We’re happy to announce that the site is now part of Fireside Antiques.

The (The Hudson Antiques & Art Dealers Association) represents 40+ businesses in New York, which has become widely recognized as a premier antique and art center in America. Members feature a wide range of antiques, decorative objects, vintage home furnishings, lighting, Paintings, Porcelains, Mirrors, Clocks, Architectural items, Garden Furniture, Rug, and accessories.

The owner of FiresideAntiques is happy to announce their newest addition, the website!  Fireside Antiques was founded in 2007 with one goal: To provide high-quality antique furniture at affordable prices. Our great selection and excellent customer service have made us an established leader among online retailers for over 10 years; we’re proud that our trusted shop will expand.

The Latest Antiques and Collectables from our Antique Store

At Fireside Antiques, we have an extensive collection of beautiful antiques from Europe, including items from Italy, England, and France. Browse through our antique furniture pieces to bring something with history and even a certain dramatic style into your home today. Our traditional furniture comes from premier European sources so that you can be assured of authenticity and quality in any furniture or accent piece choice.

The Antiques Categories from our Antique Shop:

Antique Furniture

 Looking for one-of-a-kind antique furniture? Look no further than FiresideAntique. With an impressive collection that spans centuries and includes sideboards, dressers, antique desks, sofas, antique chairs, and credenzas, it’s easy to see why we have been able to help many people find valuable pieces in their homes!

We carry a wide variety of items, including antique beds and storage items. Our furniture collection includes storage items, beds, tables, seating, and outdoor garden furniture on the practical side of antiquing. This category encompasses everything from 19th-century French marble-top antique furniture to an industrial-style vintage piece.

Antique furnishings are timeless designs that never go out of style. They’re certain to be eye-catching features in your house.

Antique Table

Antique tables can make an attractive addition to any room of your house.

At, there’s a fantastic range of antique tables, supplying you with one made with the utmost workmanship by gifted artisans and skilled craftsmen, many of which were built to last for generations. Looking to purchase an antique desk, antique coffee table, side table, console, dressing table, antique console table, or antique dining table? Check out today to find a variety of great antiques. Antique tables from the 19th century and earlier are among the most sought-after pieces of furniture you can own. Our antique tables are perfect examples to be found in homes across America since they date back as far as the late 18th century and hail from England or Italy, among other places!

Antique Mirror

Fireside Antiques has an amazing selection of antique mirrors for sale online. From full-length and wall-mounted, we have all your needs covered with our diverse range that includes hand-, floor-length, or vanity-size options! A beautiful decoration will make any home shine like never before; shop now at FiresideAntiques, where you can find something perfect (and affordable) in no time.

Antique Lighting

The antique lighting options at Fireside Antiques will help you create the ambiance, task, or accent needed for your room. You can choose from an antique chandelier as the main source of light with candlestick lamps if reading is what’s on the mind; we also offer adjustable antique wall sconces that would be the perfect addition to any paintings and traditional century-old antique lanterns too!

Antique Storage

Fireside Antiques is a one-stop shop for all your antique storage needs. With diverse styles, including antique commode, Armoire, antique buffet, trunk, and antique bookcase, to name just a few, you’ll be able to find the perfect piece that suits any décor with ease! is now part of
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