Antique Work Tables & Workbenches

Fireside Antiques sources antique work tables and workbenches from all over the world. Browse our selection of 18th-, 19th-, and 20th-century tables, and choose from elegant midcentury work tables or rustic farmhouse trestle workbenches. From carpenter’s tables to antique shop counters and bakery benches, you can find the perfect table.

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  • English 19th Century Work Table


    32.13"H x 70.75"W x 40.88"D

    Dimensions: 32-⅛”H x 70-¾”W x 40-⅞”D

    This stunning work table has a thick 1 ¾” thick pine top and would make a gorgeous kitchen island. Crafted from solid pine and oak, it remains incredibly sturdy and level. The brilliant is worn with marks from being used as a work surface. The apron contains two drawers; one on the front and the other on the end. The drawer housed in the front has three preordained sections for easy organization. Both have large rectangular pulls. Straight, square legs provide support for continued everyday use. Make sure to view the detailed images to get a closer look.

  • English 19th Century Iron & Slate Work Table


    29.63"H x 65.38"W x 24.13"D

    Dimensions: 29-⅝”H x 65-⅜”W x 24-⅛”D

    Hand forged iron trestle table base with a natural finish, topped with a large single piece of patinated slate. The design of this table is very versatile. The table comes in three pieces; the piece of slate and two iron legs. Easy to move and adjust to your needs. You’re able to design the distance between the legs to suit your needs. A perfect table for dining, centering in a room or against a wall. A very interesting piece that will elevate your interiors. If used outside make sure it’s not in direct contact with the elements. Circa 1890’s

  • French 19th Century Lady’s Work Table


    28.13"H x 20.25"W x 13.88"D

    Dimensions: 28-⅛”H x 20-¼”W x 13-⅞”D

    This petite work table from 19th century France is full of charming elements within a compact design. Details allude to this piece serving as a correspondence and sewing table. Unlocking what seems to be a drawer actually allows the top to hinge open and reveal an antique mirror plate affixed to the underside and pre-sectioned organization with a built in pin cushion. The key for lifting the top has a lovely tag with engravings saying ‘Table à ouvrage’ meaning work table and ‘Rez de Chaussee Ch.bre No.1 Bis’ which translates to Ground Floor Bedroom No. 1 Copy on the flip side of the tag. The lower drawer features a writing surface inset with worn black leather and tooled with gold that slides back to reveal a paper and stationary storage compartment. Three inkwells made of brass and glass fit perfectly beside the writing surface. Two keys are included. A concave stretcher connects the column-from legs and provides lasting support. Some minor repairs have been made to the mahogany veneer. Make sure to view the detailed images to get a closer look!

  • French 19th Century Pine Artisans Workbench


    33.75"H x 66.25"W x 20.75"D

    Dimensions: 33-¾”H x 66-¼”W x 20-¾”D

    A substantially constructed workbench with an exceptional patina that only develops after being the platform for over a century of artisanal projects. Three boards of solid 2-¼” thick pine, secured together by large rectangular treenail pegs, form the hardy work surface. One dowel hole in the top adds to the practical use of this piece as a workbench. A single floating drawer, fixed with a rustic iron pull, sits flush to the table surface for some hidden storage. The whole is constructed using mortise and tenon joinery, visible from every angle. Thick, square legs support the integrity of the top and lower stretcher. Circa 1870. The visible signs of wear it’s earned, along with age, give this functional piece an air of rustic sophistication to complete any space. Make sure to view the detailed images.

  • French 19th Century Oak Artist’s Standing Desk


    34.88"H x 31.75"W x 28.63"D

    Dimensions: 34-⅞”H x 31-¾”W x 28-⅝”D

    This specialized oak desk was made in France.  Used by artists, the desk’s lifted surface brings the table towards the artist, minimizing reach, and saving their aching backs.  The work surface has a three quarter wood gallery and raised surface across the front.  The desk is equipped with two drawers.  The top drawer has an ormolu knob and a single compartment.  The lower drawer sits just below and has multiple compartments.  It is somewhat disguised without a pull and moves with the top drawer when it is open and closed.  The desk is constructed with mortise and tenon joints, and wood pegs.  Sometimes a simple design, well executed, is perfection.  

  • French Early 20th Century Art Deco Pine Butcher Block


    34.25"H x 59"W x 23.75"D

    Dimensions: 34-1/4″H x 59″W x 23-3/4″D

    A fine butcher table, made in Nantes, France circa 1920. The table’s top boasts exceptional patination. A groove has been left from decades of knife work and butchery. The top is bound together with steel bindings that help to keep the top from splitting. The butcher block rests on a stylish pine base that has been influenced by the Art Deco movement that was occurring at the time of its construction. The base has a large drawer and the maker’s badge that has his name, R. Lerat, and even his shop’s address at 18 R’de Bouville in Nantes, France.

Fireside Antiques sources antique work tables and workbenches from all over the world. Browse our selection of 18th-, 19th-, and 20th-century tables, and choose from elegant midcentury work tables or rustic farmhouse trestle workbenches. From carpenter's tables to antique shop counters and bakery benches, you can find the perfect table.

Shop Antique Work Tables and Workbenches

A workbench can anchor the entire room as a dining table, craft table, or workspace. You can even place workbenches outdoors as an exterior stylistic element for outdoor dining.

Antique workbenches have been carefully handcrafted and constructed by the masters of old with care and attention to detail. These range from 18th- and 19th-century pieces to some as modern as the 20th century. With so many options to choose from, you can find just the right piece for your home.

How to Choose an Antique Work Table

Antique work tables and workbenches are available in oak, metal, and wood. Some of the most popular styles include Victorian, Empire, Industrial, and more. From Italian sewing machine tables to stunning oak and marble kitchen worktables, each style and design is as unique as it is beautiful.

While standard desks and workstations are found aplenty in traditional furniture stores, there is something that stands out about a beautiful, one-of-a-kind antique item. You can select antique workbenches based on the period, the designer, or the materials to find one that fits your home’s decor.

Among our selection are antique work tables and workbenches featuring preparation tables, drafting tables, sewing tables, and more. Choose just the right antique worktable and workbench for your personal preference, the size of the space, and your taste.

Types of Work Tables and Workbenches

If you are a hobbyist or crafter, look for sturdy wooden work tables with shelves and drawers for storage. Make sure to select from antique worktables and workbenches that are functional while also adding visual interest and style. An industrial wood-top work table with iron legs will stand the test of time. If you’re looking for a unique dining room table, explore oval Regency-style dining and work tables.

You can find workbenches by designers such as Hammacher Schlemmer, Hamilton Products, and Paul Sormani. Your work table will provide a sturdy location for hours of dependable work while giving your space a unique look. Antique work tables and workbenches are available in almost every shape, color, design, and finish to meet your unique tastes and preferences.

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