Fireside Antiques offers antique benches and stools. We source many of our antiques on buying trips to England and France.  Here, you will find a vast selection of European antique stools and benches.

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English 18th Century Stool Painted Black


Dimensions 22 H x 20.75 W x 16.25 D (in)

English 19th Century Oak Bench


Dimensions 18 H x 47 W x 10 D (in)

English 19th Century Painted Hall Bench


Dimensions 36.13 H x 75.5 W x 23.88 D (in)

English 19th Century Pair of Oak Stools


Dimensions 20 H x 15 W x 13 D (in)

English 19th Century Pine Cobblers Bench


Dimensions 27.5 H x 31.75 W x 13.13 D (in)

English 19th Century Tall Stool


Dimensions 27.25 H x 12.38 W x 12 D (in)

English Early 20th Century Hand-Painted Stool


Dimensions 18 H x 22.5 W x 18 D (in)

English Upholstered Mahogany Chippendale Bench


Dimensions 40.50 H x 41 W x 23.50 D (in)

French 19th Century Louis XVI-Style Stool


Dimensions 19 H x 24 W x 24 D (in)

French 19th Century Oak Louis XVI-Style Bench with Cane Seat


Dimensions 20.38 H x 35.5 W x 15.5 D (in)

French 19th Century Oak Piano Stool


Dimensions 19.50 H x W x 14.50 D (in)

French 19th Century Painted & Cane Bench


Dimensions 20.5 H x 39.5 W x 14.75 D (in)

French 19th Century Rush Seat Prie Dieu


Dimensions 32.5 H x 16.25 W x 18.75 D (in)

French 19th Century Upholstered and Walnut Stool


Dimensions 16 H x 22.88 W x 17.38 D (in)

French Carved Walnut Bench with Needlepoint Upholstery


Dimensions 23 H x 35.25 W x 17.75 D (in)

Reproduction Painted Regent Ottoman


Dimensions 16 H x 18.5 W x 15 D (in)

Fireside Antiques offers antique benches and stools. We source many of our antiques on buying trips to England and France.  Here, you will find a vast selection of European antique stools and benches.

Antique Benches & Stools

Fireside Antiques offers a wide variety of high-quality cast iron and solid wood antique benches and step stools, perfect for any collection or everyday household use. Our collection primarily consists of 19th-century English, French, and Italian pieces, both upholstered and unupholstered, as well as reproductions that perfectly capture the look and feel of vintage benches and stools using traditional techniques.

Antique Benches for Sale

Benches are one of the most versatile seating options for decorating your home, filling a need for almost every room in the house. A vintage bench adds additional seating and a feeling of comfort and warmth to any space in which you place it.

Consider adding a bench to the foot of your bed or near a bedroom window, allowing you extra comfort for reading to your children or relaxing with a morning cup of coffee. An antique bench can also be an essential piece of furniture in a living room, providing additional seating for guests or doubling as a table for beverages or snacks.

A bench in your home’s entry provides a space to put on your shoes comfortably or to place bags when coming home from shopping. An outdoor bench extends the use of a porch or deck, becoming the perfect place for afternoon tea or to watch a rainstorm roll past.

Buy Rare Vintage Stools Online

A simple stool, whether a high bar stool or low ottoman, adds the perfect touch to your space when paired with an appropriate counter or chair. A stool can be as simple as a three-legged piece with a small seat or as complicated as a vintage stool with an adjustable seat, footrest, swivel, or even the ability to fold.

Adding an antique stool can complete a room’s look, whether you are looking for a rustic antique or vintage sophistication. Just remember to measure the height of your counters or chairs to ensure your new stool is the perfect match.

Antique Stools and Vintage Stools From Our Showroom to Your Home

Our range of stools varies from traditional footstools to barstools and piano stools. You can easily search our website for the perfect bench or stool to fit your needs, quickly browsing over 18,000 square feet of our showroom in a matter of moments. Once you have picked out your seat, we expertly pack it up and ship it via white glove shipping service to ensure it reaches your home in perfect condition.

Every item in our online store features a detailed product description with all the sizing information needed to make sure it fits your space. Our expert craftsmen ensure each piece is ready for immediate use. When you shop at Fireside Antiques, you can shop with confidence. If you have any questions at all about our antique benches and stools, feel free to fill out our contact form at