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Fireside Antiques offers antique armoires. We source many of our vintage armoires and wardrobes on buying trips to Europe.  Here, you will find a vast selection of French and English 19th Century antiques.

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  • French 19th Century Solid Oak Bonnetiere


    86.50"H x 38.38"W x 21.25"D

    Dimensions: 86 ½” H x 38 ⅜” W x 21 ¼” D

    This lovely antique bonnetiere, made of solid oak of varying tones and textures, was carved and constructed in 18th century France, circa 1750. This wonderful cabinet features a single tall door that closes before its interior. The door is decorated with shaped deeply carved panels hung on long steel barrel hinges, and it has a working lock that is controlled with its single key. The interior has five adjustable shelves and a small middle drawer with three partitions. The interior is lined with honey colored contact paper in a set Provencal pattern featuring red accent flowers, most likely installed in the last 30 – 40 years, in good condition. This wonderful antique would make a perfect little pantry or storage cabinet. Be sure to view all the images for a closer look at the details and current condition of this antique.

  • French 18th Century Louis XV Style Solid Oak Armoire


    91.50"H x 65"W x 27"D

    Dimensions: 91 ½” H x 65” W x 27” D

    This French 18th century armoire in the Louis XV style has a fantastic dark oak finish and gorgeous hand carved details. A shaped cornice sits above elaborately paneled doors on long steel barrel hinges. This piece retains its original locking systems and one key. The doors unlock to reveal a large storage cavity with three natural oak finish adjustable shelves that measure 20 ⅜” deep. This incredible storage piece is highly decorative with multi panels, molded edges, elaborate scroll trim and hand-carved shell and starfish accents. In wonderful antique condition, it has gained a fine patina and sits sturdily on thick scrolled legs that connect with a heavily detailed apron that’s design is also included on each of the sides. Make sure to take a look at the detailed images to get a closer look.

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    French Early 19th Century Oak Bonnetiere


    67.13"H x 31.25"W x 22"D

    Dimensions: 67-⅛”H x 31-¼”W x 22”D

    This lovely antique bonnetiere is made of solid oak and was constructed in 1800s France. The cabinet features a single tall door that closes before its interior. The door is decorated with shaped carved panels and hung on steel barrel hinges. It has a working lock that is controlled with its single key. The interior has five fixed shelves. A wonderful case antique that would make a perfect little pantry or storage cabinet. Be sure to view the detailed images for a close look at the current condition of this antique.

  • French Carved Oak Gardeners Armoire de Mariage


    81.25"H x 61.50"W x 26.25"D

    Dimensions: 81-¼”H x 61-½”W x 26-¼”D

    This stunning armoire de mariage was crafted in France during the 1800s from richly toned solid oak. The ornately carved motifs represent the wishes of wealth and prosperity for the new couple. The cornice has an impressively carved woven basket overflowing with flowers and pomegranates that serves as the nest for a pair of doves meant to represent the new couple. Swirling acanthus leaves with flowers flank the basket beautifully and are meant to represent fertility. The top of the wonderfully paneled doors display well carved grapes on the vine to represent abundance. Each of the doors center is carved with gardening motifs meant to represent wealth: the left showcases a lush basket of fruit, flowers, and wheat while the right has a watering can, ladder, sickle, and shovel. This piece is a fantastic example of the traditional gift from the bride’s parents. Large steel barrel hinges support the hefty doors. A sizable key unlocks the doors to reveal a storage space with 3 adjustable shelves- one being the top for a drawer. Make sure to view all of the photographs to see the incredibly detailed craftsmanship.

  • French 19th Century Carved Oak Armoire


    89"H x 56.75"W x 21"D

    Dimensions: 89”H x 56-¾”W x 21”D

    This French armoire is full of show-stopping carvings! A wonderfully rounded cornice sits above a pair of carved paneled doors that are bisected by an eye-catching twisting motif.  Interesting brass escutcheons depict hearts and spoked wheels. Three fixed shelves are housed within the interior- two of which serve as the top of a drawer. The shelves measure 16-⅞”D. For the functioning lock one key is included. Make sure to view the detailed images to get a closer look at this fantastic case piece. Circa 1890. 

  • French 19th Century Walnut Louis XV Style Armoire


    97"H x 61.25"W x 26.50"D

    Dimensions: 97”H x 61-¼”W x 26-½”D

    A wonderfully provincial Louis XV style armoire, handcrafted from solid walnut during the 19th century. A Chapeau de Gendarme cornice tops two doors with shapely carved panels creating a gorgeous façade with style-matching, recessed panels. They are hung on large steel barrel hinges with a Greek Key styled escutcheon plate and close before a massive storage space with two adjustable shelves that measure 21-¾” deep. The sinuous lines of the scalloped apron continue to the antique’s carved escargot feet in classic Louis XV-style. A single key works the lock on the door and acts as the pull. Make sure to view the detailed images for a closer look.

  • Custom Armoire Made with 19th Century Painted Boiserie Doors


    105.50"H x 51.75"W x 19.25"D

    Dimensions: 105-½”H x 51-¾”W x 19-¼”D

    This one of a kind armoire was custom made to showcase the fabulous pair of 19th century painted boiserie panels that now serve as the doors. Boiserie panels rose in popularity during the 18th century as a way to emulate the grandeur of the French nobility, but they also served many practical purposes like heat insulation and noise control. A marvelous, dawn- hued scene overlooking a vast countryside depicts a variety of avian species in the foreground. Antiqued brass hardware perfectly compliments the colorscape of the paintings. The left door features an interior hook to hold it closed while the right is secured with a strong magnetic door catch. The interior is painted a warm walnut color and easily houses 5 adjustable shelves with a depth of 14”. The exterior was painted to match the existing color of the door panels. The whole is slightly raised on bracket feet and adds a nice shape to the overall body. Make sure to look through all of the photographs to get a closer look at the fabulous details throughout this towering armoire.

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    English 19th Century Painted Cupboard


    78.88"H x 39.13"W x 20.13"D

    Dimensions: 78-⅞”H x 39-⅛”W x 20-⅛”D

    A charming painted cupboard from England, crafted circa 1820. Its original finish has gained a fantastic patina over the last 200 years and provides a wonderful amount of hidden storage. Unlocking the door reveals a storage cavity fit with two adjustable shelves. One key is included. Flush to the ground, a plinth base supports the whole. Make sure to take a look at all of the photos to get a better look at the details throughout.

  • English 18th Century Oak Cabinet


    72"H x 48.50"W x 15.13"D

    Dimensions: 72”H x 48-½”W x 15-⅛”D

    This wonderfully carved solid oak cabinet was crafted in the 1700s with style and functionality in mind. Thumbnail molded paneling on the front and sides give it fantastic depth. The door is carved with four panels below a rosette motif inspired by church windows. Hooks are fixed to the interior for hanging coats and hats. Raised on bracket feet. Make sure to view the detailed images.

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    French 19th Century Bonneteire


    75.25"H x 42.13"W x 25"D

    Dimensions: 75-¼”H x 42-⅛”W x 25”D

    This stately bonneterie was crafted in France during the 19th century from solid walnut. The bonneterie was created in the mid 18th century in France with the rise in popularity of large and often delicate hats and wigs and a new need for tall, slender storage options. Sharply paneled doors and sides give the piece an uncluttered, symmetrical look. Large iron barrel hinges support the heavy door. Three adjustable shelves are found inside. Door lock is functioning, including one key. Raised on simple block feet. Be sure to take a look at the detailed dimages. This bonnetier is solid and sturdy, it has the illusion of a lean due to its age and construction. Notice the distance from the bottom molding to the underside of the door on each side.

  • French 19th Century Walnut Louis Philippe Armoire


    86.38"H x 55"W x 22.38"D

    Dimensions: 86-⅜”H x 55”W x 22-⅜”D

    A handsome 19th century walnut armoire, made in France in the Louis Philippe style. This tall case antique has a simple, linear composition – an attribute that makes Louis Philippe pieces ideal for their versatility and placement possibilities. This armoire has large doors with thick veneer bookmatched boards that mirror one another, giving the piece a balanced and symmetrical appearance. The interior is equipped with two removable / adjustable shelves. The top shelf features brackets for a hanging rack on the underside. The interior can be secured with the doors’ functioning lock. One key. Neatly carved block feet support the whole. Make sure to view the detailed images to get a closer look at the fabulous patina this armoire has gained over the years.

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    French 19th Century Louis XVI Style Armoire


    96.50"H x 61.50"W x 21"D

    Dimensions: 96-½”H x 61-½”W x 21”D

    French kingswood, mahogany and walnut parquetry armoire with beveled mirrored door, c. late 1800’s. Impressive chevron veneering with cross banding. The whole with cabochon, ribbon, geometric parqueterie, Greek key, laurel leaf wreath, musical instrument gilt brass motifs. Five shelves in the interior are removable/ adjustable. 1 shelf serves as the top to a single locking drawer. 2 keys are included- one for the exterior door, one for the interior drawer. Stamped on the back by the manufacturer. Make sure to view the detailed images for a closer look.

  • French Vintage Louis XVI Style Armoire


    70"H x 55.25"W x 17"D

    Dimensions: 70”H x 55-¼”W x 17”D

    A beautiful vintage Louis XVI style wardrobe, made in France during the 20th century. This wonderful case antique is composed of two separate compartments that can be outfitted to suit the users needs. There are a total of four shelves and a shelf with a hanging bar inside that can be positioned to one’s liking using the bracket clip and rail system present in both interiors. These interiors can be secured using the doors’ functioning locks. Two keys present. The armoire has beautifully fluted, turreted corners, and a shaped cornice that accentuate this design feature. The book matched panel doors are trimmed in brass and separated by a fixed fluted center stile. The body is lifted on four turned and fluted feet, capped in brass sabots.

  • French Early 19th Century Solid Walnut Armoire


    106"H x 74"W x 29"D

    Dimensions: 106”H x 74”W x 29”D

    A spectacular solid walnut armoire, made in France towards the beginning of the 19th Century. The large case antique is crowned with a Chapeau de la Champ style bonnet – named after the hats worn by French military field officers of the time. The armoire has canted corners to which long steel barrel hinges that support the massive doors are attached. These shaped panel doors close before a vast interior 58”W x 19-½”D, which is outfitted with three fixed shelves – one with two drawers – and adorned with beautiful, long pierced brass escutcheons. The walnut selected has beautiful expression, which has been thoughtfully matched and balanced in each hand-planed panel. The armoire has a body width of 60” and is lifted by exceptional turned feet. c.1830.

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    French Louis XVI Style Painted Wardrobe


    86"H x 50.50"W x 19.50"D

    Dimensions: 86”H x 50-½”W x 19-½”D

    A beautiful wardrobe, made in France at the turn of the 20th Century, in the style of Louis XVI. Painted in a neutral, taupe color, blue painted accents grace many trimmed surfaces and raised appliques. Intricately carved details have been incorporated into almost every facet of this painted case antique. The crown boasts egg and dart, carved tulip and sunflower motifs that are linked by arcaded beaded garlands. A long mirror – featuring its original beveled glass – has a shapley top and fronts a door that conceals a large storage cavity, equipped with four adjustable shelves. A decorative plaque can be found below showcasing a knotted ribbon and garland swag. This door can be secured thanks to a functional locking mechanism. To its right is a smaller, lockable compartment which is also outfitted with a single adjustable shelf. Its door has a beveled glass panel, with a shape matching the mirrored door, that is clear and currently outfitted with fabric curtains behind. Beneath is a large cubby set atop a bank of four narrow drawers. A wide, bottom drawer spans the width of the entire wardrobe and provides even more out-of-sight storage. This beautiful wardrobe is a wonderfully specialized antique that affords thoughtful storage and organization for all things needed when getting dressed and ready for the day. Two keys are included. Make sure to view the detailed images for a closer look.

  • French 19th Century Carved Oak Armoire


    84.50"H x 59.25"W x 24.63"D

    Dimensions: 84-½”H x 59-¼”W x 24-⅝”D

    This solid oak armoire from 19th century France is substantial in size and full of hand-carved detail. A large cornice tops the piece above a carved diamond detail. The large doors feature shaped panels with beautiful carving and impressive linear escutcheon plates. Nearly the same height as the doors, massive steel barrel hinges support their weight with ease. The interior space is upholstered top to bottom in a timeless, white and pink worn floral fabric and trimmed with a soft pink ribbon. An adjustable shelf allows for some interior organization. The details of this armoire finish at the bottom with a scalloped apron. Make sure to view the detailed images.

  • French 17th Century Louis XIII Carved Armoire


    100.25"H x 71"W x 28.88"D

    Dimensions: 100-¼”H x 71”W x 28-⅞”D

    Massive scale! This is an impressive French 17th century Louis XIII carved armoire. This solid oak armoire has a huge cornice and a pair of heavy gem cut and carved doors that conceal three shelves. Shelves are 22-⅛” deep. A large carved drawer sits across the bottom. All are supported by bun feet. The metal hardware matches the scale of the piece. This armoire has been cleaned and polished with a French paste wax.

  • French 19th Century Transitional Armoire


    100.13"H x 63.75"W x 24.5"D

    Dimensions: 100-⅛”H x 63-¾”W x 24-½”D

    An absolutely stunning hand-carved, hand-pegged walnut armoire.  A large Louis Philippe-style crown cornice sits just above a carved Directoire-style frieze.  Two large, Louis XV-style shaped doors equipped with a working lock and latch are hung on barrel hinges.  They are decorated with fabulously carved, shaped panels with a central fluted pilaster between.  The interior is outfitted with four fixed shelves and measures 20-¼”D.  The apron features a modest central circular cartouche with a floral center and a shaped edge with lines that continue onto the impressive escargot feet.



  • French 18th Century Gothic Armoire


    91.25"H x 65.5"W x 22.38"D

    Dimensions: 91-¼”H x 65-½”W x 22-⅜”D

    This 18th Century, mixed wood French armoire is absolutely stunning.  It is Gothic-style and features two tall, paneled doors on barrel hinges.  One key operates the locking right door and acts as a pull.  The left door latches from the inside to keep it in place when closed.  This piece tells a story from inside the left door, as it has years of faded markings from growing children, some with dates and names.  Just behind the doors are four fixed shelves.  The crown and base of this armoire are oak while the body is fruitwood.  The detail continues with three paneled sides, soft curved corners and two large bun feet on the front.  Throughout its long life, the wood finish has acquired a patina that is simply amazing and has an undeniable antique quality.  Impeccable craftsmanship and detail show with hand pegged joinery.

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    French 19th Century Louis XIII-Style Oak Armoire


    79"H x 65"W x 30"D

    Dimensions: 79″H x 65″W x 30″D

    This handsome Louis XIII-style armoire, c. 1820, is from France and features boldly-carved and beautifully grained oak with a deep and rich finish. The deeply-paneled doors bear hand-wrought steel barrel hinges and a single escutcheon, and open to reveal a single fixed lower shelf and ample space for a media center. At one point in this exuberant armoire’s 200-year lifetime, it survived a flood that is evidenced by a waterline 30″ above the bottom. There is very little difference in coloration, yet it could be start of many great conversations!

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    French 20th Century Louis XV-Style Painted Bonnetière


    88.5"H x 49.25"W x 23.5"D

    Dimensions: 88-1/2″H x 49-1/4″W x 23-1/2″D

    Country French, Louis XV-style painted bonnetiere with chapeau gendarme top and carved floral crest. A large single door has poultry wire in upper half, paneled lower half. Graceful scalloped apron and cabriole feet, c. 1900’s.

Fireside Antiques offers antique armoires. We source many of our vintage armoires and wardrobes on buying trips to Europe.  Here, you will find a vast selection of French and English 19th Century antiques.

Shop Vintage & Antique Armoires

The epitome of antique luxury, our collection of antique armoires offers both style and substance in equal measure. Sourced throughout various locations in Europe, each piece has been carefully restored to the peak of quality.

Both French and English influence can be seen within our collection, with plenty of antique armoires originating back to the 17th century in popular French Régence styles such as Louis XV, XVI, and more. Sophistication and tradition are paramount, with multiple wood finishes, sizes, and features at your disposal.

The Practicality of Antique Armoires

The perfect accompaniment to virtually any home, an armoire, provides immense functionality. From drawers to cabinets to built-in mirrors, a wide range of practical features await you.

Sometimes referred to as wardrobes, our range of antique armoires spans an array of different finishes and styles. Whether you want a simplistic two-door wardrobe, or an expansive piece filled with shelves and drawers, multiple storage options are yours for the taking.

Armoires date back to England’s Victorian era. While it makes sense to assume many antique armoires may appear outdated or simply impractical, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Our careful restoration ensures our armoires are fully equipped for storage purposes. This allows you to store your clothes, shoes, and other belongings with ease, safe in the knowledge your armoire won’t suddenly collapse. They can even be used as attractive TV or alcohol storage cabinets—armoires aren’t just for clothes.

Choosing an Antique Armoire

Choosing the perfect antique armoire depends on a variety of factors—the most important of which is your personal style.

Many of our options feature built-in mirrors, functioning as a multi-functional asset you’re sure to appreciate. We also offer armoires complete with drawers and shelves. They are ideal for storing smaller items and even for decorative purposes.

Some feature glass doors for an instant touch of elegance. Perfect for displaying intricate ornaments, photographs, or even special accessories you wish to place in the spotlight, an antique armoire can function as both a convenient wardrobe, sideboard, and display case.

From rich mahogany to light pine and the ever-popular walnut, we offer a wide variety of wood types and styles. Each carefully restored to ensure they stand the test of time. When you choose Fireside Antiques, you are sure to find an antique armoire capable of complementing your interior décor—regardless of style. When you shop our collection, you can effortlessly complete your room of choice with ease!

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