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Collecting Antique Accessories

Your interior should tell your story: who you are, where you’ve been, what you love.  If an item piques your interest and you find it to be beautiful, it is meant to be added to your home. Do not hesitate to make a purchase because you do not know where it will go! Collections are not meant to be designed and installed. A collection of beautiful things is fluid, meant to evolve over time. Your only job after purchasing a beautiful item with a story is to display the item in a place that will inspire you.

When on our buying trips for Fireside Antiques, we follow this same rule of thumb. We scour markets for beautifully crafted and interesting pieces to add to the collections within our shop.  Our Curiosities and Accessories sections of our inventory is filled with items that captivated our interest on many levels.  These items spark conversation and tell a little bit about who we are and what our interests are.

Collection Tobin 1

Bookcases, tables and mantles make the best vessels in which to display your collections.  But as seen in the image above of Guy Tobin’s London home, your beloved objects can look beautifully arranged anywhere from floor to ceiling!  In the spirit of maximalism that is being embraced by so many designers today, we believe that beloved possessions belong anywhere and everywhere you desire.  If a piece of art or a momento has lived its time in my home, I often find that it migrates beautifully into my sister’s home or elsewhere. The stories that accompany collections are meant to be shared, and the concept of passing along this enjoyment is part of the fun.

Collection Bowls B

At Fireside Antiques, we incorporate traditions into our collecting process. We buy beautiful items in our travels, ensuring that something special comes home as a momento from the experience we had on a journey. It is easy to think that the snapshots you take on your camera or phone will encapsulate the experience, but how many times a day do you dig through photo files on your computer to relive a vacation?  Instead, prop a beautiful token on your kitchen shelving, where you will enjoy a daily reminder of your adventures.

Additionally, collections become a focus in gift-giving seasons, as we know that the personal interests of our loved ones can translate to great gifts at holidays and special occasions.

Collection Books B

We offer authentic, antique artistry that is approachable for new and seasoned collectors.  Whatever piques your interest, we encourage you to start collecting! Your passions can become your art and, with time, add new layers of interest to your home. The beauty of a collection is that it changes and grows over time. Each purchase is an approachable investment that adds dimension of your home.

Collections Art B

A gallery wall of art is a go-to look for many designers and adds a collected layer of personality to your interior.  A mix of vintage, antique and contemporary art evokes the look of historied collecting. You can build your gallery wall with vintage and antique art at Fireside Antiques, where our art pricing begins at $250. Antique lithographs mix beautifully with oil paintings for an authentic and affordable addition to your art collection.

Collection Kitchen C

A favorite place to display antiques is the kitchen, the heart of the home. Amidst today’s Great White Out trends with all white and neutral backdrops, kitchens can feel sterile and unused without the patina of antiques on display. Our antique dinner service sets, ironstone and breadboards deliver an element of artistry and age while keeping spaces neutral and clean.

Collection Kassler

Whether you are starting a collection for yourself or a client, consider a beautiful antique to add to the story you are telling.  Fireside Antiques is an authoritative resource for accessories and curiosities for any collector. We are passionate about the collections that we curate for ourselves and our customers, and we invite you by our showroom to see our displays.

Don’t stress over the concept of where and how to display your antiques. If you find an item to be beautiful, place it in your home where ever you will draw inspiration from it. Collections are growing art, curated to reflect you and your ever evolving personality.

We are available for design consultation if you would like to learn more about the benefits of adding historic elements to your décor. We can help you navigate the world of antiques as you find what you love. We would love to become a part of your collection process and traditions.  Come by the showroom or give us a call today!

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