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  • Pair of French Iron Bistro Chairs


    31.25"H x 20"W x 20.25"D

    Dimensions: 31-¼”H x 20”W x 20-¼”D

    A rustic pair of chairs to add so much character to your garden or patio. Classically designed and well worn with drainage holes in unique patterns. Seat height is 15-½”. Make sure to view the detailed images to get a closer look.

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    Set of 4 Italian Reproduction Side Chairs


    37.38"H x 18.25"W x 17.38"D

    Dimensions: 37-⅜”H x 18-¼”W x 17-⅜”D

    A set of 4 Italian reproduction chairs to add a few more places to sit wherever you need. The faux aged leather perfectly compliments the hardwood frames. The cushions are firm and comfortable with a seat height of 19-¼”. A slight curve to the back and legs add a nice shapeliness to the design. Make sure to view the detailed images. They are not available for reorder. Sold as a set only.

  • Dutch 18th Century Marquetry Settee


    44.25"H x 62.50"W x 20.50"D

    Dimensions: 44-¼”H x 62-½”W x 20-½”D

    This Dutch Rococo style three-seat-back settee is a wonderful addition to any interior. Crafted during the 19th century with high quality, ornate marquetry work. The top of each seat back showcases a crowned lion in the standing “rampant” position. Floral designs cover every part of the frame, including the back; giving it the ability to float in any space. The upholstered, striped fabric is fixed to a removable cushion that remains moderately comfortable. The apron is shaped according to the seat cushion and has a scalloped edge. Cabriole legs terminate at claw shaped front feet. Seat height is 20-¼”. Make sure to view the remaining images to get a closer look at this fabulous settee. C. 1760

  • Italian Savonarole Chair in Red Velvet


    36.50"H x 23.25"W x 19"D

    Dimensions: 36-½”H x 23-¼”W x 19”D

    A fabulous Savonarola chair with perfectly worn red velvet cushions with quality tassel ties. Decorative brass finials contrast the hand forged iron frames beautifully. The bottom and arm cushion contains the original mohair filling and remains quite comfortable. The curvy stretcher adds to the shapely body and provides continued support and finish at brass ball-and-claw feet. The cushion is removable and the seat height is 17-¼”. Make sure to check out all the photographs to get a closer look at the details.

  • English 19th Century Velvet Sofa


    32.50"H x 64"W x 31.75"D

    Dimensions: 32-½”H x 64”W x 31-¾”D

    Add a unique pop of color and texture to your interior with this fabulous settee. In wonderful antique condition, the sturdy frame is upholstered in a soft red velvet with a twisted fringe trim. This is an incredibly versatile piece. The arms have the ability to pull out and lay down, extending to 89-½”W. The back support can also be lifted off. Turned front feet are fixed with castors to easily move around your space. Seat height is 18”.Make sure to view the detailed images to get a better look at this neat settee.

  • Set of 8 Arts & Crafts Dining Chairs


    39"H x 18.88"W x 19.25"D

    Dimensions: 39”H x 18-⅞”W x 19-¼”D

    English set of eight arts and crafts dining chairs of impressive design and condition from the 1860’s. The geometric carvings are thoughtfully designed and implemented. Worn leather seats with nailhead trim are comfortable and generous in size. The leather is in gently worn condition and rich in color, complimenting their oak frames. Each chair has its original brass casters, used for butlers and gentlemen to easily pull chairs out for guests. Be sure to scroll through the detailed images for true, current condition. Sold as a set only.

  • English 19th Century Pair of Armchairs


    36"H x 31.50"W x 26"D

    Dimensions: 36”H x 31-½”W x 26”D

    A classic pair of armchairs from 19th century England in wonderful antique condition. Upholstered in a neutral, patterned cut velvet fabric. Comfortable and sturdy, the chairs are raised on turned ebonized legs in the front, more simple legs in the back. The seat height is 16-¼”. The few signs of wear or discoloration only add to their antique charm. Make sure to view the detailed images to get a closer look at this great pair of occasional chairs. Sold as a pair only.

  • English 19th Century Upholstered Stool


    18.50"H x 19.25"W x 14.50"D

    Dimensions: 18-½”H x 19-¼”W x 14-½”D

    A darling English Regency style stool circa 1880. The solid walnut frame showcases swirling and folate carved designs on the legs and finishes with spoon feet. Upholstered in worn champagne toned fabric and backed with burlap, the removable cushion fits perfectly to suspend within the apron. This stool has gained a great patina over the years. Make sure to view the detailed images to get a closer look.

  • Swedish Set of 5 Gustavian Dining Chairs


    34.25"H x 19.50"W x 19"D

    Dimensions: 34-¼”H x 19-½”W x 19”D

    A set of five Gustavian style dining chairs, circa 1810, with fantastic potential in any space. The curved back rests feature reeding details on the back and seem suspended by turned spindles. Lambs tongue carving on the apron is interrupted by folate carved joinery dies above tapered, reeded legs. White muslin is fixed to the frames with visible upholsterers nails and is ready for the fabric of your choice or left as is depending on your style. The red ocher finish has gained a wonderful patina over the years. Seat height is 17”. Make sure to take a closer look at the detailed images to get a closer look at their current condition.

  • Set of 4 Vintage Italian Rococo Arm Chairs


    33.75"H x 25"W x 21"D

    Dimensions: 33-¾”H x 25”W x 21”D

    Set of four Italian Rococo armchairs from the 19th century. Their shaped cushioned back supports seamlessly connect with scrolling arms. The cream and blush pink upholstery with a crackle pattern provides a unique texture that compliments the frames and is in wonderful worn condition. The upholstery on the back side of the back is fixed to the frame with decorative brass nailheads. Turned cabriole legs finish at escargot feet and provide level support for the whole. Seats are 17-¼”H and the arms are 25”H. Sold as a set only. Make sure to view the detailed images to get a closer look at the quality craftsmanship.

  • 19th Century George III Settee


    32.50"H x 74.75"W x 24.50"D

    Dimensions: 32-½”H x 74-¾”W x 24-½”D

    This George III settee is a conversation starter in any space. Crafted with timeless style in mind, it’s upholstered with red silk showcasing an urn and floral motif in gold silk thread. The fabric is beautifully detailed and in wonderful antique condition. A sturdy richly toned hardwood frame continues to support the lightly settee and has gained a delight patina. Simply turned arms and legs are a testament to the skilled craftsmanship. Seat height: 16-¾”. This settee is a standout addition to any space, make sure to view the detailed images to get a closer view of the current condition.

  • English 19th Century Pair of Oak Hall Chairs


    33.75"H x 15.50"W x 18.25"D

    Dimensions: 33-¾”H x 15-½”W x 18-¼”D

    A pair of finely crafted solid oak English hall chairs from the 19th century. The shapely back showcases scrolling and shell inspired hand-carved elements at the top, a recessed shield form in the center, and acanthus leaves. Sturdy and level, they are supported by splayed back legs and turned front legs with toupe feet. Each chair has hand-holds hewn into the rear side of the back support. Made using traditional peg construction and retains a lovely patina. Seat height is 17-¼”. Circa 1820. Make sure to view the detailed images to get a closer view of this charming pair of occasional chairs.

  • 18th Century Gustavian Settee


    39.75"H x 57.25"W x 25.63"D

    Dimensions: 39-¾”H x 57-¼”W x 25-⅝”D

    This eye-catching 18th century Swedish painted settee is a jewel of a find. The hand carved details throughout are beautifully accentuated by the original pale gray painted finish. A high gallery rail on three sides- perfect for bunching up pillows- with stylized urn forms lifting an upper upholstered section. The worn upholstery does need to be replaced, giving you the chance to add your own touch to perfectly fit your space. The turned legs feature beautiful flower like carvings and a round finial atop each support. Since the 1700’s, this piece has seen a lot of life and achieved a lovely patina. Seat height with the cushion is 20”, without the removable cushion is 16”. Make sure to view the detailed images to get a closer look at this truly unique piece.

  • Pair of 19th Century Dutch Arm Chairs


    34.13"H x 22.50"W x 21.50"D

    Dimensions: 34-⅛”H x 22-½”W x 21-½”D

    A gorgeous pair of satinwood armchairs, made in The Netherlands during the 19th century. Influenced by English Regency and French Empire styles, the pair have a delightful, delicate design that is airy and light, but also proud and resolute. Each chair has an urn form back with bookmatched veneer. The long, slender arms have a graceful form that meet the frame at beautifully turned pillars. Upholstered in a vintage striped silk with trim. Seat height: 19”. Arm height: 27-½”.

  • Pair of Mid Century Armchairs


    32.75"H x 21.75"W x 22.25"D

    Dimensions: 32-¾”H x 21-¾”W x 22-¼”D

    A stylish pair of mid century modern armchairs from 1960’s France. Chair slates are upholstered with green vinyl and a sleek frame crafted from fruitwood; these are the perfect way to add a pop of color to any living space. The seat height is 17-½” and the arms are 25-¼”. In wonderful vintage condition, make sure to view the detailed images to get a closer view.

  • Reproduction French Bistro Chairs


    34.50"H x 17.50"W x 16.25"D

    Dimensions: 34-½”H x 17-½”W x 16-¼”D

    A reproduction bistro chair crafted from beechwood with a deep walnut finish. Classically designed with a modern touch, this chair is the perfect way to elevate any dining space. Seat height is 20”. Sold individually, please inquire about availability.

  • Reproduction French Bentwood Style Bistro Chairs


    35.50"H x 16"W x 20"D

    Dimensions: 35-1/2”H x 16”W x 20”D

    A reproduction bistro chair crafted from beechwood with a deep walnut finish. Classically designed with a modern touch, this chair is the perfect way to elevate any dining space. Seat height is 20”. Sold individually, please inquire about availability.

  • French Pair of Louis XVI Style Bergers


    41.50"H x 26"W x 21.50"D

    Dimensions: 41-½”H x 26”W x 21-½”D

    This pair of French Louis XVI-Style bergeres are in wonderful condition. The frames are 19th century, hand carved with a twisted ribbon border, acanthus leaf arms, and painted in its original finish. Upholstered in elegant stripe floral fabric with a removable cushion. These sturdy chairs are supported by turned, fluted legs. Seat height is 20”. Sold as a pair only. Make sure to view the detailed images for a closer look at the quality craftsmanship!

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    French 19th Century Mahogany Col De Cygne Bergere


    34.13"H x 25.25"W x 27"D

    Dimensions: 34-⅛”H x 25-¼”W x 27”D

    This fabulous col de cygne bergere was crafted in France circa 1810! In good antique condition with signs of wear consistent with over 200 years of use. Deeply toned, patinated mahogany frames beautifully compliment the stunning green velvet upholstery. Embossed with laurel wreaths and floral forms for a smart but whimsical design with floral border. The arms feature intricately hand-carved swan forms with detailed wings on the interior and exterior; a unique and intentional characteristic. Distinctive front legs with claw feet create a cohesive design. The cushions retain the original horsehair cushioning and tan and white gingham fabric backing. Comfortable and chic, this bergere is eye-catching in any living space. Removing the bottom cushion reveals the original vibrant tone of the fabric, a glimpse into the past! Seat height is 14-¾”. Make sure to view the detailed images for a closer look at this wonderful pair of armchairs!

  • Set of 5 English 19th Century Oak Dining Chairs


    35"H x 17.50"W x 17.50"D

    Dimensions: 35”H x 17-½”W x 17-½”D

    This classic set of five dining chairs was crafted in England, circa 1860. Cleaned and polished with French wax paste. The wonderfully patinated solid oak proves to be incredibly sturdy after nearly 200 years, giving them the ability to withstand everyday use. Turned dowels create an open back look. Attached to the turned legs, a stretcher provides continued support. Sold as a set only. Seat height; 17-½”. Make sure to view the detailed images for a closer look at the excellent condition of the chairs!

  • Swedish Reproduction Painted Chair


    35.50"H x 20.25"W x 18.88"D

    Dimensions: 35-½”H x 20-¼”W x 18-⅞”D

    This Swedish style chair is full of character! Painted to look old and and recently upholstered in a Zak + Fox linen fabric. Supported by tapered, fluted legs. Seat height is 18-½”. Make sure to view the detailed images for a closer look at this smart occasional chair.

  • French 19th Century Painted Louis XVI-Style Bergere


    39.25"H x 23.63"W x 24"D

    Dimensions: 39-¼”H x 23-⅝”W x 24”D

    A fabulous individual Louis XVI style bergere from 19th century France. This antique armchair boasts a meticulously carved and painted frame to which a lovely striped fabric has been affixed. The squared frame is ornamented with carved acanthus leaf, lamb’s tongue, twisted ribbon and fluted motifs and has been painted a beautiful taupe/sage green color – which has patinated wonderfully over the decades – exposing the natural hardwood found below in more trafficked areas. The bergere is upholstered in a more recent fabric, with a pink and ecru stripe. The upholstery is affixed to the frame with brass nailheads. Seat height: 17”H.

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    Pair of French Painted Slipper Chairs


    34.13"H x 17.25"W x 17.5"D

    Dimensions: 34-⅛”H x 17-¼”W x 17-½”D

    A lovely petite pair of French slipper chairs. The cream painted frames are accented by the dark greenish blue inner trim. Matching carved flowers and leaf-like corners detail the top of the shaped seat backs. The worn floral upholstery is original to the pair, secured to the frame with a decorative nailhead trim. Seat height is 16-¼”. Each chair has a slightly different shaped set of turned front legs, making them quite a unique pair. Age and use has worn away some of the paint, revealing a darker coat underneath from an earlier time.

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    English Inlay Upholstered Single Chair


    39"H x 17"W x 18"D

    Dimensions: 39”H x 17”W x 18”D

    A simple upholstered chair from England with just the right amount of antique detail. The bright wood frame features a delicate inlay on the apron and front legs. Light, striped fabric is lined with the same fabris and fixed to the chair. The spring seats are comfortable and in good condition. The front feet have brass sabots on them to protect from wear and tear. Make sure to view the detailed images.

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    Set of 4 French 19th Century Provincial Oak Rush Seat Dining Chairs


    39"H x 19"W x 18"D

    Dimensions: 39”H x 19”W x 18”D

    A set of 4 oak and rush seat chairs with a fun touch of carved detail! The scalloped seat backs show off the dark grain lines of the antique oak frames. The warm rush seats are in good condition. Floral carvings and escorgo feet add so much charm to these chairs. The supportive stretcher is joined in cross at the center of turned wooden spindles. These would be great for breakfast nook or casual dining area! Seat height is 18”. Make sure to view the detailed images for a closer look at the condition and design!

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    French 19th Century Gilt Fauteuils


    36.50"H x 24"W x 21.50"D

    Dimensions: 36-½”H x 24”W x 21-½”D

    A fantastic pair of Louis XVI style fauteuils! The giltwood frames have been carved with exquisite detail; leaves, rossettses, and ribbon-like perimeters. The silk upholstery is in good condition and depicts a beautiful design of flowers and vines in metallic thread with pink trim. Fluted Louis XVI style legs support the comfortable seats. The giltwood has been slightly worn with age and use, giving the pair a great patina without taking away from the luster of the gold. Seat height is 17-¼”. Make sure to view the detailed images for a closer look!

  • French 20th Century Louis XV Style Pair of Chairs


    34.75"H x 24"W x 20"D

    Dimensions: 34-¾”H x 24”W x 20”D

    A pair of early 20th century Louis XV style oak frame chairs. Recently upholstered with cut silk and velvet fabric, the seat height is 18” without the cushion and 24’’ with the cushion. The caning is in great condition, stained to match the rich oak. Flower carvings on the shaped back beautifully match those on the skirt and legs. The French cabriole legs are lightly carved and provide level support. Comfortable and wide, these chairs are perfect for any living space! Make sure to view the detailed images for a closer look.

  • Swedish 19th Century Louis XVI Style Settee


    34"H x 68"W x 27.25"D

    Dimensions: 34”H x 68”W x 27-¼” D

    A vibrant upholstered Louis XVI style settee from Sweden, circa 1840. The green-ish blue paint is original to the frame, worn in few spots adding to the overall antique charm. The high back and shaped sides are covered with yellow and white striped vintage fabric with a border of yellow, secured to the frame and perimetered by carved beads. The scrolling arms feature carved rosettes at the top and at the conjunction with the turned, fluted legs. Two decorative cylindrical pillows with matching fabric are included. Seat height is 16”. Make sure to view the detailed images for a closer look!

  • Set of 6 Vintage Upholstered Dining Chairs


    37.5"H x 18"W x 17.25"D

    Dimensions: 37-½”H x 18”W x 17-¼”D

    This delightful set of 6 dining chairs have a sleek design with comfortable upholstery. The rich color of the wood frame contrasts well with the light fabric. A cut-out in the slightly curved seat back creates a pleasing illusion. Straight, tapered legs support the whole. The fabric is in good condition with some signs of wear, make sure to view the detailed images.

  • Custom Made Arm Chair & Ottoman


    29.75"H x 26.75"W x 44"D

    Dimensions: 29-¾”H x 26-¾”W x 44”D

    A charming armchair and ottoman duo in matching Lisa Fine fabric. Custom made by Cisco, this petite set provides a comfortable and stylish place to relax without taking up too much space. The repeating blue flower pattern and cream base of the fabric make this an easy piece to incorporate into a range of decor styles. Ottoman dimensions are 15-½”H x 17”W x 23-½”D. Chair dimensions are 29-¾”H x 26-¾”W x 27-½”D. Make sure to view the detailed images for a closer look.

  • SALELimited

    French Set of 4 Vintage Arm Chairs


    31.5"H x 21.5"W x 19"D

    Dimensions: 31-½”H x 21-½”W x 19”D

    This set of comfortable upholstered arm chairs have an oak frame and great patina throughout. The dark red upholstery is slightly worn but in good condition. Round, decorative nailheads secure the fabric to the seat back and add a charming amount of metal detail. Sleek arms and wide cushions make these the perfect addition to a dining room or breakfast area. Sold as a set of four. Seat height is 18”. Make sure to view the detailed images for a closer look at the condition.

  • French 19th Century Charles X Style Settee


    37.50"H x 57"W x 26.50"D

    Dimensions: 37-½”H x 57”W x 26-½”D

    This elegant settee is upholstered with a stunning blue fabric that brilliantly contrasts with the dark wood frame. The whole is supported by deeply turned legs and elevates the piece 10” from the ground. The curved apron has a beautiful floral inlay gracing the front and sides, having been cut from a much lighter wood than the frame, the details stand out even more. The delicate inlay is continued on the settee arm in a climbing vine pattern. Visible nail heads secure the upholstery. This settee is very comfortable and ready to become a conversation piece in any living space. Seat height is 19”. Make sure to view the detailed images for a closer look.

  • SALELimited

    Set of 4 English 19th Century Church Chairs


    33"H x 13"W x 18"D

    Dimensions: 33”H x 13-½”W x 18-¼”D

    A unique set of four chairs, with book holders attached to the back, as they were once used in a church setting. The top of the chairs have a slight downward slope, possibly shaped for those in the row behind to place their elbows while kneeling. Simple in construction, the cut outs in the chair backs add the perfect amount of detail. The bright wood has a beautiful patina throughout the set, make sure to view the detailed images to get a closer look. Circa 1890. Seat height: 17-¼”

  • SALELimited

    English 19th Century Oak Bench


    18"H x 47"W x 10"D

    Dimensions: 18-¼”H x 47-¾”W x 10-⅞” Diameter

    This beautiful dark oak bench is a fine example of 19th century English woodwork. The scalloped apron shows off a cathedral window motif. Six Barley Twist legs support the top of the bench, which has been well used and loved, please make sure to view the detailed images. Rectaginal stretches around the bottom help to support the bench for years to come.

  • English 19th Century Set of 8 Oak Windsor Chairs


    41.5"H x 21.38"W x 23.75"D

    Dimensions: 41-½”H x 21-⅜”W x 23-¾”D

    A wonderful set of eight English solid oak Windsor chairs have been cleaned, tightened, and polished. They are very sturdy resting on four turned legs with ‘H’ stretchers and comfortable. Each one is slightly different making a fine set. They would make a statement with any dining table you chose to use them with.

  • English 18th Century Stool Painted Black


    22"H x 20.75"W x 16.25"D

    Dimensions: 22”H x 20-¾”W x 16-¼”D

    This is an English 18th century stool which has been painted black. It has burlap upholstery on the seat and can be used as it is or reupholstered. The four legs are turned and have stretchers around the bottom connecting all.

  • SALELimited

    English 19th Century Tapestry Recliner


    39.25"H x 26.13"W x 30.25"D

    Dimensions: 39-¼”H x 26-⅛”W x 30-¼”D

    This is an English 19th century tapestry and walnut recliner. It is adjustable and also folds down so it can be easily moved or travel with the owner. It would be a conversation piece. Circa 1870. Be sure to look at the detailed images. 

    Folded: 37-¼”H x 6-½”D Seat: 16”H

  • English 19th Century Tall Stool


    27.25"H x 12.38"W x 12"D

    Dimension: 27-¼”H x 12-⅜”W x 12”D

    This is an English 19th century tall stool with simple straight legs and stretchers. The wood is walnut and the seat is upholstered. Circa 1890.

  • English 19th Century Painted Hall Bench


    36.13"H x 75.5"W x 23.88"D

    Dimensions: 36-1/8″H x 75-1/2″W x 23-7/8″D

    An amazing painted hall bench – teeming with charm – from 19th century England. The large antique has panels with diagonally oriented wooden slats which were painted green many decades ago. The frame is finished in a dark/black paint that can still be found about the weathered wood. The seat has been left in its natural state, and a comfortable seat it is! Two drawers are hung from the bench’s bottom which have also had their fronts painted green. Their metal hardware has been painted as well. The front legs and front arm posts have been turned, and along with the rest of the bench’s frame, has patinated marvelously over the years, contributing to the bench’s overall antique, English charm. c. 1880. Seat height: 17-1/4″H.

  • French 19th Century Rush Seat Prie Dieu


    32.5"H x 16.25"W x 18.75"D

    Dimensions: 32-½”H x 16-¼”W x 18-¾”D

    This is a French 19th century rush seat prie dieu. It has a painted wood finish with turned wood spindles on the back and also a shelf. It has a shaped wood top where your arms would have rested for praying. A brass plaque rests on top with the name “Mme Fromentin” and partially covers the name “Mme DETOSSE” which is expertly carved into the wood. Oh if wood could talk, the stories this antique could tell!

  • French 19th Century Oak Louis XVI-Style Bench with Cane Seat


    20.38"H x 35.5"W x 15.5"D

    Dimensions: 20-⅜”H x 35-½”W x 15-½”D

    An extraordinary little carved oak bench from 19th century France. This wonderful petite bench was made in the Louis XVI style and has a sinuously shaped top with a cane seat that is in excellent antique condition. The shaped apron is adorned with carved floral splay details and affixed to the legs with peg and hole joinery. The six legs are turned, tapered and fluted. They are reinforced by a delicately turned stretcher. The solid oak is marvelously patinated, warm and inviting. A truly sweet little place to have a seat. C.1870

  • SALELimited

    French 19th Century Oak Dining Chairs


    34"H x 17.5"W x 17.5"D

    Dimensions: 34”H x 17-½”W 17-½”D

    These French 1890’s dining chairs are very sturdy. They are made of oak with red faux-leather upholstered seats and brass nailhead trim. The X motif back is very appealing. They are sold as a set of six. Seat height: 18” Seat depth: 12-¾” Please reference sku 2140-1 for a dining table that matches, sold separately. 

  • French Early 20th Century Painted Directoire Style Bergère


    38.25"H x 26.88"W x 27.5"D

    Dimensions: 38-¼”H x 26-⅞”W x 27-½”D

    A fabulous early 20th century bergère, with taupe painted frame, made in the Directoire style in France, circa 1900. This beautiful, large chair has a linear back that is juxtaposed to its round seat. The chair is upholstered in a vintage silk fabric that is secured to the frame with brass nailheads. Turned baluster-form columns ornament the chair’s arms and complement the turned and styled front legs. See the detailed photos for a closer look at this fantastic antique bergère. 

    Seat height: 20-½”

  • French 19th Century Painted & Cane Bench


    20.5"H x 39.5"W x 14.75"D

    Dimensions: 20-½”H x 39-½”W x 14-¾”D

    A lovely cane bench with a painted wood frame.  This wonderful antique bench has a light green, patinated painted finish with accents of gold gilt.  The woven, light blonde cane seat is in good antique condition.  Six legs join the seat at rosette joinery dies.  These legs are turned, with reeded carvings and joined by a beautifully carved cross stretcher that has been embellished with floral and foliate motifs.

  • SALELimited

    Pair of French Early 20th Century Louis XV-Style Bergeres & Ottoman


    36.5"H x 28.38"W x 32.5"D

    Dimensions: 36-½”H x 28-⅜”W x 32-½”D

    A gorgeous set of carved fruitwood, cane back armchairs with ottoman.  The chairs are all hand-carved with cane backs and double cane sides.  The chairs have a light green upholstery.  See detailed pictures for its condition.  

    Chairs: 36-½”H x 28-⅜”W x 32-½”D, Seat: 17”H.

    Ottoman: 17”H x 27”W x 27″D

  • French 19th Century Louis XVI-Style Stool


    19"H x 24"W x 24"D

    Dimensions: 19”H x 24”W x 24”D

    A charming, antique European stool.  The cut velvet upholstery cushion has nailhead trim and sits atop a carved apron with floret dies at the four corners.  The whole is raised on fluted, tapering legs.  The stool has a soft, quatrefoil shape and is painted a creamy-beige with gold gilt accents.

  • Set of 6 French 20th Century Reproduction Balloon Back Dining Chairs


    38.38"H x 22.5"W x 23.5"D

    Dimensions: 38 3/8″ H x 22 1/2″ W x 23 1/2″ D

    A whimsical set of upholstered French reproduction dining chairs, produced there in the 20th Century. The set contains four side chairs and two armchairs. They have painted frames that are made to appear antique. Their overall style is in accordance with Louis XVI, and features fanciful backrests formed like early hot air balloons. The chairs are comfortable and have been recently upholstered in a wonderful blue/green fabric that is both resilient and on-trend. It is trimmed with double welt cording. The legs are turned with fluted carvings. 

    Seat height: 18-⅝”

    Side chairs: 38”H x 18-¼”W x 22-⅝”D 

    Armchairs: 38-⅜”H x 22-½”W x 23-½”D 

  • SALELimited

    French 20th Century Reproduction Louis XV Style Painted Side Chair


    39.88"H x 20"W x 22.38"D

    Dimensions: 39 7/8″ H x 20″ W x 22 3/8″ D

    A lovely painted side chair, made towards the beginning of the 20th century, in France. The cane back is intact and in wonderful vintage condition. It is painted to match the frame and accented with subtle painted details done in a cross-hatched design. The frame is painted a light cream color, which has been distressed, giving it a wonderfully, aged look. Floral and foliate carvings are accented in the same blue/green paint used to accent the cane backing. The back is shaped, and has a beautiful cartouche carved into its top rail. The shaped skirt complements the chair’s cabriole legs which terminate in escargot feet. It is upholstered in a beige fabric, which is trimmed with double welt cording.
    Seat height: 19-½”

  • Italian 18th Century Parcel-Gilt and Painted Canapé


    48.63"H x 71"W x 27.38"D

    Dimensions: 48 5/8″ H x 71″ W 27 3/8″ D

    Masterfull artistic talent was employed to create this stunning Italian canape. The sofa’s back could be mistaken for a canvas, given the finely detailed artwork that graces its surface. A central cartouche encircles a sweet bouquet of potted flowers, with tassels and filigree subjects visible. The back has gilt finials that flank its central painted crest rail. Gold gilt accents can also be found atop the armrests and ornamental joinery dies. The settee is currently outfitted with an upholstered cushion that is covered in a golden champagne-colored silk fabric with a cross-hatched laurel embroidery pattern. The green painted frame is wonderfully patinated, with delicate garlands painted atop in a darker shade of blue/green and other golden embellishments. Six tapered legs lift the canape and also bear the beautifully painted detailing. 

    Seat height: 20-½”

  • Austro-German 19th Century Biedermeier Sofa


    41.5"H x 76.5"W x 24"D

    Dimensions: 41-1/2″H x 76-1/2″W x 24″D

    A fabulous Biedermeier style settee from 19th century Bavaria. The settee is made from exceptionally beautiful, solid maple. Some areas have a striped appearance to the grain. This is known as “tigering”. The sofa’s back has a central pointed pediment with smart ebony moulded trim. It is upholstered in a striped and floral silk fabric that was present when the antique was purchased in the Netherlands. The settee’s seat can pull out to reveal a hidden storage area.

  • English 19th Century Oak Desk Chair


    36"H x 18.75"W x 22.25"D

    Dimensions: 36″H x 18-3/4″W x 22-1/4″D; Seat 18-1/4″H x 17-3/4″D

    This handsome 19th century English oak desk chair, c.1860’s, features the original leather upholstery and an incredible rich patina. The padded chair back, with large decorative nail heads (several lacking), has a rear pierced handle and sits upon a pair of chamfered rear side rails. The cushioned seat, with smaller brass nail heads (several lacking), is raised on chamfered legs joined by an H-form stretcher. The whole rests on unique roller-ball casters which, along with the handle, make for ease of movement.

  • French 19th Century Louis XVI-Style Pair of Painted Bergères


    38"H x 28"W x 29.5"D

    Dimensions: 38″H x 28″W x 29-1/2″D and 35-3/4″H x 28″W x 29″D

    This elegant pair of Louis XVI-style cream-painted “His” and “Hers” bergères, c. 1860’s, are from France and feature gorgeous velvet floral upholstery in shades of aubergine, lavender, grey, and green. The painted frames are highlighted in a sage green. These lovely bergères, one slightly larger for “Him,” would be perfect in front of a fireplace, a bedroom, or in a study!


  • English Vintage Settee Love Seat


    32.5"H x 56.75"W x 38"D

    Dimensions: 32-1/2″H x 56-3/4″W x 38″D; Seat 17-1/2″H

    This incredibly comfortable settee love seat is from England, c. 1930’s, and is freshly upholstered in RM CoCo floral fabric, pattern 2156CB, color red S30, 55% linen, 45% viscose.

  • Set of Four Mid-Century Walnut Armchairs


    31.75"H x 20"W x 18.75"D

    Dimensions: 31-3/4″H x 20″W x 18-3/4″D

    A smart set of four French Mid-Century walnut armchairs with upholstered seats. The chairs have a design that incorporates both straight lines and right angles with curves and more shapely forms. The chairs’ backs all have crossed S-form curves that create a shapely X-form splat. The seats are upholstered in a spiced apricot colored fabric and cording, with much of the cording worn to a neutral cream color.
    Seat height: 14-1/4″

  • English Early 20th Century Hand-Painted Stool


    18"H x 22.5"W x 18"D

    Dimensions: 18″H x 22-1/2″W x 18″D

    A beautiful hand-painted stool from 1900’s England. The antique is upholstered in a creamy gold silk fabric that is affixed to the frame using the same creamy gold-colored gimp tape. The frame is ebonized, with the four legs having a cabriole form and the apron being shaped. The ebony base has been masterfully hand-painted with gorgeous flowers, birds, foliage, and decorative filigree. This stool was greatly influenced by the Chinoiserie movement that was going on in England at the time. Hardwood has become exposed where some of the ebony has been lost, giving the stool its antique character.

  • English 19th Century Oak Captain’s Chair


    30.5"H x 24.25"W x 20"D

    Dimensions: 30-1/2″H x 24-1/4″W x 20″D

    A splendid captain’s chair, made in England, circa 1870 of solid oak. The antique has fantastic turned spindle components that join to form a handsome and classically styled chair. The horseshoe shaped armrest, welled seat, and curved top rail have all been hand-carved using exceptional English oak. The chair is braced by a double stretcher linking all four turned legs.
    Seat height: 17″

  • SALELimited

    Pair of French 19th Century Gold Gilt Louis XV Armchairs


    39.75"H x 26"W x 28.5"D

    Dimensions: 39-3/4″H x 26″W x 28-1/2″D

    A brilliant pair of gold gilt fauteuils, made in France towards the beginning of the 19th century. The pair has been more recently upholstered in a silk fabric depicting fruiting branches. These Louis XV armchairs have a carved frame that is finished in wonderfully preserved, lustrous gold gilt. Sinuous lines, hallmarks of the classic Louis XV design, are incorporated into the chair’s rails, with lovely cabriole legs emerging from them and terminating in escargot feet.
    Seat height: 17″

  • SALELimited

    French 19th Century Louis XV Style Upholstered Armchair


    44"H x 24.5"W x 28.5"D

    Dimensions: 44″H x 24-1/2″W x 28-1/2″D

    A beautiful late 19th century carved Louis XV style armchair from France. Upholstered in an ivory fabric with double-welt cording, this classically styled chair has a darker hand-carved walnut frame that contrasts the lighter fabric nicely. Both the top and front rails are embellished with carved shell cartouche and floral motifs. The arms and legs are all done in the sinuous Louis XV style, with the front legs terminating in carved escargot feet. The upholstery does have some blemishes and is not in pristine condition.

  • Reproduction Painted Regent Ottoman


    16"H x 18.5"W x 15"D

    Dimensions: 16″H x 18-1/2″W x 15″D

    A painted reproduction ottoman, with upholstered cushion top. Elements of Louis XV style can be found in the shaped apron and cabriole legs. The frame is painted gray with cream accents, and the cushion top is upholstered in a clean white fabric.

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