Fireside Antiques offers a selection of antique beds, antique daybeds, and antique bedside tables. Our antique beds are both beautiful and functional. Every bedroom design has room for an antique. Our selection includes antique bedroom sets, antique queen beds, antique bed crowns, antique full-size beds, antique daybeds, and upholstered beds. Styles range from French art deco beds, 19th Century Louis XVI beds, and Louis XV beds.

No antique bed is complete without an antique bedside table. Our antique bedside tables at Fireside Antiques include many styles such as French 20th Century vintage bedside tables and French 19th Century antique bedside tables. Our tables are made of walnut, mahogany, and more.

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Dutch 19th Century Directoire-Style Daybed


Dimensions 32 H x 18.25 W x 72 D (in)

English 19th Century George IV Over-Bed Table


Dimensions 41.25 H x 33.25 W x 15.375 D (in)

French 18th Century Directoire Nightstand


Dimensions 28.375 H x 17.25 W x 13.375 D (in)

French 1920’s Art Deco Upholstered Daybed

$1,200.00 $650.00

Dimensions 35.5 H x 85.5 W x 39.5 D (in)

French 19th Century Carved Walnut Bedside Table

$825.00 $650.00

Dimensions 35.5 H x 16 W x 14 D (in)

French 19th Century Empire-Style Bedside Cabinet

$700.00 $550.00

Dimensions 29.75 H x 14.875 W x 12.25 D (in)

French 19th Century Louis Philippe Mahogany Bedside Cabinet

$700.00 $555.00

Dimensions 28.875 H x 16.25 W x 14.875 D (in)

French 19th Century Louis XV Walnut 3 Peice Bedroom Set


Dimensions 101.75 H x 55 W x 19 D (in)

French 19th Century Louis XV-Style Night Stand


Dimensions 33.75 H x 15.5 W x 14.75 D (in)

French 19th Century Louis XVI Kingswood Queen Bed


Dimensions 58 H x 62.75 W x 86 D (in)

French 19th Century Louis XVI Walnut & Brass Bed Crown

$1,595.00 $995.00

Dimensions 5.5 H x 66 W x 13.75 D (in)

French 19th Century Louis XVI-Style Bedside Table


Dimensions 32.25 H x 15.75 W x 14.25 D (in)

French 19th Century Louis XVI-Style Kingwood Nightstand


Dimensions 34.5 H x 16 W x 15.75 D (in)

French 19th Century Neoclassical-Style Daybed


Dimensions 37.625 H x 79.5 W x 37.625 D (in)

French 19th Century Painted Metal Daybed on Casters

$2,495.00 $1,595.00

Dimensions 41 H x 79 W x 53 D (in)

French 19th Louis XVI-Style Oval Giltwood Occasional Table


Dimensions 30 H x 33.25 W x 23.75 D (in)

French Early 20th Century Art Deco Daybed


Dimensions 30.5 H x 58 W x 27.5 D (in)

French Early 20th Century Empire-Style Nightstand


Dimensions 32.5 H x 20 W x 12.625 D (in)

French Early 20th Century Full-Sized Metal Daybed


Dimensions 54.25 H x 81 W x 49.25 D (in)

French Early 20th-Century Art Nouveau Marquetry Bed

$2,750.00 $2,200.00

Dimensions 64.25 H x 62 W x 79.75 D (in)

French Painted 18th Century Upholstered Bed

$995.00 $695.00

Dimensions 53.5 H x 43 W x 72.75 D (in)

Pair of French Louis XVI-Style Daybeds

$2,700.00 $2,200.00

Dimensions 43.5 H x 80 W x 41 D (in)