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  • French 19th Century Beech Drapery Table


    33"H x 64"W x 30"D

    Dimensions: 33-½”H x 64-¾”W x 30-¾”D

    This beautiful beech table is from France, circa 1890, and is in great condition. Four planks of wood make up the top surface to give you a great look at the wavy grain, smoothed with French wax paste to reveal the stunning color in the beech. The apron features two differently sized drawers, fixed with matching original pulls, to give you a bit of storage. The whole sits upon square chamfered carved legs and attached with a conforming under-tier shelf, which allows for extra storage. Make sure to view the detailed images.

  • French 19th Century Empire Dining Table


    29.38"H x 63"W x 43.5"D

    Dimensions: 29-⅜”H x 63”W x 43-½”D

    This Empire style table would be perfect as a dinning or central table. It has the ability to extend to 110” long  with 4 foldable legs attached for stability. Leaves not included with the table. This stunning table is supported by 8 column legs embellished at the capital and base in intricate ormolu, classic for Empire style. Make sure to view the detailed images to get a closer look.

  • French Vintage Bistro Table


    28"H x 35"W x 19"D

    Dimensions: 28-¾”H x 35-⅞”W x 19”D

    This rustic bistro table will add a *farmhouse ambiance to any space! The splendid white marble top is removable and sits on a modest apron, painted yellow and charmingly worn over the years. Legs are straight and tapered for ample leg room. Fits *four to six chairs. See detailed images for a closer view!

  • English Mahogany & Ebony Desk


    30.5"H x 45"W x 21.88"D

    Dimensions: 30-½”H x 45”W x 21-⅞”D

    This is an English pedestal desk with two faux drawers just under the ebonized top. All sit on a curved pedestal atop a plinth base with bun feet on top of metal casters. The base is connected by a flat stretcher. A pretty little table! Circa 1880.

  • French 19th Century Flip Top Vanity


    29"H x 23.13"W x 15.88"D

    Dimensions: 29”H x 23-⅛”W x 15-⅞”D

    A Parisian flip top vanity with mirror and drawer has impressive inlay designs and craftsmanship. The table is identified by a brass plate as being made by “Sormani & Fils a Paris, 10 Rue Charlot. The shop was owned by Veuve Paul Sormani and his sons. Sormani exhibited at the International Exhibitions in Paris and London winning numerous medals. Circa 1850.

  • French 19th Century Walnut/Oak Table


    29.25"H x 62.63"W x 30.63"D

    Dimensions: 29-¼”H x 62-⅝”W x 30-⅝”D

    This is a French 19th-century farm table made with walnut and oak. The top has a beautiful patina and sits over a plain apron which rests on turned legs. The piece has been cleaned and polished with a French paste wax. Circa 1870.

  • French 19th Century Walnut Low Table


    20.25"H x 38.75"W x 25.38"D

    Dimensions: 20-¼”H x 38-¾”W x 25-⅜”D

    This is a French 19th-century walnut low table. It is circa 1840 and put together with wood pegs. The top is made of two wide boards sitting over an apron with a single drawer that has an iron pull. All sit on straight tapered legs with a notch around the top. This table has been cleaned and polished with French paste wax to bring out its patina.

  • English 19th Century Pine Auctioneer’s Cash Desk


    29.5"H x 36.75"W x 26.75"D

    Dimensions: 29-½”H x 36-¾”W x 26-¾”D

    This is a simple English 19th century pine shop counter from an auctioneer in Alsace! Complete with a hole for accepting cash payments inside the drawer. The desk is flanked with tall open storage spaces which would have held ledger books. A very smart design is finished on the sides and the front with a diamond design.

  • French 19th Century Solid Oak Table


    28.5"H x 29.13"W x 17.25"D

    Dimensions: 28-½”H x 29-⅛”W x 17-¼”D

    The French 19th century solid oak table has one deep drawer with a metal round knob. The legs are square and tapered. Simple and sophisticated, this little table can go in many places in your home.

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    French Vintage Iron & Brass Coffee Table

    Original price was: $1,200.00.Current price is: $850.00.

    18"H x 30.13"W x 28.63"D

    Dimensions: 18”H x 30-⅛”W x 28-⅝”D

    This is a fantastic French vintage coffee table base made of iron and brass topped with glass.  The iron base showcases a scrolled design that is accented with brass medallion details and feet. The perfect low table for coffee or cocktails!

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    French Vintage Oval Coffee Table

    Original price was: $1,750.00.Current price is: $1,395.00.

    17.75"H x 47.25"W x 27.5"D

    Dimensions: 17-¾”H x 47-¼”W x 27-½”D

    This is a fine French vintage coffee table. The wood is mahogany and is shaped in a nice oval with a pedestal and four legs or feet that fold out. Great to use where there is limited space.

  • Hand-Forged Iron Martini Table


    24"H x 12"W x 12"D

    Dimensions: 24”H x 12”W x 12”D

    A simple reproduction accent table is hand-forged in metal with an aged iron finish. It can be used as a martini table or a handy side table. The whole is raised on a pedestal base with three spray legs. Table also available in a gilded iron finish: FAVC33

  • French 19th Century Walnut Secretary


    71"H x 44.75"W x 24.75"D

    Dimensions: 71”H x 44-¾”W x 24-¾”D

    A wonderful walnut secretary desk.  The desk can be separated into two bodies: the lower writing surface, and the upper glass-front cabinet.  The writing surface is covered in beautiful black, tooled leather and can be pulled out for additional work space.  The writing surface has a height of 29-½”H and the knee clearance is 26-⅝”H.  The base also contains two drawers with working locks and a single key.  Above the writing surface is a little cubby with a whimsical scalloped frame flanked by two drawers on each side.  The drawers all have a round brass knob.  The top has two glass-front bookcase doors with original glass and working lock and latch.  The cabinet has two adjustable shelves.  The secretary is lifted by four brilliantly turned legs.

  • French 19th Century Restauration-Style Console


    31.63"H x 25.75"W x 14.75"D

    Dimensions: 31-⅝”H x 25-¾”W x 14-¾”D

    A handsome mahogany console made in the Restauration style with a black marble top.  The marble-top has rounded front corners and rests atop a large hidden drawer that also functions as the table’s apron.  The top is supported by S-scrolled brackets.  The piece’s shaped lower shelf is slightly raised on round bun feet.  See detailed pictures for its condition.

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    French 19th Century Empire-Style Console

    Original price was: $3,695.00.Current price is: $2,800.00.

    34.5"H x 29.75"W x 16.88"D

    Dimensions: 34-½”H x 29-¾”W x 16-⅞”D

    A spectacular Belgium limestone topped, mahogany console from 19th century France.  Just beneath the top is a hidden compartment accessed only when the stone top is removed.  The apron is outfitted with a beautiful ormolu scene depicting two deer pulling a chariot with two figures, also present are three dogs and two putti figures with horns.  The top is supported by traditional Empire-style column legs with ormolu capitals and bases.  A shaped stretcher base supports the columns and rests on casters.  See detailed pictures for condition, the stone top has minor scratches.  

  • Custom Table Skirt with Antique French 19th Century Trim


    "H x "W x 119.5"D

    Dimensions: 119-½”Diameter

    A beautiful, custom made teal table cloth made from Peggy Platner linen fabric with a silver metallic 19th Century tape trim and white lining.  The table skirt will fit a table with a 60″ diameter.

  • French 19th Century Empire-Style Dressing Table


    62.38"H x 30.63"W x 20.13"D

    Dimensions: 62-⅜”H x 30-⅝”W x 20-⅛”D

    This exceptional mahogany dressing table is complete with its original mercury glass pivoting mirror and white marble top.  The mirror has foxing and is framed with beautiful mahogany trim with brass ormolu details across the top and bottom.  It is supported by mahogany columns that have brass capitals and bases, capped with spherical finials.  The surface of the table is white marble that is in superb antique condition.  A single lockable drawer is housed in the apron and has a matching ormolu escutcheon plate and is flanked by additional brass ormolu mounts.  The frieze section is raised on columnar front legs with ormolu capitals and bases and  pilaster-like columns at the back, all resting on a concave plinth base.  Table Surface: 29-⅞”H

  • French Early 19th Century Transitional Drop Front Desk


    35.25"H x 44.38"W x 22.5"D

    Dimensions: 35-¼”H x 44-⅜”W x 22-½”D

    This amazing walnut desk has a slanted front that drops to reveal an interior writing surface and storage.  A single key works the lock to open the top and once opened, the writing surface is lined with tooled, green leather.  The interior is outfitted with four drawers, three cubbies and a couple hidden compartments.  The lower portion of the secretary has two small top drawers and a large, bottom drawer.  Each drawer is outfitted with drop ring pulls.  Two escutcheon plates are placed down the center creating symmetry but do not have locks.  A uniquely shaped skirt wraps around the three exposed sides of the desk.  The whole is raised on square, tapering legs with shaped feet.  Open Dimensions: 24-¾”H (to writing surface) x 38-⅞”D and floor to desk top is 24”H.  C. 1800

  • French 19th Century Mahogany Empire-Style Table


    29.25"H x "W x 15.63"D

    Dimensions: 29-¼”H x 15-⅝”Diameter

    An outstanding French Empire-Style mahogany accent table with a unique basket wrapped around the pedestal.  A circular wood top with raised trim rests on an apron housing two small drawers with brass knobs.  The turned wood balustrade making the basket may have held knitting accoutrements, making this a lady’s working table.  Beautiful brass ormolu bands create a capital and base, finishing each end of the pedestal.  The whole rest on a concave, tripod base with unique bun feet.  See detailed pictures for condition.

  • French 19th Century Louis XVI-Style Gueridon


    30.75"H x "W x 31.38"D

    Dimensions: 30-¾”H x 31-⅜”Diameter

    This lovely, mahogany gueridon is from France and features a Breche d’Alep marble top with brass gallery, over an apron outfitted with two locking drawers operated by a single key.  The apron is trimmed with a brass band around the bottom.  Four, round tapering and fluted legs have brass ormolu ornamentation inset into the flutes along with brass bands around the top and bottom of each leg.  Each leg is connected by a stretcher connecting at the center with a final.  The whole sits on turned feet with brass casters.  

  • French 19th Century Oak Jeweler’s Bench


    34.88"H x 31.75"W x 28.63"D

    Dimensions: 34-⅞”H x 31-¾”W x 28-⅝”D

    This specialized oak desk was made in France.  Used by jewelers, the desk’s lifted surface brings the table towards the artist, minimizing reach, and saving their aching backs.  The work surface has a three quarter wood gallery and raised surface across the front. This raised edge keeps jewels and gems from rolling off the surface, when being worked.  The desk is equipped with two drawers.  The top drawer has a small brass knob and a single compartment.  The lower drawer sits just below and has multiple compartments for keeping tools and precious stones.  It is somewhat disguised without a pull and moves with the top drawer when it is open and closed.  The desk is constructed with mortise and tenon joints, and wood pegs.  Sometimes a simple design, well executed, is perfection.  

  • English 19th Century Mahogany Kingwood Desk


    41.75"H x 54"W x 21.5"D

    Dimensions: 41-¾”H x 54”W x 21-½”D

    This is an elegant, 19th century, c. 1850,  inlaid writing desk.  Inlay graces every surface of this beautiful desk, most notably around the frieze apron.  Two drawers with small brass escutcheon plates are well disguised in the frieze.  A single key works both locks and acts as a pull for both drawers.  The four tapered legs are connected with an inlaid stretcher shelf and are finished with shaped feet.

    Work surface height: 31-5/8″

  • French Vintage Brass Nesting Tables


    17.25"H x 20.88"W x 13"D

    Dimensions: 17-¼”H x 20-⅞”W x 13”D

    Set of three French, brass nesting tables with inset tinted glass tops.  The four legs have turned-like caps with fluted columns and turned-like feet.  Simple brass rod stretchers connect the legs for an added detail.  

    1. 17-¼”H x 20-⅞”W x 13”D
    2. 15-⅝”H x 18″W x 11-¾”D
    3. 14”H x 15-¼”W x 10-½”D
  • French Antique Iron Architectural Fragment and Glass Coffee Table


    19.75"H x 41.13"W x 36.5"D

    Dimensions: 19-¾”H x 41”W x 36-½”D

    A wonderful marriage of old and new, this exceptional coffee or cocktail table has a newly fabricated base that incorporates a stunning architectural fragment – sourced from an antique French iron balcony surround – that is styled with scrolled details and wonderful iron flowers. This segment was once painted green, as some of the original paint is still visible through the table’s (almost) square glass top. The industrial styling of the base pairs well with a wide range of interior finishes and is sure to fit into your space.

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    French 19th Century Polychrome Nesting Tables

    Original price was: $1,450.00.Current price is: $1,100.00.

    20.75"H x 20.5"W x 16.5"D

    Dimensions: 20 3/4″ H x 20 1/2″ W x 16 1/2″ D

    A delightfully congenial set of French 19th century painted nesting tables. The set consists of three delicate tables that are graduated in size. They neatly stack or “nest” inside one another, enabling them to be kept out of sight when not being used. The polychrome tables each have exceptional hand-painted details that ornament them and provide a gentle sweetness that only a bouquet of freshly-cut flowers can. Painted green, the tops were trimmed in gold gilt, which can still be seen in many places. The shapely form of the scalloped apron is also integrated into the slender cabriole legs that bend gently at the knee and taper slightly to a pad foot. The three tables individually measure:
    Large: 20-¾”H x 20-½”W x 16-½”D

    Medium: 19-¾”H x 15-⅜”W x 14-½”D

    Small: 18-⅝”H x 11-⅝”W x 13”D

  • French 19th Century Louis XV Painted Marble Top Table


    30.25"H x 35.75"W x 24"D

    Dimensions: 30 1/4″H x 35 3/4″W x 24″D

    A sensational Louis XV style painted center table, made in France towards the end of the 19th century. The table features a gorgeous breccia marble top, inset with canted corners that match the base, and smattered with splashes of amethyst and gold. The heavily stylized base is ornamented with detailed motifs including egg and dart, lamb’s tongue, running coin and beaded pearl. It has been painted a warm, buttery cream color and has taken a lovely antique patina. The cabriole legs extend from the canted corners, with foliate embellishments on their knees, and having scrolled feet. c.1890.

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    Walnut & Iron X-Base Dining Table

    Original price was: $4,995.00.Current price is: $3,995.00.

    32.25"H x 72"W x 40.25"D

    Dimensions: 32 1/4″ H x 72″ W x 40 1/4″ D

    Your dining room table is a great way to blend contemporary style with existing or newly-acquired antique furnishings. This table features an X-shaped base that is light and modern in appearance. We used solid walnut, done in a traditional French design – having breadboard ends – for the table’s top, making this table a grounding piece. Expertly crafted at Fireside in Baton Rouge. See detailed photos.

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    French 19th Century Louis XVI Writing Table

    Original price was: $2,200.00.Current price is: $1,765.00.

    29.5"H x 41"W x 26.25"D

    Dimensions: 29-1/2″H x 41″W x 26-1/4″D

    This lovely Louis XVI-style grey-painted writing table, dated 1886, is from France and features a spring-loaded writing surface and shaped adjustable support which is signed “Angers/Guimont/Brossard/1886” and monogrammed with a carved and conjoined “CL.” The writing surface, when flat, is inset within the desk’s surface which features lobed corners above an apron outfitted with a single drawer and supported by round fluted and tapering legs on toupee feet.


  • Dutch 18th Century Mahogany and Walnut Server


    34"H x 53.875"W x 25.5"D

    Dimensions: 34″H x 53-7/8″W x 25-1/2″D

    This stunning Chippendale-style mahogany and walnut server, c.1780, is from the Netherlands and has a gorgeous patina and French polish. It features a single side apron drawer with stylized floral drop pulls, over ogee-carved and chamfered Marlborough legs with C-scroll brackets.

  • English 19th Century Mahogany Tilt-Top Center Table


    28"H x 53.125"W x 49.125"D

    Dimensions: 28″H x 53-1/8″W x 49-1/8″D; Folded 60″H.

    This fine English mahogany tilt-top center table is signed and dated “T.O. Beeman, 1849,” on the underside. The surface, of almost square section, has gorgeous book-matched mahogany veneer, rounded corners and tilts for storage when not in use. The turned base has four reeded and splayed legs ending in stylized brass feet and casters. This table is also excellent for dining as it comfortably seats four people.

  • English 19th Century Oak Server


    29.875"H x 49.75"W x 18"D

    Dimensions: 29-7/8″H x 49-3/4″W x 18″D

    This handsome English oak server, c. 1850, features a rectangular surface sits over a narrow apron outfitted with a single drawer and having a turned wooden pull. The whole rests upon square tapering legs. This server would work well in a dining area or as a sofa table!

  • French 19th Louis XVI-Style Oval Giltwood Occasional Table


    30"H x 33.25"W x 23.75"D

    Dimensions: 30″H x 33-1/4″W x 23-3/4″D

    This graceful oval giltwood occasional table, c. 1880, is from France and features a white marble top with delicate grey veining, over an intricately carved apron with four gentle cabriole splayed legs and feet supported by a caned lower stretcher-shelf. This lovely piece would work perfectly as a side table, a nightstand, or as a center table in a smaller scaled foyer.

  • English 18th Century Jacobean-Style Oak Side Table


    24.5"H x 28.75"W x 27.25"D

    Dimensions: 27-1/4″H x 28-3/4″W x 24-1/2″D

    This stunning English 18th Century Jacobean-Style oak trestled side table, c. 1780’s, and features a surface covered with a beautiful needlepoint tapestry, in shades of red and gold on a black ground, which is attached to the table with brass nails. Having several typical characteristics of the Jacobean style, it is made of oak and features a paneled drawer with brass drop-pulls on each end as it was meant to be seen from both directions, as well as bulb-turned and trestled legs resting on ball feet. This fabulous side table will work in practically any room and with the addition of a glass top, it will be fully functional for modern lifestyles. It will also be a great conversation piece!

  • French 19th Century Refectory-Style Oak Farmhouse Table


    31"H x 98.25"W x 32.75"D

    Dimensions: 31″H x 98-1/4″W x 32-3/4″D

    A robust, solid oak farmhouse table, done in a refectory style, from 19th century France. Gnarled knots, beautiful grain, and an incredible range of textures give the thick tabletop its abundant character. Four substantial legs support the massive top, which has ample overhang, allowing for seating at the table’s foot and head. The turned legs are joined by a low stretcher that not only braces the table, ensuring its stability, but also provides the table with another noticeable design feature.

  • Spanish Early 19th Century Oak Refectory Table


    31.25"H x 68.5"W x 33.5"D

    Dimensions: 31-1/4″H x 68-1/2″W x 33-1/2″D

    This exuberantly-carved Spanish oak refectory table, c. 1800, will add a rich and bold statement to any room it’s placed.  The cleated plank top, above a scroll-carved frieze, is raised on bulbous gadroon-and-foliage carved cup and supports.

  • French 18th Century Oak Table


    30"H x 35.5"W x 22.75"D

    Dimensions: 30″H x 35-1/2″W x 22-3/4″D

    A fantastic little oak table, made in France circa 1780. The oak is darkly toned, with a deep, rich chocolate color. The top is wonderfully patinated, with a little history imparted by all who have used it. A wide drawer can be found in the apron and accessed with a pull of its small, turned oak knob. The table has four legs that are all turned in baluster / candlestick form and braced by stretchers below. At nearly two hundred and forty years old, this special table looks incredible for its age, and with proper care, will only improve over time.

  • French Early 20th Century Art Deco Pine Butcher Block


    34.25"H x 59"W x 23.75"D

    Dimensions: 34-1/4″H x 59″W x 23-3/4″D

    A fine butcher table, made in Nantes, France circa 1920. The table’s top boasts exceptional patination. A groove has been left from decades of knife work and butchery. The top is bound together with steel bindings that help to keep the top from splitting. The butcher block rests on a stylish pine base that has been influenced by the Art Deco movement that was occurring at the time of its construction. The base has a large drawer and the maker’s badge that has his name, R. Lerat, and even his shop’s address at 18 R’de Bouville in Nantes, France.

  • French 19th Century Empire Mahogany Console


    33"H x 37"W x 19"D

    Dimensions: 33″H x 37″W x 19″D

    A French 19th century mahogany console, with Empirical style and marble top. The gray marble top is in wonderful antique condition, with the front and sides being finished. The apron houses a hidden drawer, providing out-of-sight storage. The top is supported by columns with wood bases and capitals. An undertier shelf both braces the console structurally and creates another surface for displaying decorative objects or whatever you would like!

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    French 19th Century Walnut Louis XVI Center Table

    Original price was: $3,600.00.Current price is: $2,500.00.

    29"H x 47"W x 26.375"D

    Dimensions: 29″H x 47″W x 26-3/8″D

    A gorgeous French 19th century Louis XVI-style center table, topped with a beautiful piece of Breche d’Alep marble. The shaped marble top is shaped to fit the walnut base. The table’s apron has mirrored running coin carvings that extend from the centrally located bouquet of roses carved into each of the table’s long sides. Four turned legs extend from Louis XVI joinery dies found at the table’s corners. They have been embellished with twisted carvings and are braced by a concave stretcher below. The ornate stretcher has a carved finial found at its axis. c.1890.

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    French Early 20th Century Pine Folding Table with Numismatic Top

    Original price was: $3,995.00.Current price is: $3,195.00.

    28.25"H x 71.25"W x 33"D

    Dimensions: 28 1/4″H x 71 1/4″W x 33″D

    A wonderfully aged French provincial pine folding table, with a numismatic (coin collecting) twist, circa 1900. American and European coins have more recently been inlaid into the table’s top in a most-interesting manner. The coins lie flush with the surface and are held in place with numerous nails that surround each coin. Both the coins and pine top have an antiqued patina that fills this unique antique with charm. The table has braced legs that can be folded for easier transport. Forged iron supports guide the legs when folding the table, and two metal latches can be used to keep them securely tucked away.

  • French 19th Century Birch & Marble Table


    29"H x 36.75"W x 26"D

    Dimensions: 29″H x 36-3/4″W x 26″D

    A breathtaking birch writing table, made at the beginning if the 19th century in France. The marble top is a rich cinnamon color, with vibrant flashes of white throughout, and a wonderful finished edge. The base is made of solid birch with beautiful curling present. The apron is shaped, with a simple design reminiscent of the table’s cabriole legs. The apron houses two shallow drawers: perfect for storing pens, paper, and other writing implements. The cabriole legs are slender and graceful, with their shapely figure terminating in carved hoof feet. c.1810.

  • Italian 19th Century Ebony and Scagliola-Top Table


    28"H x 29.375"W x 23.75"D

    Dimensions: 28″H x 29-3/8″W x 23-3/4″D

    A striking Italian ebony table, made in the 19th century, with an inset top of rust-colored Scagliola stone. The tabletop is trimmed in a mirrored carved twist motif that runs the entire perimeter. The table’s most noticeable feature is the barley twist legs that have been masterfully turned, much like the phenomenal stretcher that connects them. This ornate stretcher is further decorated with a beautiful urn finial placed where the supports intersect. The ebony finish gleams with its fresh wax and polishing, and will for years to come. Brass casters can be found under each of the four legs.

  • Massive 19th Century English Mahogany Trolley


    53"H x 72"W x 23.5"D

    Dimensions: 53″H x 72″W x 23-1/2″D

    An English tea trolley of grand proportions! This 19th century mahogany antique is oversized, and therefore likely used in a hotel or commercial setting. The wood is stunning, with deep, rich color. The four upright supports have been turned and styled to give this otherwise linear piece some flair and ornamentation. The supports are capped with turned finials and sit on brass casters. c. 1870.

  • French Reproduction Mahogany Demilune Console, 2 in Stock


    32.25"H x 48"W x 15.75"D

    Dimensions: 32-1/4″H x 48″W x 15-3/4″D

    A fine reproduction dark mahogany demilune console. This table is equipped with a drawer hidden in the apron. Long, slender legs meet the piece’s shaped top in front of the apron, giving it a distinct and dramatic style. This reproduction piece has undergone a finishing process which results in this newly constructed table having the appearance of a piece that has been around for generations. As with all of our reproduction pieces, we select those made of the highest quality to ensure they are enjoyed for generations to come. 2 IN STOCK.

  • English 19th Century Regency Mahogany Drop Leaf Table


    27.625"H x 31.75"W x 7.25"D

    Dimensions: 27-5/8″H x 31-3/4″W x 7-1/4″D

    Rich mahogany was chosen to construct this handsome Regency drop leaf table from 19th century England. The table has beautifully styled legs that have been turned and finished with a reeded motif. The two legs that swing to support the top, when opened, match the fixed legs, but are set on casters. When opened, the table measures 27 5/8″H x 31 3/4″W x 36 1/8″D. The fixed legs are reinforced with a stretcher that features the same reeded motif, and has been turned. A wonderfully versatile table that is there when needed, but able to be broken down, and easily stowed away when not in use.

  • French Walnut Farm Table


    30"H x 90"W x 30"D

    Dimensions: 30″H x 90″W x 30″D

    Wonderful French walnut farm table. Expertly crafted at Fireside in Baton Rouge.

  • French Restoration 19th Century Marble Top Center Table


    29.375"H x 50.75"W x 50.75"D

    Dimensions: 29-3/8″H x 50-3/4″Diameter

    French Restoration period thick cut marble top gueridon center table made of burled walnut and cherry wood. Stunning size and patina, thick grooves are present in this marble top of many colors but have not needed repair, c. 1810.

  • SALELimited

    French 18th Century Oak Table with Drawer

    Original price was: $4,200.00.Current price is: $3,350.00.

    27.375"H x 46.75"W x 31.375"D

    Dimensions: 27 3/8″H x 46 3/4″W x 31 3/8″D

    This French 18th century table is made of incredibly handsome antique oak. One large drawer can be found in the apron that still boasts its original hardware. The table is supported by beautiful carved turned legs, linked by an equally beautiful center stretcher that is adorned with a carved palm finial. The table has acquired a phenomenally aged patina in its’ over two hundred year history. See detailed photos for a better look at the warmth and richness of the antique oak.

  • French 19th Century Barley-Twist Fold-Down Desk


    48.625"H x 58.25"W x 27.125"D

    Dimensions: 48-5/8″H x 58-1/4″W x 27-1/8″D

    A handsome, impressive carved mahogany desk with gem-cut decorations and fitted birds-eye maple interiors and original black leather writing surface. A very interesting key unlocks the top part of this fine desk, folding down to an interior fitted with 9 storage areas. The top of the desk slides forward reveling the writing surface which is pulled out and then dropped down for a very functional and useable writing surface. Below the writing surface are three large drawers (one is a faux front, one large drawer with a hidden locked compartment) The whole sits on impressively carved barley twist legs. 1840’s

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