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The website was originally built for one of the big antique shows and auctions in the California area. They promote antique shows and find local antique dealers. The show averages 175 to 250+ dealers per show, with many coming from out of the area and even from other states.

This means there is always merchandise that can’t be seen at any other time than the show. Even the dealers that are considered ‘local’ you can’t see at any other time because they don’t run a shop, they only do shows.

Their Antique Repair and restoration experts at the show help repair all types of glass & crystal, pottery & porcelain, furniture, jewelry, art and much more. Calendar Antique Shows has a special booth to help customers appraise their Antiques.

At Fireside Antiques, we offer a comprehensive range of stunning restored antiques and collectibles from all over Europe from the 18th, 19th, or 20th centuries that will be sure to add value to your home for many years.

Fireside Antiques showroom in Baton Rouge, LA offers more than 18,000 square feet packed with antiques and collectibles for you to browse. You can easily find what you’re looking for by searching by categories and listings to make an informed purchase.

An antique may be a wonderful complement to contemporary features in your home. An antique offers you with the opportunity to create a striking and visually appealing contrast in your house, especially when combined with modern elements. Antiques also tend to retain their resale value because of their small carbon footprint, long life span, and timeless elegance.


We stock a wide range of items, including vintage beds and antique storage units. Our furniture collection includes storage units, beds, tables, seating, and garden furniture on the practical side of antiquing. This category covers everything from 19th century French marble-top antique furniture to industrial-style vintage piece

Antique Mirrors

If you’re on the market for an antique mirror, we offer an expansive selection of French, English, Portuguese, Italian, and Venetian mirrors– just to name a few– that date back to the 18th century up through the 20th century.


Fireside Antiques offers a variety of antique lighting options for ambience, task, and accent lighting. These choices include chandeliers as the main source of light in a space and candlestick lamps for reading. Do you want to draw attention to a painting or bookcase? Consider our adjustable wall sconces or traditional lanterns from the previous century if you wish to do so.


Our accessory collection is perfect for collectors who enjoy the hunt for that unique item. In this section, you can find art, books, BVIZ pillows, and other miscellaneous collections.

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