Antique Bookcases

Fireside Antiques offers antique bookcases. We source many of our vintage bookcases and Bibliotheque on buying trips to Europe.  Here, you will find a vast selection of English and French 19th Century antiques.
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    English Jacobean Style Oak Bookcase

    Original price was: $625.00.Current price is: $495.00.

    42"H x 36"W x 10.25"D

    Dimensions: 42” H x 36” W x 10 ¼” D

    An English Jacobean style oak bookshelf with geometric carvings on its facade. The interior is fitted with three 7 ¼” deep adjustable shelves. Cleaned and polished with a paste wax, this bookshelf is ready for your immediate use. Be sure to view the detailed images to see the current condition.

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    Vintage Brass & Glass Etagere

    Original price was: $1,695.00.Current price is: $1,200.00.

    63.75"H x 35"W x 21.50"D

    Dimensions: 63 ¾” H x 35” W x 21 ½” D

    A French style vintage etagere made with brass and glass. The sturdy brass frame is fitted with four 20” deep removable glass shelves and an ebonized bottom shelf. The etagere rests on its original brass casters in working condition. Be sure to view the detailed images to see the current condition.

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    French Vintage Louis XV Style Solid Oak Bookshelf

    Original price was: $3,995.00.Current price is: $2,995.00.

    50.75"H x 107.25"W x 19"D

    Dimensions: 50 ¾” H x 107 ¼” W x 19” D

    A large French vintage Louis XV style bookshelf. This classically designed solid oak bookshelf has a scalloped gallery resting over an open bookcase with scalloped shelf fronts. The center of this case piece has a leaded glass door, opening to a fitted interior with vertical slots and a u-shaped shelf for hanging glassware. Cleaned and polished with a French paste wax, this bookshelf is ready for your immediate use. Be sure to view the detailed images for the current condition.

  • French Empire Style Ebonized Bookcase


    71"H x 57.50"W x 13"D

    Dimensions: 71” H x 57 ½” W x 13” D

    This handsome Empire style open book shelf has a recent ebonized finish. This antique has the rounded column fronts of the empire style raised on paw feet. The interior is fitted with five adjustable shelves, 10” deep. Cleaned and tightened this book shelf is ready for your immediate use. Be sure to view the detailed images to see the current condition.

  • French 19th Century Louis Philippe Bibliotheque


    82"H x 55.50"W x 17"D

    Dimensions: 82” H x 55 ½” W x 17” D

    A handsome French Louis Philippe bibliotheque made of blonde mahogany. There are two paneled cabinet doors with new glass at the top that open with a functioning lock and key. The interior has four fixed pine shelves wrapped with a custom mustard colored linen, measuring 11 ½” deep. Cleaned and polished with a French paste wax this bookcase is ready for your immediate use. Be sure to view the detailed images to see the current condition.

  • English 19th Century Mahogany Bookcase Chest


    91"H x 48.13"W x 22"D

    Dimensions: 91” H x 48 ⅛” W x 22” D

    A rare English mahogany chest of drawers with a bookcase top. This cabinet has two glass front doors that open with a working lock and key to three adjustable interior shelves, 15”D. The chest has 5 working drawers all with easy to use turned knobs. Cleaned and polished with a paste wax, this cabinet is ready for your immediate use. Be sure to view the detailed images to see its current condition.

  • French Reproduction Walnut Bibliotheque


    103.50"H x 111.25"W x 20.50"D

    Dimensions: 103 ½” H x 111 ¼” W x 20 ½” D

    This classically designed breakfront bibliotheque was custom made with beautiful walnut veneer. The center of the bookcase has two glass paneled doors with five adjustable shelves measuring 12.5” deep, below are two pull out slides measuring 33 ½” deep. The bottom has simple paneled doors that open to a custom storage cavity. This bookcase must have been used in an office and there are two shelves with slides, most likely used to pull out a printer or other electronic devices. The center column of this bookcase is flanked by a pair of open shelves that have a narrow depth, perfect for displaying books and accessories. Each side has five adjustable shelves at 9” deep. Below are doors inset with brass wire, behind is one adjustable shelf on each side at 6.5” deep. Cleaned and polished with a French paste wax this bookcase is ready for your immediate use. Be sure to view the detailed images.

  • French Louis XVI Style Mahogany Bibliotheque


    96.50"H x 71.13"W x 18.13"D

    Dimensions: 96 ½” H x 71 ⅛” W x 18 ⅛” D

    A statement French bibliotheque in the Louis XVI Style made of richly toned mahogany and brass details. This case piece is topped with a demilune pediment and 4 decorative finials. There are three sections to the bibliotheque all flanked with round fluted columns. Each door opens to its own interior with 4 adjustable shelves at 12 ¼”deep. The glass is all original and there are three working locks using one key. The whole sits on turned feet inset with brass. Cleaned and polished with a French paste wax this cabinet is ready for immediate use. Make sure to view the detailed images to get a closer look at this antique bibliotheque.

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    French 19th Century Pine Bistro Hanging Shelves

    Original price was: $2,250.00.Current price is: $1,800.00.

    49"H x 47.25"W x 7.38"D

    Dimensions: 49” H x 47 ¼” W x 7 ⅜” D

    French 19th Century pine bistro shelves hand-crafted in France circa 1890. Made of solid oak, four shelves allow for plenty of storage or display. Standing at over 4 feet tall it’s a perfect piece to use in any room. The finely turned wooden supports topped with decorative finials and ending in a shaped bracket support add a touch of elegance to the country pine. The height of the shelves gradually gets larger descending toward the bottom of the piece. Attractive and functional, these antique shelves would be a wonderful addition to any space. Make sure to view the detailed images to get a better look.

  • French 19th Century Biedermeier Bookcase


    46.75"H x 53.38"W x 15.50"D

    Dimensions: 46 ¾” H x 53 ⅜” W x 15 ½” D

    An early 19th century French Biedermeier polished satinwood bookcase with ebony accents. This attractive open bookcase, circa 1830 in date, has a stunning pair of ebonized columns with decorative brass capitelli encircled with neoclassical patterns that can also be found on their pedestals that rest on handsome ebony paw feet. The bookcase has four shelves which can be adjusted to accommodate the height of your books. Stylish and elegant, this bookcase would add interest to any space. Be sure to view all the images to get a closer look at this marvelous antique.

  • French 19th Century Empire Style Petite Bookcase


    70.25"H x 36.63"W x 20.50"D

    Dimensions: 70-¼”H x 36-⅝”W x 20-½”D

    A handsome petite Empire style bookcase from France, circa 1850. Crafted from warm and patinated mahogany with a more recently painted interior in Farrow & Ball Oval Room blue paint. A delicate floral piece of ormolu surmounts the glass front doors. The paneled doors feature palm inspired escutcheons and a functioning lock. One decorative key is included. Turned columns flank the doors and showcase engraved brass capitals and bases. The interior houses 4 saw-tooth adjustable shelves that measure 13-¼” deep. Bullet shaped feet raise the whole. Make sure to view all of the images to get a closer look at the details and condition.

  • French 19th Century Mahogany Louis XVI Style Vitrine


    56"H x 26.38"W x 12.50"D

    Dimensions: 56”H x 26-⅜”W x 12-½”D

    We love this Louis XVI style mahogany vitrine from France, crafted during the 1870s. Topped with an antique piece of red marble that is surrounded by a pierced brass gallery. Three sides feature the original glass to showcase your collection within the interior. Worn red velvet upholstery perfectly compliments the richness in the wood tone and the stone top. Three removable shelves are housed within the interior and are 9-⅞” deep. One key is included for the functioning lock and serves as the pull. The whole is raised on wonderfully turned feet with brass caps. Make sure to view all of the photographs to get a closer look at its current condition and great craftsmanship.

  • French 19th Century Mahogany Vitrine


    69.88"H x 33.25"W x 15.75"D

    Dimensions: 69-⅞”H x 33-¼”W x 15-¾”D

    This Louis Philippe vitrine was crafted in France during the 19th century from finley bookmatched mahogany. A brass border encompasses the large single pane of glass and faux panel below it. The interior is lined with a vibrant red linen blend fabric with a gold trim to give it a finished look. Three adjustable glass shelves provide a sophisticated way to display or store your favorite things. Below the main storage space are two drawers; one with Empire style hardware and one without. The larger, more obvious drawer is fixed with a pair of lion face drop ring pulls and a laurel escutcheon. The plain drawer is perfect for hiding valuables and provides a bit more storage space. A single key is included for the functioning lock within the door. Make sure to view all of the photographs to get a closer look at the details.

  • French 19th Century Walnut Bibliotheque


    99.25"H x 109"W x 19.50"D

    Dimensions: 99-¼”H x 109”W x 19-½”D

    This large Louis Philippe bibliotheque is a magnificent way to display or store any precious decor items in your home or office. Unlocking the four glass front doors reveals a single interior cavity with three dovetail adjustable shelves. The lower storage area is bisected in the middle with a pair of paneled doors revealing each cavity- both lower locks are functioning as well. Four keys are included, one for each functioning lock. The solid walnut has gained a wonderful patina and showcases the distinctive wood grain. Make sure to view the detailed images for a closer look at its current condition of this fantastic storage piece.

  • French 20th Century Mahogany Vitrine


    65.13"H x 31.75"W x 17.25"D

    Dimensions: 65-⅛”H x 31-¾”W x 17-¼”D

    Display your treasured objects in this beautiful early 20th century French Empire style mahogany vitrine. Beveled glass panels can be found in the case antique’s door and sides, allowing one to view the contents placed inside on its two glass shelves. A mirrored back gives the illusion of a completely transparent cabinet. The vitrine has recently undergone a refinishing, giving the antique a ‘like new’ appearance. The wonderful brass hardware found at the capital and base of the pilaster columns which flank the door has been polished to a brilliant luster – along with the sabots that cap the front feet. Inside, two additional finished mahogany lower shelves can be used to house objects out of sight. The door can be locked using the original brass palm motif key included.

  • French 19th Century Louis XVI Style Vitrine


    58.38"H x 31.63"W x 14.75"D

    Dimensions: 58-⅜”H x 31-⅝”W x 14-¾”D

    This stunning vitrine is dripping with antique elegance and character! Made in the style of Louis XVI in France circa early 1900’s. The incredible bookmatched veneer has gained a vibrant patina over the last more than a century. Although petite, every inch of this display case piece has been thoughtfully constructed. The top of the piece showcases a combination of dark wood and fruitwood inlay and chamfered corners that continue down the body of the piece. Lustrous, wonderfully detailed ormolu adornes the cornice; classic egg and dart, whimsical acanthus vines, and organic floral twist. The large scrolling vine ormolu is inset into the wood on three sides and features a face surrounded by sun rays above the front doors. We love the flirty design around the wavy original glass and twisted acanthus ormoulo between the doors. The interior houses three adjustable shelves and provides the perfect way to display. Below the doors, a scalloped apron with a sizable piece of ormolu. Both of the sides are finished with fabulous inlay and bookmatching woodwork. The feet are fit with decorative brass sabots. Make sure to view the detailed images for a closer look at the great condition of the piece.

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    French 19th Century Louis Philippe Bibliotheque

    Original price was: $3,200.00.Current price is: $2,595.00.

    73.50"H x 41.25"W x 14"D

    Dimensions: 73-½”H x 41-¼”W x 14”D

    This is a handsome Louis Philippe bibliotheque from 19th century France. Made of rich bookmatched mahogany for a great symmetrical look. The crown is 14”D, the body is a little slimmer at 12”D. The doors feature the original wavy glass and a functioning key and lock. Four adjustable shelves measuring 9” deep are housed inside. The whole is supported by carved bracket feet. Being a little shorter makes this piece incredibly versatile. Make sure to view the detailed images to get a closer look.

  • French 19th Century Counter-Top Display Cabinet


    32.125"H x 20.875"W x 20.875"D

    Dimensions: 32-1/8″H x 20-7/8″W x 20-7/8″D

    French 19th century painted Louis XVI style counter top glass display cabinet. Two glass adjustable shelves and mirrored floor. Egg and dart molding around crown with pearl beading that frames each glass panel. Eight panels of glass total with interesting and intriguing corner arched glass panels.  Some restoration has been done on the top, base and door. The top actually lifted off the cabinet – it was a stacking process for display. Now the top is secure and a door was made for your convenience. Wonderful for displaying a special collection. Made around 1850.

Fireside Antiques offers antique bookcases. We source many of our vintage bookcases and Bibliotheque on buying trips to Europe.  Here, you will find a vast selection of English and French 19th Century antiques.

Antique Bookcases From Fireside Antiques

Often, a library is one of the first places we pair with antiques since we associate books with old, historical knowledge. As such, antique bookcases can be some of the most awe-inspiring furniture pieces we offer. Additionally, because of their versatility as a display shelf, bookcases can fit into nearly any household renovation or design.

You might be surprised by the wide variety of unique shapes and styles that our antique bookcases offer, too. From open bookcases with floating shelves to barrister bookcases with glass doors, we’ve seen it all. Even antique buffet cabinets and armoires can function well as bookcases with the right modifications, something the restorers at Fireside Antiques know well.

Another reason antique bookcases tend to be so eye-catching is their status as the elite’s furniture. Throughout history, books were often considered a luxury afforded only to the rich, so as such, bookcases tended to belong to the rich, too. This resulted in the abundance of ornate bookcases you see today.

Despite their elegance, though, antique bookcases have the unique property of not overpowering a space. Because bookcases were designed to showcase the books within, they had to blend in with the rest of the home. A quality antique bookcase today will reflect that philosophy by matching a room’s décor while not commanding too much attention.

Of course, if your bookcase couldn’t hold your books or fine china safely, that meant it failed as a furniture piece, too. A bookcase was intended to protect precious books, papers, and other important items within its confines. To that end, antique bookcases were sometimes lined with silk or the insides painted with bright colors to highlight their contents.

Decorating With Antique Bookcases

One of the best parts of decorating with an antique bookcase is its versatility. Regardless of whether your decorative “case” is actually a buffet, a vitrine, or even a tea trolley, they can go in virtually any room and bring class to almost any space.

Since these are essentially antique displays, you don’t need to display books in them at all. If you don’t have a large book collection, why not use one of our antique bookcases to display figurines, collectibles, artwork, or even photographs?

Don’t assume that a high-quality antique bookcase from Fireside Antiques is the same as any old bookcase, though. These bookcases were made with the craftsmanship common in furniture from the 18th and 19th centuries. Despite being old, worn, and decorated with beautiful patina, these bookcases will stand the test of time and hold your collection with ease.

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