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Finishing Your Home With Antique Mirrors

At Fireside Antiques, we like to think of antique mirrors as the finishing touch to a collected interior.  Much like adding a bauble of jewelry to your sartorial ensemble, the glimmer of a mirror serves as a functional finish to a beautiful home.  No home is complete without one.  Additionally, the antique mirror serves one of the most practical functions in our homes:  it provides the ability to see ourselves and to see our interiors from different angles!  An antique mirror provides an opportunity to elevate a simple task to a beautiful, stylish display of art that enhances the light and space of your home.


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Glass making in the mirror form has existed for about 700 years.  The glassmaking capitol of the world was the island of Murano in the Venetian region of Italy, where they kept the techniques secret from other countries for over a hundred years.   In it’s early time, mirrors were only available to the most wealth individuals.  The art of seeing oneself was considered a display of status, which is how the varying styles of mirror frames came to evolve.

One of the most popular styles of mirror seen in modern interiors today is the 19th Century Louis Philippe Mirror, named for the reigning monarch of France in this period.  The simplistic style, typically seen with soft etchings of geometrical or floral patterns, will have a classic gilt finish or the more casual wood frame.  Our selection of 19th Century Louis Philippe mirrors all contain their original mercury glass, some with light foxing in keeping with age and history.

The Antique Trumeau, pronouced [“true”-moh), hails from 18th Century France.  It is constructed of a painted or carved wooden panel above an inlay of mirrored glass.  Traditionally this form of mirror was installed on a panel of wall between two windows where the mirror would enhance natural light filtering into a room.  At night, the mirror would reflect candlelight and give the effect of light coming from the windows.  Trumeau installed above mantles would reflect light from candlesticks and girandoles placed on the mantle.




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Buying an antique mirror is an investment in your home.  Fireside Antiques will professionally install this work of art into your home to ensure perfect placement and the safety of your antique.  Our staff have worked with antique mirrors for over thirty years, and our expert installation is the finishing touch to your interior.  Call us today to incorporate a mirror installation into your next interior install.

As one of the country’s largest importers of fine European Antique Mirrors, our inventory ranges from 18th Century to Vintage pieces.  Sizes vary from 14-inches high to well over 100-hundred inches.  We have a selection of mirror pairs, that will install symmetry and balance into your designs. It is rare to find a pair of one-of-a-kind (or in this case, two-of-a-kind!) antiques, and we have a multitude of options in our shop.

We will help you find a perfect piece of glimmer for any space in your home. Shop our inventory online today, or stop by the showroom to see these beautiful antiques on display!


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