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Fireside Antiques offers antique statues. We source many of our antique statues on buying trips to England and France.  Here, you will find a vast selection of French and English 19th Century garden antiques.

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  • French 19th Century Garden Statue of a Maiden


    47.38"H x 13.50"W x 12.50"D

    Dimensions: 47 ⅜” H x 13 ½” W x 12 ½” D

    A lovely French 19th Century stone statue of a maiden standing barefoot and carrying flowers. Ready to decorate a garden, patio, or indoor space this elegant antique statue is in excellent condition with a patinated weathered finish from its previous outdoor use. Classical in form, the flowing drapery and hair of the young girl are enhanced by her contrapposto pose and sweet smile. This statue would be the perfect addition to a flower bed, or used as a centerpiece on a column in the garden. Be sure to view all the images to get a better look at this pretty maid.

  • French 19th Century Stone Figurative Column


    61.13"H x 19.25"W x 13"D

    Dimensions: 61 ⅛” H x 19 ¼” W x 13” D

    A fascinating late 19th century stone garden statue of what is possibly a maenad holding and wearing grapes and a ram’s skin. The maenad, or bacchants of ancient Greco-Roman mythology were the attendants, servants and priestesses of the god of wine, Bacchus. This stone column which dates to circa 1890 features a female figure emerging from a static square based column. She has flowing hair encircled by garlands of grapes, an exposed breast, and is draped in the folds of a ram’s skin. Her eyes are pierced where once may have been inlay. This column has a most excellent patina which adds to its air of mystery. Be sure to view all the images to see the details of this most interesting piece.

  • Antique Stone Frog Fountain


    14.63"H x 14.50"W x 14.50"D

    Dimensions: 14-⅝”H x 14-½”W x 14-½”D

    This darling green painted stone frog is the perfect way to liven up any garden. Ripples in the skin and ridges along the back give it a wonderfully realist texture. Still in working condition as a fountain. Make sure to view the detailed images to get a closer look at the patina it has gained from years of outdoor exposure.

  • Vintage Man’s Head with Birdbath


    26.88"H x "W x 12.88"D

    Dimensions: 26-⅞”H 12-⅞” Diameter

    This is a vintage cast playful bird bath or feeder. It features a man’s head and neck with a birdbath sitting on top like a hat. A whimsical item that would be fun in a garden or patio area.

Fireside Antiques offers antique statues. We source many of our antique statues on buying trips to England and France.  Here, you will find a vast selection of French and English 19th Century garden antiques.

Antique Garden Statues From Fireside Antiques

What better way to add class and elegance to a garden than an antique statue, full of history and character? While even modern statues and sculptures are common among gardens today, many of today’s carvings don’t offer the same warmth as a worn, loved antique. Our stone, iron, and terracotta statues are full of patina and wear from the outside elements, which only adds to their charm.

If you’re not one for stately figures or human busts, we offer simple stone pedestals for your tastes as well. These pedestals provide all of the history of a full human sculpture but much more leeway for you to express your creative garden-planning prowess. A pot of your favorite flowers atop one of our solid concrete pedestals, for example, will add both a conversation piece and a decorative element to break up the greenery.

Antique garden statues have been around for centuries, but many haven’t survived until today because of their outdoor nature. While some are lucky enough to develop an attractive patina, others wear away or shatter from plant overgrowth and centuries of rainfall. However, many of the antique garden statues and ornaments we carry have centuries of life left in them still.

Statue Materials

Since most garden statues were created to live outdoors, they can come in a wide array of attractive materials. The craftsmen who made these statues years ago tried things like cast bronze, carved marble, and even concrete in an attempt to find the perfect combination of durability and attractiveness. These materials weather very differently, and each has its upsides and downsides.

Concrete, for example, is a common medium for garden ornaments and statues today, but the look and feel of aged concrete are hard to match with a modern imitation. While concrete is a relatively modern material and not one common in authentic antique gardens (most artisans preferred to carve stone statues instead), today’s cement gardens, with the right touch, can be just as beautiful.

Of course, as we just mentioned, stone gardens were common hundreds of years ago, as were marble garden sculptures and even bronze garden art. Bronze, in particular, is one of the most eye-catching materials to find in a vintage garden statue, as bronze eventually develops a stunning green patina that stone simply cannot match.

However, if luxury is what you fancy, there is no material more high-end than marble. Those who sculpted our antique statues favored marble because of how easy it was to carve, especially with tiny or delicate details. While marble statues are without a doubt some of the most breathtaking, they can also be some of the most fragile.

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