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We source many of our antique and vintage trunks on buying trips to England and France.  Here, you will find a vast selection of French and English 19th Century antique trunks.

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  • French 18th Century Solid Carved Oak Coffer


    32.25"H x 55.50"W x 24.50"D

    Dimensions: 32-¼”H x 55-½”W x 24-½”D

    This solid oak coffer from the 1720s is full of gorgeous hand carved details and a wonderful patina. Swirling acanthus leaves and florals beautifully adorn the facade. Four columns break up the front motif. A small candle box with a hinging top is housed within the interior, great for easy to lose items. Perfect as a coffee table or at the foot of a bed to store a variety of blankets, games, or sweaters. One key is included for the functioning lock. Make sure to view the detailed images to get a closer look at this one of a kind storage piece.

  • English Early 19th Century Pine Coffer


    27.25"H x 40.13"W x 16"D

    Dimensions: 27-¼”H x 40-⅛”W x 16”D

    This handsome coffer was crafted in England during the early 19th century from solid pine with a dark finish.. The hardwood has a fantastic patina that gives the whole so much character. Hand carved, scalloped edges detail the ends of the top and sides of the body. An eye-catching flat metal key plate graces the front as well and a cross carved in the center just above the shaped apron. The large interior cavity is perfect for storing just about anything and contains a suspended candle box for smaller, easy to lose items. Make sure to take a look at all the photos to get a closer look at all the details.

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    French 18th Century Solid Oak Coffer


    21.50"H x 69.50"W x 21.25"D

    Dimensions: 21-½”H x 69-½”W x 21-¼”D

    French solid oak coffer in wonderful antique condition. Made in the 1700’s, this coffer has hand-crafted details throughout that show the craftsmanship of many centuries past. The facade showcases decorative forged metal nails, a large metal latch plate, and delicately carved zig-zag and flower details. The lid of the coffer is attached with more recent door hardware that is not original. The interior features a trapezoidal candle box and large space to store blankets, books, or games. Make sure to view the detailed images to get a closer look at this one of a kind coffer!

  • French 18th Century Painted Wedding Chest


    12"H x 25.25"W x 13.13"D

    Dimensions: 12”H x 25-¼”W x 13-⅛”D

    A fantastic antique wedding or hope chest – from Normandy, France – decorated with hand-painted floral details that grace every surface. One of this size and ornamentation most likely would have served as linen storage for a woman preparing for married life. Vibrant pink and cream painted tulips have aged marvelously over its first 240 years, and expresses the coffer’s age in a manner that you cannot only see, but feel as well. The minimal metal hardware has all been worked by hand. The rounded top provides a distinguished style that sets this exceptional coffer apart from any ordinary box,circa 1780. Make sure to view the detailed images for a closer look at the fine condition of this beautifully patinated coffer!

  • French 18th Century Walnut Petrin


    31.88"H x 42"W x 20.38"D

    Dimensions: 31-⅞”H x 42”W x 20-⅜”D

    A small walnut petrin or dough bin with a deep, rich patina.  This wonderful antique is hand-pegged with treenails.  The top is a lid that when lifted opens a single storage compartment for proofing bread.  A wonderfully carved shell and wheat motif graces the front while both sides have a more simply carved shell.  The front corners are chamfered with fluting.  This chest is raised on four cabriole legs.

  • Indian 19th Century Teak and Iron-Bound Trunk


    21.13"H x 53"W x 33.63"D

    Dimensions: 21-⅛”H x 53”W x 33-⅝”D

    This 19th century, Anglo-Indian solid teak trunk with original iron bindings has aged beautifully.  It has a striking patina with fantastic texture and grain.  The hinged top has two forged iron hasps that would have been pinned close with an iron or steel pin.  When open, a single chain holds the lid, preventing it from falling back.  There is a single forged handle on either side of the box.  This iron-bound box originates in the Northern Indian state Rajasthan.  

  • Indian 19th Century Teak and Iron-Bound Trunk


    29.38"H x 52.88"W x 19.13"D

    Dimensions: 29-⅜”H x 52-⅞”W x 19-⅛”D

    This 19th century, Anglo-Indian solid teak trunk with original iron bindings has been gently sandblasted to give a driftwood, time-worn appearance.  It has a hinged top with two iron hasps that would have been pinned close with an iron or steel pin.  The whole is raised on four square feet.  This iron-bound box originates in the Northern Indian state Rajasthan, c. 1860.

  • English Early 18th Century Carved Coffer


    24.5"H x 50.75"W x 23.5"D

    Dimensions: 24-½”H x 50-¾”W x 23-½”D

    A gorgeous oak coffer or trunk from the 1700s, England.  The front façade has three panels that have been meticulously carved into identical patterns with additional carvings at the base.  The center panel has the initials ‘B.E.’ carved into the top, showing ownership.  The lid is flat and sides are designed with a more simple, framed panel. This chest was used to store values and once had a working lock that is now missing.

  • Spanish 18th Century Oak and Iron-Bound Trunk


    31"H x 68.375"W x 22.5"D

    Dimensions: 31″H x 68 3/8″W x 22 1/2″D

    A large 18th century oak trunk, bound in iron, from Spain. This case piece was made using thick boards of solid oak. They have acquired an incredible antique patina over the centuries. The trunk’s contents can be secured thanks to the impressive locking mechanism found on the piece. The spacious interior is excellent for storage and has been outfitted with a candle box on its lefthand side. c.1780.

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    French Early 19th Century Oak Coffer


    22.5"H x 41"W x 20.625"D

    Dimensions: 22-1/2″H x 41″W x 20-5/8″D

    A stunning oak coffer from the early part of the 19th century, France. This wonderful trunk has a design reminiscent of Jacobean design, however is more recent. Beautiful moulded walnut trim frames the front and sides with other trim fashioned into geometric shapes. These lovely embellishments give this coffer a unique style that is all its own. It is lifted by four feet that have been styled in the same fashion as feet found on many Louis Philippe pieces. Patinated cut-steel escutcheons and drop bail handles can be found on the coffer’s front. The perfect blanket chest for the end of a bed. c.1830.

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    English Late 18th Century Carved Oak Coffer


    28"H x 57"W x 23.625"D

    Dimensions: 28″H x 57″W x 23-5/8″D

    A gorgeous coffer or trunk from the late 1700s, England. The façade has four panels that have been meticulously carved into patterns of scrolls, hearts, leaves, and geometric shapes. The lid and sides are designed with more simple, framed panels. The interior is outfitted with a candle box for ease of access at sundown. The top has a working lock.

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    French 19th Century Walnut Coffer


    27.25"H x 43"W x 19.25"D

    Dimensions: 27-1/4″H x 43″W x 19-1/4″D

    This decorative coffer or chest is well made with layers of raised banding around the top and bottom and an interesting paneled diamond motif, giving this coffer an overall geometric design. Hand forged iron bail handles are on each side, and the whole piece sits on adorable turned ball feet. The interior is outfitted with a candle box for fast access at sundown. The back is plain. See patina in detailed photos. Circa 1850 or earlier.

We source many of our antique and vintage trunks on buying trips to England and France.  Here, you will find a vast selection of French and English 19th Century antique trunks.

Antique Trunks from Fireside Antiques

An antique trunk or chest is a fashionable way to store your belongings. Plus, it adds to the rustic ambiance that antique furniture creates in your home. You can keep old photos or mementos in a case that reminds you of a simpler time.

Fireside Antiques is a full-service antique restoration company serving the Baton Rouge community. Our antiques come from our frequent travels to Italy, France, and England. Whether you’re looking for a charming storage box or a collectible, we have a chest to fit every need.

Benefits of Antique Trunks

Antique trunks provide multiple benefits to homeowners. For starters, they give you extra storage space. Plus, they are easy to store away in a closet or attic. Rather than having a clutter of things lying out in the open, you can place all your extra items in a trunk. Plus, antique chests are stylish. Be proud to display your trunks in your living room or bedroom.

Also, trunks are ideal for storing away sentimental items. You can place a lock on your chest and have it act as a sizable safe. Revisit your trunk every once in a while to remember loved ones, revisit old memories, or reminisce about the past.

Unlike modern, flimsy storage products, antique trunks are durable and will last you a lifetime. They also come in several different designs, so you’ll always be able to find one that suits your lifestyle.

Why Us

The team at Fireside is experts in the field of antique restoration. The antique furniture that is on display in our showroom is of the highest quality. That’s because our restoration service is second to none.

We devote our time to locating unique antiques that we can restore, maximizing their potential. Our antique trunks are not only vintage but practical as well. We never let a customer leave our store with one of our products without knowing their trunk is functional. We provide 100% authentic European antiques from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries.

They don’t make chests like these anymore—be a part of history by owning one. You’ll be happy with your decision both practically and sentimentally.

Feel free to stop by our Baton Rouge showroom today to get a closer look at our charming antique trunks. If you have any questions about our restorations service, send us an email at [email protected], or call us at (225) 752-9565 during business hours!

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