Antique Bedside Tables

Fireside Antiques offers antique bedside tables. We source many of our vintage nightstands and antique cabinets on buying trips to England and France.  Here, you will find a vast selection of French and English 19th Century antiques.


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    French Mahogany Louis Philippe Bedside Table


    32.38"H x 16.88"W x 13.75"D

    Dimensions: 32-⅜”H x 16-⅞”W x 13-¾”D

    This handsome Louis-Philippe bedside cabinet, c.1900, is from France and features a gray marble top with white veining, over an ogee-molded apron drawer and a paneled door, both with turned wooden pulls. The interior is outfitted with a single fixed marble shelf and the whole rests on a plinth base with rounded corners. Make sure to view the detailed images to get a closer look at the fine quality and current condition.

  • French 19th Century Walnut Pedestal Cabinet


    29.50"H x "W x 14"D

    Dimensions: 29-½”H x 14”Diameter

    This noble little pedestal cabinet was made using exquisite walnut in France during the 19th century. The circular top has a round piece of marble, inset, that is in wonderful antique condition and surrounded by a molded edge. The rounded door is fixed with a wonderful cast brass pull in the shape of a hand holding a scroll. The pedestal has a discreetly designed interior that will facilitate out-of-sight storage with one adjustable shelf. The cylindrical body rests on a plinth base that displays the most amount of wear. The whole has gained a great patina. Make sure to view all of the photographs to get a closer view of this fantastic storage piece.

  • France 19th Walnut Gueridon Bedside Cabinet


    30.25"H x "W x 16.25"D

    Dimensions: 30-¼”H x 16-¼”Diameter

    This round column-like table was crafted in France during the 19th century. It has a beautiful marble top over a walnut body. The door features a neat metal pull that turns to secure the door. The interior houses two shelves; one with a marble top, the other simply wood. The whole sits on a round base with barely noticeable brass casters to slightly raise it from the ground. Versatile and sleek it can be used as a bedside table or end table. Make sure to view the detailed images for a closer look at the current condition.

  • French Mahogany Louis XVI Style Bedside Table


    27.50"H x 16.25"W x 12.50"D

    Dimensions: 27-½”H x 16-¼”W x 12-½”D

    This darling bedside table was crafted from a rich mahogany with brass accents throughout. The top is surrounded by a 3/4th pierced brass gallery. Two drawers are housed within the apron; both with shield form escutcheons and brass banding. Both locks are functional with the key included. Fluted joinery dies embellish each corner. Tapered square legs support a lower shelf and termite ate brass capped feet. Make sure to view the detailed images to get a closer look at this great bedside table.

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    French Fruitwood Louis Philippe Bedside Table


    31.25"H x 16.50"W x 13.75"D

    Dimensions: 31-¼”H x 16-½”W x 13-¾”D

    A classic Louis Philippe bedside table from France circa 1830. Topped with a sleek piece if white marble and white ceramic pulls that stand out against the vibrant fruitwood. The small drawer is perfect for those easily lost items. The main cavity features one removable shelf. Make sure to view the detailed images to get a closer look.

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    French Louis XV Style Bedside Table


    32.88"H x 15.50"W x 15.50"D

    Dimensions: 32-⅞”H x 15-½”W x 15-½”D

    A fantastic little Louis XV style bedside table. Topped with an inset piece of marble that has undergone some minor repairs, its got a shaped edge. The apron houses a slim drawer with a shaped panel and turned nob. The paneled door houses an interior space fit with white enamel as it would have been intended to store a chamber pot. The nicely bookmatched wood grain and scalloped apron are a wonderful touch. Cabriole legs with floral carvings support the whole. Make sure to view the detailed images for a closer look.

  • French 19th Century Mahogany Bedside Table


    28.25"H x 17.75"W x 11.13"D

    Dimensions: 28-¼”H x 17-¾”W x 11-⅛”D

    This darling mahogany bedside table is from 19th century France. Topped by a wonderful piece of white marble that has some staining. Each drawer features paneling and a simple brass keyhole. One key is included and serves as the pull for each. Turned legs with brass castors support a rectangular lower shelf. Make sure to view the detailed images for a closer look at the current condition and wonderful antique craftsmanship.

  • French 19th Century Empire Bedside Table


    31.63"H x 15.75"W x 14.50"D

    Dimensions: 31-⅝”H x 15-¾”W x 14-½”D

    This handsome bedside table is made in the French Empire style using exquisite flame mahogany veneer. Made in France towards the end of the 19th century, this antique cabinet was designed to be placed beside a bed. The black Belgian granite top is ideal for placing a nighttime beverage and the interiors can keep books, remotes, medicines and other bedroom items tidy and out of sight. A drawer is hidden in the apron, above the (at one time) chamber-pot receptacle, which can be accessed by lifting the sliding tambour door. Below is a door that conceals the largest interior space. Pilaster columns, capped in brilliant brass capitals and base collars flank the drawers and doors and provide the bedside with its signature Empire style. It is lifted on small brass casters.

  • French 19th Century Mahogany Bedside Table


    28.75"H x 18"W x 15.13"D

    Dimensions: 28-¾”H x 18”W x 15-⅛”D

    This charming mahogany bedside table was crafted in 19th century France. A breakfront pierced brass gallery surrounds the antique white marble top. Some discoloration and a hairline crack from many years of use are visible on the top. Three drawers with thumbnail molding are fixed with small brass pulls and easily open. Finished on all sides, giving it the versatility to float in a room. Turned, fluted legs with brass sabots support the whole. Make sure to view the detailed images to get a closer look at this wonderful little nightstand!

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    French 19th Century Bedside Cabinet


    30.38"H x 15"W x 13.13"D

    Dimensions: 30-⅜”H x 15”W x 13-⅛”D

    This antique bedside cabinet was crafted in France during the 19th century in the style of Louis Philippe. Cleaned and polished with French wax paste, the fruitwood cabinet has a vibrant patina. The shaped apron contains a single drawer with a small metal pull. A paneled door with decorative round pull hangs on hidden hinges. The interior features one adjustable shelf. Make sure to take a look at the detailed images for a closer look at the fine condition of this bedside cabinet!

  • French 19th Century Painted Bedside Table


    32.50"H x 15.75"W x 13.75"D

    Dimensions: 32-½”H x 15-¾”W x 13-¾” D

    This charming bedside table comes from 19th century France. Painted white with dark green trim, age has given the whole a great patina. White, thickly veined marble tops the table. The apron of this piece is where the details are focused. Floral and bead carvings embellish the corners and facade of the single drawer apron. A square lower stretcher provides extra storage or display space. The whole is supported by carved, tapered legs. Make sure to view the detailed images.

Fireside Antiques offers antique bedside tables. We source many of our vintage nightstands and antique cabinets on buying trips to England and France.  Here, you will find a vast selection of French and English 19th Century antiques.  

Shop Antique Bedside Tables

If something your bedroom looks empty, try filling that bare space with bedside tables. These pieces offer valuable storage and convenient access to items you may need at night while giving your bedroom an extra hint of style. Nightstands also visually anchor your bed to its position in your room.

With bedside tables, you can integrate a subtle antique element into your bedroom to give it personality. Fireside Antiques offers a wide selection of antique nightstands to complement your interior style and add visual interest.

Antique Bedside Table Size

Your nightstand and mattress height should be about the same to ensure that the tables and your bed look proportionate. Additionally, the bedside table should be large enough for a lamp that reaches the same height as your headboard. The taller your headboard, the larger the surface of your nightstand surface should be.

Antique Nightstands for Functionality

Before buying a nightstand, consider your needs carefully. If you want convenient access to all your bedtime reading material, select a unit with sufficient storage.

The table’s surface should also be large enough for your drinking water, book, lamp, glasses, alarm clock, decorative item, phone, or any other object that you may need at night or first thing in the morning. If you don’t want to clutter your nightstand, select a unit with drawers that you can easily access.

Improve Your Bedroom’s Visual Appeal

Take the existing design elements of your bedroom into account when selecting new nightstands. Your taste in antiques matters, but you also want your bedside tables to add to your bedroom’s visual appeal.

The ideal table materials depend on the style you want to achieve. There are styling guidelines to follow, but you can deviate from them to give your bedroom a unique look.

You Don’t Have to Match

Fireside Antiques has bedside tables available as single units or pairs. Most buyers prefer to buy sets to achieve a uniform look. However, if you find two separate nightstands that you like, you can still use them.

Ideally, you should see some similarities between the antique bedside tables. For example, they might have the same color, materials, design features, or size. If the tables look entirely different, consider using matching lamps on each one.

Buy Your New Nightstand

Fireside Antiques has an exclusive collection of bedside tables available from as early as the 18th century. With so many design styles and features, you can find one that fits your unique needs.

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