crystal embellishments.  There are seven candle holders. Reproduction.

  • Rubbed Brass Column-Form Table Lamp


    32.5"H x 14"W x 14"D

    Dimensions: 32-1/2″H x 14″W x 14″D

    A handsome pair of reproduction classically formed column lamps with linen shades. The lamps are finished in a warm and lustrous rubbed brass finish that is brilliant and refined.  The fixtures include natural linen shades with brass ball finials and dimmable switch. We currently have two available in the showroom. This lamp is available for reorder, please inquire for pricing.

  • Pair of Custom Gilt Lamps


    24.5"H x 14"W x 9.25"D

    Dimensions: 24-½”H x 14”W x 9-¼”D

    A beautiful pair of custom lamps made from decorative gold gilt plaster segments that have been mounted to iron bases to create an extraordinary pair of lighting fixtures. This pair has a flat back surface.  They have black shades with gold lining.  Take a close look at the detailed pictures to note the lamp’s finish and condition.  $650.00/each.

  • Pair of Custom Gilt Lamps


    24.25"H x 14"W x 9.25"D

    Dimensions: 24-¼”H x 14”W x 9-¼”D

    A beautiful pair of custom lamps made from decorative gold gilt plaster segments that have been mounted to iron bases to create an extraordinary pair of lighting fixtures.  They have black shades with gold lining.  Take a close look at the detailed pictures to note the lamp’s finish and condition.  $650.00/each.

  • Bronze and Brass Reproduction Chandelier


    61.25"H x "W x 48"D

    Dimensions: 61 1/4″ H x 48″ D

    A chic twelve-light chandelier in an antique bronze and hand-rubbed brass finish. The clean design showcases the artfully worked metals and projects an industrial / contemporary presence into a room.  The four lower, larger arms terminate in unique, doubled-up lights. The candelabra bulbs are covered in tall natural paper shades that overhang the tall brass candle covers. A bronze and brass canopy brings the chandelier’s modish design up to the ceiling.

  • Reproduction Articulating Brass Wall Light with Linen Shade


    22.5"H x 5.5"W x 5.5"D

    Dimensions: 22 1/2″ H x 5 1/2″ W x 5 1/2 – 30 1/2″ D

    This fashionable brass wall fixture is a new product that we currently have in stock. The design makes it adjustable in multiple places, so you are able to position the light right where it is needed. The brass used to make the lamp has a hand-rubbed finish that gives the metal less of a metallic shine, and a warmer, more patinated appearance. A turned mahogany handle assists in adjusting the tilt of the lamp. A brass tube conceals the insulated cord. ONE IN STOCK. Currently available for reorder, please inquire for pricing and lead times. 

  • Pair of French 19th Century Iron and Crystal Fruitage Sconces


    27.25"H x 21"W x 11.75"D

    Dimensions: 27 1/4″ H x 21″ W x 11 3/4″ D

    This whimsical pair of newly-electrified 19th century iron and crystal sconces were made in France. The large, cage-form fixtures have five lights each. Their ivory colored candle covers extend from bronze bobeches that are all festooned with cut crystals hanging from their lips. The sconces are a combination of clear, faceted crystals and colored glass fruit with leaves. Apples, grapes, pears and lemons-most with leaves-are intermixed in colors of amber, emerald and amethyst, making these sconces a cornucopia of beautifully-colored fruit and dazzling crystals. Originally made to burn candles, we have had the pair inspected, cleaned and wired for electricity in accordance with UL standards using UL-listed components. Whether you are a connoisseur of fine foods or a lover of finery in general, these fun and eccentric fixtures are sure to please!

  • Modern Table Lamp


    30"H x 14"W x "D

    Dimensions: 30″ H x 14″ D

    A wonderful modern, multi-colored ceramic lamp, with a perfectly whimsical design and light for any table of buffet. ONE IN STOCK.

  • Set of 3 English Industrial Factory Pendants


    9.5"H x 12"W x "D

    Dimensions: 9 1/2″ H x 12″ D

    Holophane, is a division of Acuity Brands founded in 1898 in London, England. The hallmark of Holophane Luminaires is the borosilicate glass. The ribbed, glass prisms provide a combination of uplight and downlight to illuminate evenly without creating “dark spots” or “glare”.  The trademark name of the borosilicate glass is called “Endural”.

  • Antiqued Brass Floor Lamp


    44-60"H x 12"W x "D

    Dimensions: 44-60″ H x 12″ D

    This new floor lamp is adjustable with a cylinder shade. The antique, hand-rubbed finish mixes with any interior. This versatile lamp will grace your home with a welcoming modern touch.

  • SALELimited

    Modern Parlor Lamp


    63"H x 20"W x "D

    Dimensions:  63″ H x 20″ D

    Iron floor lamp with additional small table, perfect for any interior.

  • Large Table Lamp with Linen Shade


    31"H x 20"W x "D

    Dimensions: 31″ H x 20″ D

    This is a great lighting duo for a large living area in a spacious home. It is in volcanic ivory with a linen shade which lends itself to any decor.

    2 In-Stock.

  • Antiqued Brass Buffet Lamp


    31.75"H x 11.75"W x "D

    Dimensions: 31 3/4″ H x 11 3/4″ D

    A smart lamp in hand-rubbed antique brass that would pair nicely with any buffet in dining or living areas. TWO IN STOCK.

  • Double Swing-Arm Brass Sconce


    20.25"H x 5"W x 18"D

    Dimensions: 20-1/4″H x 5″W x 18″D

    A stylish double swing-arm sconce in soft brass, with cylindrical cream linen shade. Cord cover included, 24-1/2″L. Only 1 sconce available. Not available for re-order.

  • Pair of Classical Urn Form Table Lamps


    23.5"H x 15"W x 15"D

    Dimensions: 23-1/2″H x 15″Diameter

    This pair of Classical-style urn-form nickle finished lamps, on socle bases, have conical natural paper shades. Available individually at $665.00 each. 

  • French Art Moderne Chandelier


    54"H x 54"W x 40"D

    Dimensions: 40″H x 54″Diameter

    This fabulous, large Art Moderne bronze finished eight-light chandelier, c. 1930s, is from France and features a paneled and mirrored standard, composed of old and new mirror plates, suspending eight scroll-arms terminating with trumpet-form fixtures with faux candlesticks. This chandelier would be amazing in a large entryway or dining room!

  • Pair of French 19th Century Louis XVI-Style Brass Candlestick Lamps


    23.25"H x 12.125"W x 12.125"D

    Dimensions: 23-1/4″H x 12-1/8″Diameter

    The standards for these diminutive single-light table lamps are Louis XVI-style reeded brass candlesticks, c. 1860’s, found in France. The custom cone-form shades are ivory linen and topped with a brass ball finial. UL approved wiring for the US.

  • French Early 20th Century Empire Brass-and-Bronze Brazier Table Lamp


    27"H x 7"W x 7"D

    Dimensions: 27″H x 7″Diameter

    An early 20th-century French Empire-style brazier, which was used as a portable heater burning hot coals or other fuel for interior warmth. This example was converted to a table lamp in the early-to-mid 20th century. The fuel well is supported by three brass legs with paw feet topped by three brass gryffon supports, holding the bronze bowl, decorated with palm motifs and an artichoke finial. The whole is supported on a concave tri-form bronze plinth base set atop a slightly larger piece of marble of the same shape. Includes custom pleated shade. The two-light fixture has been wired for US using UL certified parts.

  • Reproduction Louis XVI-Style Giltwood Two-Arm Sconce


    36"H x 13"W x 10.5"D

    Dimensions: 36″H x 13″W x 10-1/2″D

    This lovely reproduction sconce will add just the right amount of light to any room. It is topped with a ribbon bow and an eagle and arrows below.  The two upturned rope-twist arms are each mounted with a scroll and florette; the whole ending in carved tassels. Rewired for the US.

  • French 19th Century Iron and Gilt-Brass Single-Light Lantern


    40"H x 16"W x 16"D

    Dimensions: 40″H x 16″Diameter

    This French 19th century iron and gilt-brass single-light lantern, has been cleaned, wired for the United States, and features a modern tube light – a nice juxtaposition for the antique!

  • English Early 18th Century Forged Iron Candelabra


    62.5"H x 29.5"W x 19"D

    Dimensions: 62-1/2″H x 29-1/2″W x 19″D

    A spectacular hand-forged iron candelabra, made in England circa 1700. The fixture will hold seven candles, arranged in a triangular fashion. Sourced from an English church, the antique fixture has an outspoken Gothic aura that brings the din of chanting monks to mind. A simply styled tripod base grounds the wonderfully tall candle holder.

  • Bronze and Brass Chandelier


    48"H x 345"W x 34"D

    Dimensions: 61-1/4″H x 34″Diameter

    A smart six-light chandelier in an antique bronze and hand-rubbed brass finish. The clean design showcases the artfully worked metals and projects an industrial / contemporary presence into a room. The lights are covered in tall natural paper shades that overhang the tall brass candle covers. A bronze and brass canopy brings the chandelier’s modish design up to the ceiling.

  • Reproduction Eight-Light Iron Chandelier


    45.25"H x 34.25"W x 34.25"D

    Dimensions: 45-1/4″H x 34-1/4″Diameter

    A real show-stopper, this reproduction chandelier has a form that is imaginative and fun. Despite its mod appearance, this fixture could be used in any style home. The frame is made of iron, with a vertical orientation, and has four lights with staggered placement that circle around the central shaft. The four bottom lights are evenly spaced. Each arm has a large, iron bobeche with tall, conical white linen shades that sit centimeters above each bobeche. A chandelier for those who like an eclectic element in their design.

  • French 19th Century Brass Altar Candlestick Lamp and Shade


    41.75"H x 23"W x 23"D

    Dimensions: 41-3/4″H x 23″Diameter

    An antique brass altar candlestick from 19th century France, that has been converted into an electrified lamp. This gorgeous fixture is heavily ornamented with decorative details on every surface. The lamp rests on three scrolled feet. The harp is crowned with a lovely antiqued brass finial. Includes custom white linen shade. Cleaned and wired for US.

  • French Antique Brass Lamp with Acrylic Base


    25.5"H x 16.25"W x 16.25"D

    Dimensions: 25 1/2″H x 16 1/4″Diameter

    A newly made lamp, made from a component from an antique French lamp. The brass base is exceptionally styled with etched flowers and scrolled foliage. There is a pierced gallery that encircles the neck. The antique piece has been mounted onto a clear acrylic base. The shade is an ivory/beige linen. Cleaned and wired for U.S.


  • French 19th Century Gilt Brass & Crystal Chandelier


    34"H x 24"W x 24"D

    Dimensions: 34″H x 24″Diameter

    French gilt brass and crystal 12 light chandelier from the late 1800s. The scrollwork bird cage frame issuing forth twelve arms with scalloped candle cups. The whole with beaded swags, cut crystal teardrops and pendants, some with amethyst coloring.

  • SALELimited

    French 20th Century Gothic Style Iron Chandelier


    38.5"H x 32"W x 32"D

    Dimensions: 38-1/2″H x 32″Diameter

    8 lights two tier with floral and foliate accents, circa 20th century. Gothic Style. U.S. wired

  • Pair of Early 19th Century Dutch Brass Wall Sconces


    17.25"H x 29"W x 105"D

    Dimensions: 17-1/4″H x 29″W x 10-1/2″D

    A stunning pair of large, brass candle sconces from the earliest part of the 19th century, made in the Netherlands. These immense Dutch fixtures have extraordinary scroll form arms that have been adorned with hammered brass acanthus leaves that grow like vines on the burly brass scrolls. The sconces allow for large candles, which will look breathtaking once they have melted down, with dripping wax collected in brass bobeches. One bobeche has been slightly damaged. The brass has an aged patina that is has acquired in its 200+ year lifetime. c.1800.

  • Reproduction Amethyst Glass Lamp


    34"H x 17.25"W x 17.25"D

    Dimensions: 34″H x 17-1/4″Diameter

    A wonderful lamp to add with your antiques. Fabric drum shade sits on this fine glass lamp of great scale, works well from all angles. Base is a square shape acrylic with an acrylic finial. Two bulbs light this fixture with drop down pulls.

  • Alabaster Cylindrical Column Lamp


    30.625"H x 22"W x 22"D

    Dimensions: 30-5/8″H 22″Diameter

    Give your space a touch of modernity with this large alabaster lamp. Its base is a perfect cylinder with a clean white finish and is adorned with brass trim. The shade is large, white, and linen.

  • Alabaster Square Stacked Lamp


    31.5"H x 16"W x 16"D

    Dimensions: 31-1/2″H x 16″W x 16″D

    Invigorate your space by adding a modern touch with this cool square alabaster lamp. Its interesting stacked square block design gives it a contemporary look while its clean, white stone finish makes it a perfect fit for rooms with more traditional decor. Tapered square natural paper shade.

  • Brass Adjustable “Fireside Club” Lamp


    28.25"H x 8.75"W x 8.75"D

    Dimensions: 30″H x 9″Diameter

    An adorable adjustable brass accent lamp. The brass has a warm, rubbed finish that gives these new lamps a somewhat antique appearance. The height can be adjusted (20 1/2″H minimum / 30″H maximum) with the turn of a knob. The fabric insulated electrical cord has been left exposed, and is fed through brass eyes, giving these fixtures an interesting and unique design. The custom linen shade is secured with a brass finial, adorned with a clear quartz crystal. These lamps can be used just about anywhere. We at Fireside all have them in our personal homes. Join the club and add these versatile lamps to your interior! Available for individual purchase for $560.00 each or $1120.oo per pair. We currently have 3 in stock, please inquire for availability.

  • SALELimited

    Luce de Vino Chandelier


    48"H x 30"W x 30"D

    Dimensions: 48″H x 30″W

    Luce de Vino reproduction chandelier, based on antique French bottle dryers. The fixture shown holds 80 bottles and can be purchased with or without bottles. They can always be changed out as you enjoy your vino!

  • French Early 20th Century Painted-and-Gilded Chandelier


    22"H x 30"W x 30"D

    Dimensions: 22″H x 30″Diameter

    Louis XVI-style painted and gold-gilt chandelier from the early 1900’s. This 6 light chandelier is very elegant with unexpected details. String of pearls surrounds the candle caps that all have their own arm which bends down with gold leaves and hole detailing, very unique.

  • Reproduction Iron and Painted-Wood Chandelier


    52"H x 46.5"W x 46.5"D

    Dimensions: 52″H x 46-1/2″ Diameter

    This stunning reproduction chandelier would work marvelously is a larger dining room or living space. With three tiers and fifteen candelabras, the size and scale of the chandelier is the first thing you’ll notice. Closer inspection reveals carefully carved wood torches that are finished in a warm, calm antique white as well as numerous carved wood tassels and clear drop crystals. The iron surfaces have an aged, rusty patina.

  • French 19th Century Bouillotte Lamp & Tôle Shade


    30.5"H x 14.25"W x 14.25"D

    Dimensions: 30-1/2″H x 14-1/4″Diameter

    French Bouillotte lamp with its original painted tole shade. Bouillotte is a card game, popular in France during the 18th & 19th centuries. For light, they would use a bouillotte lamp. This particular one is brass with 3 candelabra arms, now U.S.. wired. As the candles would burn down one would use a key, where the shade connects the middle shaft, to lower the shade as the candles burned down. Allowing the players to be free of glare. 1880’s or earlier.

  • French 19th Century Bronze & Marble Decorative Lamp


    29"H x 14"W x 14"D

    Dimensions: 29″H x 14″ Diameter

    This small, decorative table lamp has been fashioned using an ornate bronze column that rests on a square marble base. The column’s shaft features a gnarly tree with sparrows circling in pursuit of its precious fruit. The column’s base is decorated with layered peacock feathers and atop its capital rests a small, square piece of marble that matches the base. The lamp has been cleaned and newly wired for US. White linen shade.

  • Pair of European 19th Century Brass Candlesticks with Paw Feet


    42.5"H x 12.25"W x 12.25"D

    Dimensions: 42-1/2″H x 12-1/4″W x 12-1/4″D

    A stunning pair of sculptural brass candlesticks of large size! Tripod bases end with three paw feet. 1870’s

  • Pair of French 20th Century Giltwood Tassel Candlesticks


    9"H x 5.125"W x 5.125"D

    Dimensions: 9″H x 5-1/8″D

    An interesting pair of candlesticks shaped like tassels! Adorable. Made in the early 1900s

  • Pair of French Brass and Crystal 2-Light Candelabra Girandoles


    14.25"H x 11.25"W x 3.5"D

    Dimensions: 14-1/4″H x 11-1/4″W x 3-1/2″D

    Adorable pair of French candelabra adorned with clusters of glass fruit and droplets. Brass plate sconces are now U.S. electrified with two lights each.  c.late 1800s.

  • Italian 19th Century Carved Gold Gilt 5-Light Candelabra


    27.375"H x 22.375"W x 7"D

    Dimensions: 27-3/8″H x 22-3/8″W x 7″D

    A stunning five arm candlestick from a church altar is hand carved and gold gilt, 1880’s

    Available on backorder

  • Pair of Italian 19th Century Gold Gilt Candelabra


    11.75"H x 26"W x 3.625"D

    Dimensions: 11-3/4″H x 26″W x 3-5/8″D

    Italian carved gold gilt pair of candelabra from a church alter, each holding 5 pillar candles.

    Available on backorder

  • Pair of Italian 19th Century Silver and Gold Gilt Candelabra


    20.5"H x 21.5"W x 5.25"D

    Dimensions: 20-1/2″H x 21 1/2″W x 5-1/4″D

    Italian stunning pair of candelabra with elegant movement and symmetry, all carved, silver gilt with a touch of gold gilt from a church altar, each holding 3 pillar candles.

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