Antique lanterns will provide extra lighting both indoors and outdoors, whether hung on a wall or suspended above an entry, hallway, or above a patio or terrace. Our inventory includes an antique French iron and gilt-brass lantern, an antique French copper and brass lantern, pairs of antique French church lanterns, a pair of antique French Louis XVI style wall lanterns, and four large French vintage metal outdoor lanterns.

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French 19th Century Iron and Gilt-Brass Single-Light Lantern


Dimensions 40 H x 16 W x 16 D (in)

French 20th Century Large Copper and Brass Lantern


Dimensions 30 H x 15.125 W x 15.125 D (in)

French Early 20th Century Hand-Painted Floriform Light Fixture


Dimensions 24.75 H x 24 W x 24 D (in)

Pair of 19th Century French Church Lanterns


Dimensions 37 H x 21.5 W x 9.25 D (in)

Pair of Early 20th Century French Church Lanterns


Dimensions 75 H x 8.5 W x 6.75 D (in)

Pair of French 19th Century Louis XVI-Style Wall Lanterns


Dimensions 27.75 H x 8.75 W x 13.75 D (in)

Reproduction Hand Rubbed-Brass Hanging Lantern


Dimensions 46 H x 15 W x 15 D (in)

Reproduction Hurricane Lantern


Dimensions 20.5 H x 12 W x 12 D (in)

Reproduction Verdigris Copper Hanging Lantern


Dimensions 19.5 H x 12 W x 12 D (in)

Set of Four Large French Vintage Metal Lanterns


Dimensions 56 H x 15 W x 38 D (in)