Designer Spotlight

The Fireside Collection by Saint Claude

At Fireside Antiques, we love to collaborate with some of our favorite local designers.  A few years ago, we had the honor of creating a special collection with Saint Claude jewelry.  Saint Claude was established by our friend and artist, Sarah Killen Ellman, over ten years ago in New Orleans.

The jewelry-designer-turned-retail-and-lifestyle-extraordinaire runs Saint Claude Social Club, a shop “for the customer with an authentic style and who is not led by trends.”  The mission behind the jewelry brand is to encourage the customer to see beyond what meets the eye in everyday objects.  To see pieces of our own antiques transformed into beautiful jewelry that we wear daily has been a most inspiring process!

Saint Claude jewelry, including pieces from the Fireside Collection. Photo via Saint Claude.
A view inside Saint Claude's studio. Photo by Augusta Sagnelli.

In our shop at Fireside Antiques, we specialize in antique furniture restoration and refurbishing.  Through this process, we come across so many beautiful details in hardware, wooden-carvings, and other intricacies.  For months, we collected loose bits and pieces of these handmade details to then hand over to Ellman.  Pieces of hardware from 18th and 19th century antiques were cast into molds through a wax technique of casting metal.  Relics from our antiques serve as the molds for replicas made into jewelry for this special collection.

A mix of antique-inspired jewelry. Photo by Alexa King.

The Fireside Collection by Saint Claude can be found here in our showroom at Fireside Antiques in Baton Rouge, at Saint Claude Social Club retail space in New Orleans, and at the Saint Claude website.

Imagery via Saint Claude and photographed by Sophie Berard and Emily Ferretti.