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Fireside Antiques offers antique desks. We source many of our antique and vintage desks on buying trips to England and France.  Here, you will find a vast selection of French and English 19th Century antique desks and secretaries.

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  • French Mahogany Empire Console Game Table


    30.25"H x 42.75"W x 21.25"D

    Dimensions: 30-¼”H x 42-¾”W x 21-¼”D

    A convertible demilune console-to-game table – made in the Empire style – in 19th Century France. When closed, the table functions as a striking demilune console, bedecked in outstanding gilt brass ormolu. A drawer extends from the back of the antique which has a fifth leg attached. Extending this drawer enables the demilune-shaped top to be unfolded and provides the support for the opened round top – along with a space to keep cards, chips and tokens! When opened, the table has the dimensions: 29-⅛”H x 42-½” diameter. A brass band surrounds the table’s edge and the unfurled surface is topped in green felt: an ideal fabric on which to play cards. Tapered legs lift the table and conclude in brass capped feet with casters. Be sure to view the detailed images for a close look at the current condition of this antique.

  • French 19th Century Mahogany Transitional Desk


    31"H x 58.88"W x 29.50"D

    Dimensions: 31”H x 58-⅞”W x 29-½”D

    A smart mahogany desk – with leather writing surface – from 19th Century France. This beautiful antique has a unique, transitional design that is heavily influenced by Louis XVI style. The top and drawer fronts are all trimmed in brass, and the legs accented with cast brass collars and feet. The worn brown leather top is in antique condition with embossed gold tooling at its edge. Leather-topped slides extend from each side, giving the desk an 83” width when extended. Three drawers are housed within the antique: two deep drawers at each side of the kneehole and a wide center drawer which contains a working lock. One key. A pair of brass bail handles adorn each of the deep drawers, creating the illusion of four side drawers, though there are only two. Knee clearance: 24-⅝”. Be sure to view the detailed images for a close look at the current condition of this antique.

  • French Louis XVI Style Mahogany Desk


    30.25"H x 59"W x 33.50"D

    Dimensions: 30-¼”H x 59”W x 33-½”D

    A classically designed Louis XVI style mahogany desk to elevate any office or library. The inset orange leather top is worn and has wonderful tooling around the edges. The apron houses a single pull out that is fit with orange leather that pulls out 12-¾”. Brass banding around the perimeter of the top compliments the banding within the drawer fronts. Finished on all sides, giving it the ability to float in a room. All four drawers have functioning locks, two keys are included. Raised on turned legs with interesting brass capped feet. The apron clearance is 28-⅛”H under the center and 19-¾” under the drawers. Make sure to view all of the images for details.

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    French 19th Century Louis XVI Style Mahogany Desk


    30.50"H x 51.25"W x 27.38"D

    Dimensions: 30-½”H x 51-¼”W x 27-⅜”D

    A handsome Louis XVI style desk from France, crafted during the 1870s. An inset leather writing surface is surrounded by fantastically figured mahogany and a brass border. All sides of the apron are finished, giving it the ability to float in a room. Each end of the apron houses a large slide out surface inset with the same color leather as the top and in good antique condition. Five drawer fronts showcase inset brass paneling and simple escutcheons within bookmatched facades. The right hand side houses a single drawer that’s split into two sections. The front drawer supports a removable four part organizer and the back serves as a great place to hide valuables with its slide out top. Fluted and brass inset joinery surmount legs with the same details. Raised on wonderfully shaped brass capped feet. One decorative key is included for all four functioning locks. With the slides out the maximum width is 77”. The center drawer knee clearance is 24-½”H and 16-¼”wide. Make sure to view all of the images for a closer look at the fine details and current condition.

  • French 19th Century Rosewood Writing Desk


    28.50"H x 39.50"W x 23.50"D

    Dimensions: 28-½”H x 39-½”W x 23-½”D

    A charming petite writing desk from France, crafted during the 1850s. Inset with a worn brown leather top surrounded by gold tooling. The tops’ molded edge compliments the minimal paneling throughout the apron. Both drawers have a functioning lock- one key is included. Finished on all sides. Wonderfully turned legs support the whole. Made from beautifully patinated rosewood. Make sure to view the detailed photographs to get a closer look at the details.

  • French 19th Century Mahogany Desk


    29.75"H x 48.88"W x 32.75"D

    Dimensions: 29-¾”H x 48-⅞”W x 32-¾”D

    This handsome desk was handcrafted in France during the 19th century with both form and function in mind. The inset olive green leather top and slides showcase wonderfully detailed and dynamic gilt tooling. Leather is found on the slides that pull out of each side for additional surface space. The apron houses three drawers with decorative laurel wreath inspired drop ring pulls. Ribbed brass plates adorn the joinery dies on all sides. No keys are included. The back is also finished with pulls and escutcheons, giving it the ability to float in a room if needed. Square, tapered legs finish at brass capped feet. The apron clearance is 23”H. The slides pull out 14-¾”. Circa 1880. Make sure to view the detailed images to get a closer look.

  • French 19th Century Directoire Fruitwood Desk


    30"H x 51.13"W x 27.50"D

    Dimensions: 30”H x 51-⅛”W x 27-½”D

    French 19th century Directoire style desk made using vibrant fruitwood. The leather top and slides are quite worn with tons of authentic charm. Four drawers are housed within the apron- the left hand side being the largest. Four keys are included for each functioning lock and serve as the pull for each. Recently cleaned and polished with French wax paste. Turned legs support the whole and terminate with brass caps. Finished on all sides giving it the ability to float in a room if needed. The apron clearance is 23-⅞”H. Make sure to view the detailed images for a closer look at its current condition.

  • SALELimited

    French Reproduction Louis XVI Style Desk


    31.13"H x 47.25"W x 25.50"D

    Dimensions: 31-⅛”H x 47-¼”W x 25-½”D

    A fine reproduction leather top and fruitwood desk from France. Equipped with slides on each side of the desk, these leather top extensions can be pulled out for additional work space. The black leather writing surfaces are trimmed in wonderful gold tooling. The desk has five lockable drawers that have diamond shaped mahogany inlays surrounding each keyhole. The drawers are flanked by simple fluted carvings found above the tapered legs that have brass capped feet. The center drawer clearance is 24-¾”. Finished on all sides. One key is included. Make sure to view all of the images to get a closer look at its current condition.

  • English Georgian Bow Front Chest | Desk


    42.75"H x 47"W x 24"D

    Dimensions: 42-¾”H x 47”W x 24”D

    An impressive English Georgian mahogany chest that stands out from the rest. Well taken care of over its lifetime and ready for its next generation of owners. The top two drawers disguise as the drop down desk which conceals 10 drawers and 5 open cavities all for organizing your correspondence. A gently worn leather top is present, the ideal material for writing letters. Brass hardware is found on all the drawer fronts and makes the chest easy to use on a daily basis. Equipment with ample storage, this desk / chest is a great addition to any interior. Be sure to view the detailed images.

  • Late 18th Century Venetian Rococo Style Writing Desk


    43.25"H x 41.25"W x 22.25"D

    Dimensions: 43-¼”H x 41-¼”W x 22-¼”D

    A wonderfully painted and patinated Rococo style writing desk, made in Venice towards the end of the 18th century. Carved by hand, the desk features an aged painted finish that is simply marvelous. Festive individuals can be found frollicing front and center on the desk’s fold-down-front. Scrolled filigree details are painted all over, creating an overall element of whimsy that gives the desk its light and airy presence. Shaped legs lift the desk to a comfortable writing height. The front will unfold to reveal the desk’s interior. It can be secured with its functioning lock. Inside, you will find two small drawers as well as a number of pigeon holes and cubbies to store away various sundries. A hidden compartment is found in the work surface and slides open to reveal a secret space for hiding special valuables. The interior is finished with spectacular painted details that create an even finish that is cohesive throughout the entire antique. 

  • Swedish Gustavian 19th Century Painted Secretary


    45"H x 57.88"W x 30"D

    Dimensions: 45”H x 57-⅞”W x 30”D

    A generously sized secretary style desk, made in Sweden in the Gustavian style. A wonderfully patinated painted finish envelops the pine chest/desk – a hallmark of Gustavian antiques. The top will unfold to reveal a well-appointed interior. Six drawers and two large cubbies provide lodgings for inkpots, quills, parchment…or perhaps a laptop or tablet today. The top can be accessed using its functional locking mechanism. Three wide drawers span the chest base, all with turned, styled knobs. A sweet, shaped skirt provides a bit of style to this multifunctional case antique. 

  • Dutch 19th Century Walnut Desk


    30.75"H x 37.88"W x 29.63"D

    Dimensions: 30-¾”H x 37-⅞”W x 29-⅝”D

    A very attractive Dutch 19th century desk crafted from beautiful walnut with a clean design. The top is in wonderful antique condition and features a black painted edge. The apron shows off the exquisite wood grain and houses a hidden drawer free of any hardware. Finished on all sides, giving it the ability to float in a study or library. Sturdy and level- saber legs support the whole effortlessly. Knee clearance: 24-⅝”H. Make sure to view the detailed images for a closer look at this simply elegant desk.

  • French 19th Century Lady’s Work Table


    28.13"H x 20.25"W x 13.88"D

    Dimensions: 28-⅛”H x 20-¼”W x 13-⅞”D

    This petite work table from 19th century France is full of charming elements within a compact design. Details allude to this piece serving as a correspondence and sewing table. Unlocking what seems to be a drawer actually allows the top to hinge open and reveal an antique mirror plate affixed to the underside and pre-sectioned organization with a built in pin cushion. The key for lifting the top has a lovely tag with engravings saying ‘Table à ouvrage’ meaning work table and ‘Rez de Chaussee Ch.bre No.1 Bis’ which translates to Ground Floor Bedroom No. 1 Copy on the flip side of the tag. The lower drawer features a writing surface inset with worn black leather and tooled with gold that slides back to reveal a paper and stationary storage compartment. Three inkwells made of brass and glass fit perfectly beside the writing surface. Two keys are included. A concave stretcher connects the column-from legs and provides lasting support. Some minor repairs have been made to the mahogany veneer. Make sure to view the detailed images to get a closer look!

  • French 19th Century Directoire Mahogany Desk


    29.75"H x 50.25"W x 24.50"D

    Dimensions: 29-¾”H x 50-¼”W x 24-½”D

    A handsome Directoire style desk crafted in France circa 1820. Made from a beautiful mahogany that’s been cleaned and polished with French wax paste to reveal the vibrant grain. The top is inset with the original worn green leather. The apron houses two drink slides inset with leather in the same fashion as the desktop; a small metal pull on each slide. Maximum width with the slides out is 75-¼”. The apron features a larger center drawer with a knee clearance of 23-⅔”H. The left drawer features a faux double drawer front and houses a split drawer that would have locked on the interior at one point to hide valuables. Three keys are included to provide access to the drawers, all locks are in working condition. All drawers have been cleaned and open with ease. The desk is finished on all sides, giving you the ability to place this desk anywhere in your office or library. Tapered, rectangular legs are fixed with brass sabots for protection and aesthetics. Make sure to view the detailed images for a closer look at the great condition of the whole.

  • French 19th Century Louis XVI Style Secretaire a Abatant


    53.50"H x 37.63"W x 15.50"D

    Dimensions: 53-½”H x 37-⅝”W x 15-½”D

    This wonderful solid walnut secrétaire à abattant was constructed in the style of Louis XVI, circa 1830. Topped with a great piece of black and white marble. A single, slim drawer at the top features a pair of brass rectangular drop ring pulls and a simple brass inset keyhole that matches the lower three drawers. The front of the desk opens to reveal the writing surface and interior storage, attached to the interior with a slim chain. Outfitted with two shelves and six small drawers flanking a large center drawer featuring a simple brass key hole. Perfect for keeping an organized workspace! The black shagreen writing surface is in wonderful antique condition. All four corners feature fluting. One key is included for the lock securing the desk front; the five other locks are no longer functioning. The vibrant patina and uncluttered design makes this a versatile piece to compliment any living space. Cleaned and polished with French wax paste. Make sure to view the detailed images for a closer look!

    Detailed Measurements-
    Depth with desk open: 31”
    Height to writing surface: 27-⅜”

  • French 19th Century Inlay Lady’s Desk


    52.13"H x 31.50"W x 17.25"D

    Dimensions: 52-⅛”H x 31-½”W x 17-¼”D

    This is a darling petite lady’s writing desk from France circa 1850. Sleek and uncluttered design, typical of its Louis XVI style. A wonderful white marble top is encircled by an elegant breakfront pierced brass gallery. The body of the desk has been crafted from a combination of vibrant mahogany and rosewood; showcased throughout with tasteful inlay work and thoughtful bookmatching. The glass in both doors is original and features a wavy texture and delightful bubbles. The locking doors house a display or storage space with a single removable shelf. Just below the doors are two small drawers with brass pulls. The desk top folds open to reveal a green leather writing surface with gold tooling in good antique condition; wear consistent with use where the surface hinges. The apron houses a single locking drawer flanked by two pull-out support bars for when the writing surface is open. Two keys are included. The whole is raised on tapered legs. Make sure to view the detailed images for a closer look at its fine condition and see below for specific measurements.

    Open desk depth: 24-¼”D  // Apron clearance: 24-⅜”H  // Open desk clearance: 28-⅝”H

  • French 19th Century Empire Secrétaire à Abattant


    53.75"H x 37"W x 16.50"D

    Dimensions: 53-¾”H x 37”W x 16-½”D

    A statley 19th century mahogany secrétaire à abattant from France, circa 1810. This desk has an exceptional charcoal marble top resting above a single drawer disguised into the apron. Just below the top drawer, the front of the desk folds forward to reveal a work area inset with vibrant red leather detailed with gold tooling. The leather is in great antique condition making this a comfortable place to work. When open, you can see the theatre is equipped with five drawers and a large, arched top cubby flanked with column forms. With the desk down the maximum depth is 32”; the writing surface is 28-½” heigh. The desk front and lower doors each feature a decorative brass escutcheon depicting intersecting torches among floral garland forms; one key is included for all four functioning locks. A pair of simple, round brass pulls on each drawer allow easy access. This Empire-style secretary features eye-catching bookmatched mahogany and traditional Empire columns down each side with brass capitals and bases. There have been professional repairs made to the marble top which are nearly invisible to the eye, see detailed pictures for condition.

  • French Louis XV Style Writing Desk


    28.50"H x 48.25"W x 23.50"D

    Dimensions: 28-½”H x 48-¼”W x 23-½”D

    Louis XV style writing desk from France, circa 1840, will elevate any home office or library to the next level of sophistication. Gorgeous red leather writing surface with gold tooling and a breakfront lip provides an inviting space to work at. The walnut desk is finished all the way around, making it perfect for floating in a room! The apron houses two drawers, each adorned with a unique cast brass escutcheon, and a simply scalloped edge, the drawers on the back side are faux. Four bowed legs support the whole and feature decorative brass sabots. There is no key included with this piece. Cleaned and polished with French wax paste, the drawers open easily. Knee clearance is 22-½”H. Over 180 years of use have granted this writing desk a fantastic patina. Make sure to view the detailed images to get a closer look at the overall good quality of this piece.

  • French 19th Century Ebonized Drafting Table


    48.75"H x 45.25"W x 30.50"D

    Dimensions: 48-¾”H x 45-¼”W x 30-½”D

    This 19th century drafting table from France is impressive in both scale and construction. Used by architects and drafters, the desk’s tilted surface brings the back of the table towards the artist, minimizing reach, and saving their aching backs. The dark ebonized finish has faded on the work surface, revealing the original bright wood underneath. A single drawer, fixed with small turned pulls and a flush keyhole, provides private storage space. Three shaped shelves allow for extra storage or organization. The whole is supported by wonderfully turned and carved legs. Make sure to view the detailed images to get a better look!

  • English Mahogany & Ebony Desk


    30.5"H x 45"W x 21.88"D

    Dimensions: 30-½”H x 45”W x 21-⅞”D

    This is an English pedestal desk with two faux drawers just under the ebonized top. All sit on a curved pedestal atop a plinth base with bun feet on top of metal casters. The base is connected by a flat stretcher. A pretty little table! Circa 1880.

  • English 19th Century Pine Auctioneer’s Cash Desk


    29.5"H x 36.75"W x 26.75"D

    Dimensions: 29-½”H x 36-¾”W x 26-¾”D

    This is a simple English 19th century pine shop counter from an auctioneer in Alsace! Complete with a hole for accepting cash payments inside the drawer. The desk is flanked with tall open storage spaces which would have held ledger books. A very smart design is finished on the sides and the front with a diamond design.

  • English 19th Century Writing Desk


    28.63"H x 47.88"W x 23.5"D

    Dimensions: 28-⅝”H x 47-⅞”W x 23-½”D

    We love the design of this simple yet sophisticated mahogany desk! There is no storage in this desk which is perfect for today’s office which usually consists of just a laptop. The trestle base gives way for ample leg room, the turned mahogany stretcher ends through the legs with a round end cap, and the feet end with brass casters. 

  • French 19th Century Mahogany Desk


    59.13"H x 44"W x 20"D

    Dimensions: 59-⅛”H x 44”W x 20”D

    This is a French 19th century mahogany desk with a pretty inlay design of various woods across the top of the back. The inlay design is used throughout the desk. The top rests over a pair of doors on either side and two bookshelves in the center. There is a slanted front that drops down to form a leather writing surface. Behind this slanted front are many cubby holes, two small drawers with brass pulls and two shelves for books. Beneath are two small drawers and two larger drawers, all with brass oval pulls. All sits atop of square tapered legs and square tapered feet. A beautiful, functional antique for any style home. 

    Writing Surface: 29-¼”H Open Desk: 32-¼”D

  • French 19th Century Empire Drop Front Desk


    37.25"H x 42.5"W x 21.25"D

    Dimensions: 37-¼”H x 42-½”W x 21-¼”D

    This French 19th century solid walnut desk has many interesting features. The slant front folds down to reveal a writing surface and many small compartments. There are two small drawers at the top sitting over two larger drawers all made of oak. There are secret compartments on either side of the desk. When the writing surface is open, it can be pulled open to reveal a storage area/drawer. When you close the desk you can see the front of the faux drawer which actually is a part of the writing surface when extended. Below this is a pair of doors which conceals a storage area and one stationary shelf.  It is framed on either side by columns with brass bands at the top and bottom. Square feet support the columns and the desk. There are three keys – one for the top, one for the faux drawer, one for the doors.  The height of the writing surface is 29-⅛”. The depth of the writing surface when open is 33-⅛”.

  • French 19th Century Walnut Secretary


    71"H x 44.75"W x 24.75"D

    Dimensions: 71”H x 44-¾”W x 24-¾”D

    A wonderful walnut secretary desk.  The desk can be separated into two bodies: the lower writing surface, and the upper glass-front cabinet.  The writing surface is covered in beautiful black, tooled leather and can be pulled out for additional work space.  The writing surface has a height of 29-½”H and the knee clearance is 26-⅝”H.  The base also contains two drawers with working locks and a single key.  Above the writing surface is a little cubby with a whimsical scalloped frame flanked by two drawers on each side.  The drawers all have a round brass knob.  The top has two glass-front bookcase doors with original glass and working lock and latch.  The cabinet has two adjustable shelves.  The secretary is lifted by four brilliantly turned legs.

  • French Early 19th Century Transitional Drop Front Desk


    35.25"H x 44.38"W x 22.5"D

    Dimensions: 35-¼”H x 44-⅜”W x 22-½”D

    This amazing walnut desk has a slanted front that drops to reveal an interior writing surface and storage.  A single key works the lock to open the top and once opened, the writing surface is lined with tooled, green leather.  The interior is outfitted with four drawers, three cubbies and a couple hidden compartments.  The lower portion of the secretary has two small top drawers and a large, bottom drawer.  Each drawer is outfitted with drop ring pulls.  Two escutcheon plates are placed down the center creating symmetry but do not have locks.  A uniquely shaped skirt wraps around the three exposed sides of the desk.  The whole is raised on square, tapering legs with shaped feet.  Open Dimensions: 24-¾”H (to writing surface) x 38-⅞”D and floor to desk top is 24”H.  C. 1800

  • French 19th Century Oak Artist’s Standing Desk


    34.88"H x 31.75"W x 28.63"D

    Dimensions: 34-⅞”H x 31-¾”W x 28-⅝”D

    This specialized oak desk was made in France.  Used by artists, the desk’s lifted surface brings the table towards the artist, minimizing reach, and saving their aching backs.  The work surface has a three quarter wood gallery and raised surface across the front.  The desk is equipped with two drawers.  The top drawer has an ormolu knob and a single compartment.  The lower drawer sits just below and has multiple compartments.  It is somewhat disguised without a pull and moves with the top drawer when it is open and closed.  The desk is constructed with mortise and tenon joints, and wood pegs.  Sometimes a simple design, well executed, is perfection.  

  • French 19th Century Directoire Kingwood Desk


    41.75"H x 54"W x 21.5"D

    Dimensions: 41-¾”H x 54”W x 21-½”D

    This is an elegant, 19th century, c. 1850,  inlaid writing desk.  Inlay graces every surface of this beautiful desk, most notably around the frieze apron.  Two drawers with small brass escutcheon plates are well disguised in the frieze.  A single key works both locks and acts as a pull for both drawers.  The four tapered legs are connected with an inlaid stretcher shelf and are finished with shaped feet. 

  • SALELimited

    French 19th Century Louis XVI Writing Table


    29.5"H x 41"W x 26.25"D

    Dimensions: 29-1/2″H x 41″W x 26-1/4″D

    This lovely Louis XVI-style grey-painted writing table, dated 1886, is from France and features a spring-loaded writing surface and shaped adjustable support which is signed “Angers/Guimont/Brossard/1886” and monogrammed with a carved and conjoined “CL.” The writing surface, when flat, is inset within the desk’s surface which features lobed corners above an apron outfitted with a single drawer and supported by round fluted and tapering legs on toupee feet.


  • French 19th Century Oak Sewing Table


    33"H x 79.5"W x 45.625"D

    Dimensions: 33″H x 79-1/2″W x 45-5/8″D

    This fantastic oak sewing table is from France, c. 1860. Large enough for two people sitting next to each other, one side features a pair of slide-out surfaces, each outfitted with carved compartments for scissors and a duster. There is also a lower slide-out leaf on one end. A suprising component of this table is all of the hidden compartments on the underside! Please see detailed images.

  • SALELimited

    French 19th Century Louis XVI-Style Mahogany and Oak Pedestal Desk


    30.5"H x 50.875"W x 29.25"D

    Dimensions: 30-1/2″H x 50-7/8″W x 29-1/4″D

    This handsome Louis XVI-Style nine-drawer mahogany and oak pedestal desk is from France, c. 1870’s.  The main writing surface, as well as the pull-out side panels, has a gilt-tooled burgundy leather blotter. With elegantly rounded and fluted corners, this desk boasts nine solid oak drawers including a long central drawer flanked by eight short drawers, each with gilt-brass bail handles. The exterior of each drawer is paneled and veneered in beautiful mahogany.  This timeless desk would finish a study or library perfectly.

  • French Early 19th Century Birch Writing Table


    29"H x 36.75"W x 26"D

    Dimensions: 29″H x 36-3/4″W x 26″D

    A breathtaking birch writing table, made at the beginning if the 19th century in France. The marble top is a rich cinnamon color, with vibrant flashes of white throughout, and a wonderful finished edge. The base is made of solid birch with beautiful curling present. The apron is shaped, with a simple design reminiscent of the table’s cabriole legs. The apron houses two shallow drawers: perfect for storing pens, paper, and other writing implements. The cabriole legs are slender and graceful, with their shapely figure terminating in carved hoof feet. c.1810.

  • French 19th Century Barley-Twist Fold-Down Desk


    48.625"H x 58.25"W x 27.125"D

    Dimensions: 48-5/8″H x 58-1/4″W x 27-1/8″D

    A handsome, impressive carved mahogany desk with gem-cut decorations and fitted birds-eye maple interiors and original black leather writing surface. A very interesting key unlocks the top part of this fine desk, folding down to an interior fitted with 9 storage areas. The top of the desk slides forward reveling the writing surface which is pulled out and then dropped down for a very functional and useable writing surface. Below the writing surface are three large drawers (one is a faux front, one large drawer with a hidden locked compartment) The whole sits on impressively carved barley twist legs. 1840’s

  • French 19th Century Cherry Desk


    29.5"H x 48.625"W x 32.875"D

    Dimensions: 29 1/2″H x 48 5/8″W x 32 7/8″D

    A smart cherry desk with restrained design made in France in the 19th century. Neat, clean lines make for a highly functional desk while the warmth and richness expressed in the solid, aged, cherry provide an unparalleled beauty. The desk’s top has taken a wonderful patina and has great little canted corners. The apron has a single drawer with a turned wood knob. The legs are linear and tapered: a design theme we see throughout the antique.

Fireside Antiques offers antique desks. We source many of our antique and vintage desks on buying trips to England and France.  Here, you will find a vast selection of French and English 19th Century antique desks and secretaries.

Shop Vintage & Antique Desks

Antique desks are a classy addition to homes, offices, or the now popular hybrid, home offices. They create a centerpiece in any room, and antique desks have unparalleled style and durability you won’t find in their modern counterparts. The allure of this type of vintage furniture lies in its elegance, as well as its traditional and cultural appeal.

At Fireside Antiques, we have a diverse inventory of antique desks guaranteed to suit your preference and home design. We typically source our collection of on buying trips to England and France. Currently in stock, we have old pieces made by skilled artisans from as far back as the early 19th century.

Unparalleled Appeal and Function

Historically, people used desks as surfaces for writing and reading scrolls, parchment, or other manuscripts. They often had inclined surfaces for optimal use, and they had several compartments, slots, and hooks for storing pens, ink, and other writing implements.

Due to the bulk of scrolls and other manuscripts from centuries past, most antique desks were typically large so that they could accommodate these documents and materials. More recently, desks have gone beyond their practical function and are now considered hallmarks of quality interior decoration.

Artisans typically made them with different woods, including mahogany, birch, oak, cherry, and walnut. The styles of the antique desks we stock vary and include pedestals, fold ups, fold downs, foldouts, roll tops, and more. All of them come in different dimensions, colors, and finishes, and often feature storage compartments.

Find an Antique Desk for Your Home

Whether you collect antique furniture and are looking for a new addition to your collection or you want to purchase a desk for its practical uses, we have a perfect fit for your living space. We carry pieces of superb quality, each one carefully carved to fit your unique taste.

Our desks come in attractive colors with gorgeous finishes. Apart from being works of art, they are durable and can serve you for years to come. As much as our pieces are antique, they’re perfect for studying and exploring the modern world. Relax at your desk in the comfort of your home or office and allow these pieces to inspire you.

Antique desks from Fireside Antiques connect you to the past and allow you to enjoy the present. Antique desks are useful in all homes, offices, and anywhere else you want to experience an old-world feel while you work. We have an extensive collection of antique desks, and you can browse them all on our website.

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