Antique tapestries work well with your modern furniture and your modern home. This kind of antique has a very adaptable, interesting, past first made in the medieval times to insulate castles and depicted religious and historical scenes. We often find tapestries depicting landscapes and love how they bring the outdoors in. Today’s textiles are uncomparable to the craftsmanship of antique textiles and tapestries. We sell BVIZ antique textile pillows designed by Rebecca Vizard. In our inventory you’ll find tapestry panels, needlepoint fireplace screens, embroidery samples, antique tapestry stools and seating. Antique framed needlepoint on silk, suzani textiles and fibre samples.

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B. Viz Design Antique Textile Pillows


Dimensions 15 H x 19 W x 4.5 D (in)

B. Viz Designs Antique Tapestry Fragment


Dimensions 3.5 H x 19 W x 11 D (in)

Belgian 18th Century Tapestry Panel


Dimensions 107 H x 49 W x .375 D (in)

English 19th Century Adjustable Pole Screen


Dimensions 57.625 H x 19.875 W x 12.5 D (in)

English 19th Century Embroidery Sampler

$550.00 $225.00

Dimensions 15.75 H x 13.5 W x 1 D (in)

English 19th Century Framed Needlepoint

$750.00 $350.00

Dimensions 20.5 H x 21.18 W x 1 D (in)

Framed 19th Century Floral Tapestry

$2,550.00 $950.00

Dimensions 19.5 H x 52.5 W x 1.25 D (in)

Framed 19th Century French Fiber Samples


Dimensions 12 H x 9.5 W x .63 D (in)

French 19th Century Framed Floral Tapestry


Dimensions 18.25 H x 53 W x 1.18 D (in)

French 19th Century Louis XV-Style Walnut Tapestry Seat


Dimensions 16.25 H x 25.5 W x 15.75 D (in)

Pair of French 18th Century Framed Needle Points on Silk


Dimensions 6.63 H x 5.75 W x 1 D (in)

Rare Vintage “Nim Suzani” Embroidered Textile Panel


Dimensions 56.5 H x 42.13 W x 1 D (in)